AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
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EUR 14.71
过期 12/08/2021 
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D
  • AEROSOFT - 克罗地亚-萨格勒布国际机场 LDZA 专业版 FSX P3D

Fly to Croatia’s capital with Zagreb professional. This highly detailed scenery brings you to Zagreb Airport, named “Franjo Tuđman” after Croatia’s first president.

Zagreb professional comes with all airport buildings and facilities, detailed terminals, and the complete military area of LDZA. Immerse yourself in this location that fits seamlessly into both default P3D and Orbx environments and features seasonal variations. Lots of little details around the airport are animated, e.g. the windsocks, flash lights, apron traffic, and jetways. In the distance, you can spot the TV tower on the hill Sljeme and the ruins of the medieval fortified town Medvedgrad.

All the parking codes, navaids, ground marking, and taxiway layouts are based on recent charts. The VDGS at the East apron is fully functional, and the add-on includes two detailed AFCAD files for pass-through and push-back behaviour at the West apron.

Compatibility with FTX Global openLC Europe and FTX Global Vector ensures the scenery’s seasons and aerial images appear correctly if you use the FTX products.


  • "Franjo Tuđman Airport" (LDZA) with all the buildings and service facilities, translucent detailed new terminal buildings with interior designs. Complete military area with hangars and buildings. TV tower "Sljeme" and old ruins of "Medvedgrad" are included
  • Orthophoto with 30 cm/px resolution and colour matching of all seasons to P3D and ORBX environment optionally. Densely placed autogen vegetation and buildings
  • Automatic seasonal changes for vegetation, photo background and relevant 3D objects based on V4 scripting variables, also for snowfall outside winter season
  • Detailed ground markings based on recent charts of parking stands and new taxiway layouts including recent changes of taxiway layout (May 2019)
  • Ground layout with rain effect during rainy conditions
  • Detailed SDK-animated jetway models (CTRL-J), SODE jetways as an option
  • Truly functional VDGS at all East apron gates (different for pilots and co-pilots view), no need for any other add-on to get working VGDS
  • Animated windsocks reacting to wind strength and direction
  • Animated flash lights on 05 approach, radar antenna, and stop bar lights
  • Animated vehicle traffic on the apron and around the airport
  • Static aircraft and vehicles
  • Two detailed AFCAD files with airline parking codes different in AI behaviour (Pass-through or Push-back moving on West apron)
  • Realistic navigational aids (ILS, VOR/DME, NDB, ATIS). AFD optimised, frequencies and approaches adapted based on recent charts
  • Fully compatible with the default AI traffic and AI traffic add-ons
  • Configuration tool to enable or disable features like vehicle traffic and dynamic lighting
  • Compatible with FTX Europe (compatibility switchable via the config tool, changes include an adaptation to the custom FTX season times and a recoloured aerial image)
  • Fully compatible with FTX Global openLC Europe and FTX Global Vector
  • Handmade fully detailed vector files (rivers, lakes, roads, landclass etc.) which covers 4200 km² around airport
  • Realistic reflections during rain and on glass
  • Runway, approach and taxiway lights compiled into one object
  • Optimised runway lighting, centre lights, taxi lights, apron lighting with 3D lights with activation/deactivation based on time of day and weather conditions
  • Optimized dynamic lighting (can be turned off per area via the config menu)
  • Straightforward installation: no changes to default configuration necessary. No SODE needed for full functionality (despite optional SODE jetways)
  • Optional SODE jetways (P3D V4/V5) available here:

模拟平台:微软 FSX, FSX Steam版本 或 洛克希德马丁 Prepar3D V3-V5
操作系统:微软 Windows 10 (64位)
CPU:3.5 GHz 四核处理器
内存:16 GB DDR4 RAM, 2666 MHz
显卡:4 GB 显存, 支持 DirectX 11
硬盘:1.2 GB 可用空间, 强烈推荐使用固态硬盘

Re SOUND CORRECTION of the SWISSMILSIM - MORANE D-3801 MSFS. In my review I stated that the engine sound is that of the Spitfire, I was totally wrong! The engine sounds that come with the SWISSMILSIM - MORANE D-3801 MSFS product are perfectly correct. Her-
e is a link to hear the real life sounds from a MORANE D-3801 : https://www.-
M My apologies & Season's Greetings to all!
I am the developer of this Morane, and I confirm that the sounds of the engine of this plane are indeed sounds coming from the Hispano-Suiza, and not from a Rolls-Royce Merlin of the Spifire, as claimed by Oliver in his comment. These sounds have been entirely realized with the Wwise application, as proposed by Asobo in the MSFS! Greeting-
s, and good flights to all!
The Connie is forever a golden classic. Some of the visuals are a little dated, but not terrible and it’s priced accordingly. If you’re a collector or just want something iconic this is a must have! Only 7 actual different liveries and you have to buy add ons if you want more, but honestly it’s lol worth it. The sounds are spectacular! The engines really rumble and give a satisfying sense of power. The breaks squeal when used just like the real things. The planes fly a little mushy but relatively fast. More than anything this plane looks like no other and screams class. The one passenger cam view does show off how elegant air travel once was. Spacious seating that give the impression of a high class picnic in the sky with plush seating and decadent detailing. Not like modern air travel where seating is typically a experiment in body packing as many as possible rather than a pleasant experience that it once was. Problem though, the cabin camera doesn’t pan around like say a cockpit view does. You can use combo key commands to move forward, backward, up, down, right and left in a very cumbersome manner. No free panning around and it’s a bit annoying. Night lighting is very nice, but I can’t get the taxi lights to work. All in all it’s a great plane, at a really good price that is a nice flyer. Based on use with FSX Steam. 3.3ghz i7 16GB ram, Intel UHD 630 integrated GPU 128MB dedicated Video memory.
These are great planes! Best bush planes you can get. Excellent amount of detail and great looking cockpits. The forward slats move automatically depending on angle of attack. If you have a nice scenery area this the the plane to sight see and even make unscheduled landings near scenic hit spots. I only wish there were a few more liveries, but quite happy with the pack all around.
I dont know what else to say except I am completely "GODSMACKED". Unbelievably good job. Completely impressed. Great job! I cant wait for your next scenery projects, I will certainly purchase again and again. Sincerely, Dan
SIMWORKS STUDIOS - 尼米兹级航空母舰 卷2 P3D4 P3D5
Finally an affordable price for this Nimitz series carriers simulation. Fully P3Dv5.3 compatible. No, the P3D simulator is not dead and the MSFS game is unable to provide such a simulation (not even the ship's wake).
Would be an instant buy, if the displayed MIG29 would be a MIG21 as in real life.
DOUBLE T - 哥伦比亚-波哥大-埃尔多拉多国际机场 SKBO MSFS
Andres Felipe
Aeropuerto increible, muy bien detallado muchas gracias
PAULO RICARDO - 巴西-里约热内卢-桑托斯杜蒙特机场 SBRJ & 里约热内卢城市地景 MSFS
very bright! very beautiful! The Most beautiful scenery of Rio de Janeiro!
A good plane for the price. Don't compare it to more expensive planes. It flies well and the autopilot works perfectly. It does miss some features at the moment though, like working radio, warning sounds (like stall and GPWS) and pressurization so you can't fly above 10.000 ft or your screen turns black. The aircraft is still in the development phase so I expect to get a lot more features on the go. Overall a good plane to get. 4 stars.