卢卡拉 - 珠穆朗玛峰 极致版 P3D

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卢卡拉 - 珠穆朗玛峰 极致版 P3D

卢卡拉 - 珠穆朗玛峰 极致版 P3D



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    “Gateway to Mount Everest” and “World's Most Dangerous Airport” are certainly the most commonly used attributes for Lukla – an airport that seems out of this world.

    There are airports that are higher (see Tingri included in this add-on). There may be airports that have a shorter runway or an even worse upwards slope of the runway. Others have a mountain wall at the end of its runway. What makes Lukla standing out is its combination of all those factors in one single airport!

    Not enough thrill for you? Count in weather as a factor. No navigational aids. Limited documentation of approach and takeoff routes. An uncontrolled airpace with fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

    Bring your engines (and brakes!) to their limits by heading up the valley to Syangboche, a bumpy airstrip located even higher and surrounded by rocks high above a steep valley. Or try to find a helicopter that can reach helipads at these altitudes or even land at the Mount Everest basecamp, located right next to sharp glacier pinnacles between rock outcrops.

    This package is a successor to "Lukla X – Mount Everest", one of our most popular sceneries of the past decade that has won many awards – among them the Simflight Award. This new version is a completely new development setting the bar even higher, coming with much more content than the previous version.


    • 5 highly detailed airports with all buildings and clutter objects like vegetation, people, animals, vehicles and more:
      • VNLK Lukla
      • VNSB Syangboche
      • VNPL Phaplu
      • VNKL Kangel Danda
      • VNRT Rumjatar
    • 7 generic airports with details like tower positions, ground layout and thrilling hand-edited terrain:
      • VNKD Man Maya Khanidanda
      • VNBJ Bhojpur
      • VNTR Tumlingtar
      • VNRC Ramechhap
      • VNJI Jiri
      • VNTJ Taplejung Suketar
      • VNLD Lamidanda
    • 12 helipads, most of them at very high altitudes
    • A whopping coverage area of 200x200 kilometres
    • Detailed hand-edited mesh terrain
    • More than 366 thousand cultivation buildings
    • More than 60 million (!) individually placed trees in their respective vegetation areas (e.g. shrubs in the alpine areas, tropical trees in the valley rain forests)
    • A hand-edited and geo-referenced combination of satellite imagery with higher resolutions around the core areas, smooth transition to default scenery
    • Modelled points of interest like hanging bridges, stupas, etc.
    • Detailed mesh with rock and glacier outcrops around Mt. Everest Basecamp making helicopter landings there as challenging as they really are
    • PBR-like sun and window reflections, bumpy terrain, water effects during rain or snow
    • Night illumination in Lukla
    • Extensive manual with custom made maps and airport charts
    • Free bonus: Semi-fictional to-be-build large “Tingri Airport” north of Mount Everest
    • CON: Not a single airport with a flat runway



    模拟平台:洛克希德马丁 Prepar3D V4/V5
    操作系统:微软 Windows 10 (64位)
    CPU:3.5 GHz 四核处理器
    内存:16 GB DDR4 RAM, 2666 MHz
    显卡:4 GB 显存, 支持 DirectX 11
    硬盘:8 GB 可用空间, 强烈推荐使用固态硬盘






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    Top notch! I'm having a blast with it, exploring some of the the scariest strips I've ever seen. Oddly enough it's not that hard on the framerate either. Seems somebody cared to make this actually WORK.


    Eines der besten Addons in meiner Sammlung überhaupt. Insgesamt sind 13 Airports in der Region liebevoll und mit vielen Schmankerln versehen nachgebildet. Bravo!
    Zweifelsohne einer der genialsten Szenerien überhaupt. Ähnlich wie AS Antarctica X eine Szenerie wie es nur Aerosoft kann. 5 Sterne reichen da gar nicht aus. Ich vergebe 7 Sterne. Lukla ist auf´s aller feinste detailliert dargestellt mit Blick auf die ersten 6000er der Umgebung, als ob man wirklich dort wäre. Das gleiche gilt für die vier weiteren Mini Airports mit ihren zugehörigen Dörfchen und im Hintergrund bellenden Hunden. Der Werbetext von Aerosoft ist definitiv nicht übertrieben. Dazu noch ein irre grosses Photo reales Gebiet was auch den Mt. Everest einschliesst. Zusätzlich gibt noch eine Twin Otter mit dicken Reifen. Hätte mir AS TO nie gekauft wenn ich diese vorher schon gehabt hätte. Nicht weil die TO schlecht wäre, sondern weil diese ausreicht, auch für die Antarctis. Sehr ausführliches Handbuch in Deutsch und Englisch, was sich auch detailliert mit den P3dv4 Einstellungen befasst. Man lernt viel dazu. Lange musste ich zusehen das es diese Szenerie nicht für P3dv4 gab. Am Tag der Veröffentlichung direkt gekauft. Die Preisgestaltung ist geradezu eine Untertreibung. Ob im Angebot oder nicht - Der Kauf ist eine Herzens Angelegenheit.


    I just bought this awsome scenery some days ago and I'm already fall in love with it. The Airports or better the Airfields are very detailed and every runway have a slope (Yes a slope in P3D). The mesh is amazing too, everything looks so real. And a nics extra is, you get the Twin Otter with this Scenery. To fly this Airplane is so great too. Especially in the Himalayas with this special Airfields.


    This is one of the best products I owned for years. Lukla looks fantastic and so are the rest of the little airports (such as Phaplu for example). The scenery is beautiful and enjoining all over the Himalayas. I really give it a five stars.






    € 25.17