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    This add-on for the Microsoft Flight Simulator X is an extraordinary replica of the twin engine Piper Cheyenne with a new developed weather radar. The package contains no less than four versions of the most successful Turboprop family: Cheyenne II, I, IA and IIXL.

    All four aircraft have been rebuilt and animated for the Flight simulator in 3-D fashion right down to the smallest of details. In this way mechanical parts such as ailerons, rudders, flaps, engines and even windscreen wipers move just like in the original aircraft.

    The excellent graphics of both the 2D- and 3D-Cockpits are equipped with all the avionic instruments usually to be found inside these models and the precise flight dynamics have been developed with the help of real Cheyenne pilots. Besides the accurate panels for the pilot and the co-pilot, the cabin of the Cheyenne has also been rebuilt to the highest level of detail with its opening doors for the passengers and the freight.

    The sounds, which are being used, have all been recorded on the real thing. Numerous liveries for all the available versions and an extensive documentation round of a superb simulation for both VFR and IFR pilots.

    The completely renewed FSX version of the Digital Aviaton Piper Cheyene will include a new full functional weather radar.


    • Highly detailed 2D cockpit and exterior model for 4 different aircraft variants:
      • Cheyenne I
      • Cheyenne IA
      • Cheyenne II
      • Cheyenne IIXL
    • Fully functional virtual cockpit with very smooth gauges and controls
    • Each cockpit variation represents the actual aircraft variant
    • Flight dynamics have been developed with a real Cheyenne pilot
    • 2 different sound sets (with/without active noise reduction)
    • Extensive Documentation

    Exterior model

    • Exterior has been modeled in every detail fully based on the FSX standards
    • Specular lighting maps (making reflections more realistic)
    • Aircrafts variants differ in size, engines, door arrangement
    • Cheyenne I in three liveries (2x Germany, USA)
    • Cheyenne IA in three liveries (Germany, France, Austria)
    • Cheyenne II in three liveries (France, USA, Netherlands)
    • Cheyenne IIXL in three liveries (Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland)
    • Full set of animations (control surfaces, trim tabs, doors, baggage compartments, gear, ice protection)
    • All doors can be handled separately
    • Exterior ground equipment, like power unit

    Systems simulation

    • Real engine start up procedure, with starter, generators and fuel levers
    • Electrical system with different bus for avionics
    • All internal and external lighting options
    • Cabin pressurization system

    Cockpit and avionics

    • Realistic 2D cockpit for all four variants, including different views: Default, VFR, IFR, approach/landing
    • Fully functional virtual cockpitVirtual Cabin
    • Panel and cabin include a customized night lighting
    • Complete system simulation individually adapted
    • Fully functional weather radar incl. display of the flight plan and waypoints
    • Bendix King Silver Crown Plus Avionics Suite:
      • KMA 28 Audio Panel
      • KY196B COMM Radio (2x)
      • KN53 NAV Radio (2x)
      • KR87 ADF Receiver (2x) and KT76C Transponder (2x)
    • Trimble 2000 Approach Plus GPS with SID, STAR and Approach capability and updatable navigation database.
    • Bendix King KFC250 Autopilot (Cheyenne I and IA)
      Bendix King KFC300 Autopilot (Cheyenne II and IIXL)
    • Dukes Pressurization Controller (Cheyenne I and IA)
      Garrett Pressurization Controller (Cheyenne II and IIXL)
    • External Power Unit
    • Ground Clearance Function
    • In-Game configuration utility and load editor
    • Full GoFlight Hardware support

    Aerodynamics and performance

    • Realistic flight dynamics developed in co-operation with real pilots
    • Accurate airspeeds, climb rates and fuel consumption
    • Stunning performance and exceptional flying capabilities

    System requirements:
    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2)
    Windows XP(SP2), Windows Vista
    Pentium 2 GHz (Duo2Core Intel or equivalent advised)
    1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
    256 Mb DirectX 9 graphics card (512 Mb recommended)
    Adobe Acrobat® Reader 7 minimal to read and print the manual (1)
    Installations-Size: 850 MB

    How to purchase and install Download-Versions?

      • Buying is simple, just add the product to your cart and click on checkout, you will be led through the payment process. Keep in mind that if you are located outside the EEC you do not pay VAT.
      • On the screen where you see that the payment has been done you will find a download link, download AND SAVE this file to a secure location
      • While you are doing this, an email is being send to you with the serial code. (AOL, Hotmail, MSN users may find this email in their Spam/Junk mail folders)
      • You can also always find your code in the shop under Your Account - Your Order Details
      • During the installation you will be asked to enter your shop login name (email) and this serial code.
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2) Windows XP(SP2), Windows Vista Pentium 2 GHz (Duo2Core Intel or equivalent advised) 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended) 256 Mb DirectX 9 graphics card (512 Mb recommended) Adobe Acrobat® Reader 7 minimal to read and print the manual (1) Installations-Size: 850 MB


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    The positive reviews sold me on this plane and despite the age of it, I bought it. I see now what all the others are saying about this aircraft is all true. It’s a very good add on. The age of it however is showing quite a bit. Its design roots from previous iterations of MSFS shows and you can see clearly that it not totally up to FSX standards. Having said that I want to point out that despite that it does look pretty good for its age, and more importantly it flies even better. In the areas of feeling realistic this aircraft add on does fit the bill nicely. It’s also a fun plane to fly that doesn’t leave me feeling like it’s the same as any other twin. The audio holds up pretty good as well.  It might be a bit over priced for the times but it is still clearly a classic that after some time in the virtual skies I understood why it has been held in such hi regard by so many simmers.  You are getting a few different versions of the Cheyenne and a good number of liveries in total. So to sum it all up I’d say that this old lady is still a worthy add on for the sake of realism as long as you can get over the obvious visual age and appreciate its realism. I like it. 


    Digital Aviation’s Piper Cheyenne is among the best in class addon’s for FSX and fs9. This addon is PERFECT. I can’t find a single thing that I don’t like about this plane. The developer obviously took a lot of time perfecting this aircraft and it shows. And don’t let the publishing date fool you. At ten years old, this is still an excellent product that can go toe to toe with the latest addons. The cockpit is near perfect. Virtually everything is simulated (including the weather Radar). The autopilot works perfectly. The engine sounds exactly like a real turbo prop. It also operates like the real aircraft. Don’t try taking off with the throttles to the firewall. Complete documentation, and a version for FS9 (not included with this package tho), rounds out what I believe is a strong contender for the top 5 FSX aircraft addons of all time. If you’re looking for a light twin turbo prop, Digital Aviation’s Piper Cheyenne has everything you’re looking for. 5 Stars.


    This is a grate plane to hand fly. I must say the quality even it is some time ago it was released it still looks nice. I cant compare it to how the real plane feels but what i like the most is that the plane feels like a plane in the controls it´s a thing in my opinion many add-ons falls behind when i compare it to my experince in flyeing real aircraft.. what i was most disserpointed about was that even there stands Goflight hardware was fully supported but thats NOT true. I got this plane as i realy wanted a plane where i know the hardware was fully working whit but i found it´s not true so i skipped it but only for that reason! The autopilot tells a few things that isent right as alt and F/D is on all the time even ap is off in the plane as well as i can´t use the transponder code as it resets it right after as the plane dosent changes according to goflight device input.. but the AP in general some times works and other times it dosent and you cant turn it off but can se the plane is still following the AP.. so if you want to use Goflight devices this is a NOT supported so thats why it only gets 4 stars as it´s a thing thats not right.. But i strongly recomend it for all users whit out Goflight hardware there it seems to work right after the book
    still, now in 2012, the best add-on in its catagory. the FSX version i mean.


    I have this plane now for almost two years and it still shines, even when compared to newer planes on offer. One of the most realistic planes I have ever bought. I love it!!


    UN BIJOUX ! l'exterieure est impeccable, le must. l'interieur, tout y est, tout fonctionne, Tcas, radar meteo, les lumières y compris les spots en cabine, modèle de vol réaliste, bref, pour les pilotes exigeants et sérieux, c'est le plus beau logiciel d'avion de tourisme que j'ai eu et j'en ai essayé beaucoup, c'est du travail de génie, bravo à ceux qui l'ont fait et merci;


    So far this plane is just as good as the FS9 version. One of the best twin engine planes out there for FSX. It seems to use a lot of memory though as my 2 Gig was used completly on a couple of flights and FSX shut down.

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