AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
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  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS
  • AEROSOFT - 南极 卷1 - 英国罗瑟拉科考站 MSFS

Rothera is without a doubt the station in Antarctica with the most picturesque location! Located on a rocky outcrop overlooked by a massive glacier dotted with mountains to the west - it is surrounded by sea to all other directions with a line of the truly majestic mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula visible to the east on clear days.

Installation runs via Aerosoft One, this requires an internet connection and an Aerosoft user account!

The runway is squeezed between base and hangar buildings to the left and right and sea water at both ends. In essence it’s a smaller version of Gibraltar, which is British, too. A stunning approach, a runway that’s crossed by a road with traffic lights and surrounded by water.

To complete this add-on, we have added the very remote bases of Fossil Bluff and Sky Blu even further south. Together they make a perfect playground for the Aerosoft Aircraft Twin Otter (Coming soon)!

A showcase scenery created by developers with more than 20 years of experience in MSFS development!


  • Lots of animation including animals, vehicle, boats and people, including likely the first animated penguins and chain vehicles in flight simulator
  • Custom created sounds of animals and vehicles (probably the first scenery in MSFS with sounds attached)
  • Coverage beyond the base with stunning glacier cliffs dropping into the sea
  • Hundreds of thousands of animated icebergs in a larger area around the base (at times it can be possible that the approach is blocked by a huge iceberg passing through)
  • Offsite locations of automated monitoring stations (marked as POIs so you can fly there for regular checks performing rough landings out in the field)
  • Offsite landing strips of two British field locations with custom models and improved terrain imagery/elevation data: Sky Blu and Fossil Bluff
  • Emergency airstrip location on the glacier above Rothera (alternative landing strip that MUST be used by local aircraft if there are incoming overseas aircraft)
  • Carefully crafted landscape to merge with surround landscape - including updated waterbodies
  • Special technique used to add wind shear details to the vast white lands on the glacier
  • Manual with dozens of pages of inside knowledge on flying in Antarctica, plus flight plans and simple charts

模拟平台:微软模拟飞行 2020
操作系统:Windows 10 version 18362.0 或更高版本
CPU:Intel i5-8400 | AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
显存:4 GB
GPU:NVIDIA GTX 970 | AMD Radeon RX 590
内存:16 GB

通过 Aerosoft One 安装产品, 用户需拥有可用的网络连接和 Aerosoft 用户账号!

English, Deutsch
Kevin Christopher
It's insane how much detail and quality you get for this price. Defin-
itely recommend to anyone.
SCENIC ROUTES - 斯洛文尼亚-卢布尔雅那国际机场 LJLJ MSFS
This scenery just set a new higher standard for MSFS add-on airports! Absolutely remarkable! It's a joy to see this product in the simulator.
SCENIC ROUTES - 斯洛文尼亚-卢布尔雅那国际机场 LJLJ MSFS
My home city airport. What can I say: accurate, lively, precise, current, detailed, and sophisticated. Congrats and thank you to dev team!
Born and raised in Pittsburgh (the Burgh) I am not totally happy. What bridges that were done, are very good. However, they are ONLY river bridges and ONLY in the immediate city area. There are 9 on the Mon (Monongahela) but stop at the railroad bridge before the Homestead Grays bridge. Up the Allegheny from the point there are 10 bridges but they stop at the 40th St (Washington Crossing) bridge excluding the Rt 8 / 62 St (Sen Fleming) bridge and north. Down the Ohio was my biggest disappointment for the river bridges. Included from the point are the West End, Brunot Island railroad bridges and the McKees Rocks bridge. Neville Island and south, forget it. Off river bridges are not included. That includes the Jacks Run (Rt 65) bridge that parallels the Ohio River a half mile south of the McKees Rocks bridge. Panther Hollow (Oakland District) has two major bridges near Univ of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Library & Museum, Carnegie Mellon Univ., Phipps Conservatory, and Schenley Park, known to almost everyone from the Burgh, Schenley Drive (near the old Forbes Field) and Panther Hollow Rd in Schenley Park. Neither are included. Additional work needs to be done on cleaning up flying cars higher than the bridge surface and cars crossing the rivers at water level under the presented bridges. Having done scenery myself, I understand that this is not easy, but can and should be done. Person-
ally this product should be renamed 'City of Pittsburgh RIVER Bridges' as there are far too many exclusions for the current title. I have mentioned only a few.
Love this thing to bits, great model, flies nicely! Just had some pink texture issues on the no-spray variants for some reason, only real issue I have noticed. Only visible from the outside.
MLD SCENERY - 罗马尼亚-蒂米什瓦拉机场 LRTR P3D4.5-5
I've been there in March 2019 and it is completely accurate. Great work!
What can I say? A work of art! Absolutely amazing attention to detail - they not only created the airport in painstaking detail, but also included many of the landmarks in the area. My respecet to the makers of this beautiful piece of software! If only all MSFS airports were as well made as this…
Excellent scenery very detailed another one for Central America now we hope Palmerora replaces Toncontin Honduras thanks friends of sierrasim
SIM SKUNK WORKS - 菲亚特/意大利空军 G-91 攻击机 MSFS
I have been enthusiastic about this aircraft since childhood and was very happy that the G-91 is available for the MFSF. The design, the details and the presentation of the cockpit inspire me. Unfortunately, I am less enthusiastic about the flight characteristics of the Fiat. At the start I could not keep them on the runway and crashed constantly against airport buildings. SimSkunk advised me, very quickly, to switch to the aircraft model into "Modern". After the changeover I get the Gina at least in the air. There, however, it is extremely unstable, especially around the roll axis. I haven't been able to fly controlled curves so far. The elevator also hardly reacts to the instructions from the cockpit. I also fly the MB-339. It is stable in the air and reacts to rudder movements as I expect. At the moment it is not much fun to fly the G-91. Maybe there will soon be an update that stabilizes the flight behaviour.
A really nice airport scenery add-on for a region that lacks good quality scenery. Captures the feel and the ambience of the airport and the surrounding region very nicely. Also, the add-on is highly optimised and runs very smoothly.