F-4F 鬼怪 II 战斗机 专业版 V2 FSX STEAM

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F-4F 鬼怪 II 战斗机 专业版 V2 FSX STEAM

F-4F 鬼怪 II 战斗机 专业版 V2 FSX STEAM



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    New F-4F Phantom v2:

    • Door opener outside model
    • Eject triangle
    • Tactical number smaller
    • Coat small
    • Access doors
    • Additional tank with red door
    • Sharp missiles
    • Starter car as animation
    • New Repaints
    • Cockpit reflection
    • VC smoothing
    • Landing and taxi headlights
    • New Sound


    • Aircraft ID variable identifiers
    • Interactive fly wingman
    • Interactive engine new sound effects
    • Individual adjustment of animations
    • Paintings with real acting dirt and scuff marks
    • Detailed descriptions of cutaways


    • MAN truck with tow bar Enable / Disable
    • Ladder Enable / Disable
    • Parabrake Enable / Disable
    • Wingman Enable / Disable
    • Air refueling nozzle open / close
    • Tail hook extend and retract
    • Start vehicle for engine-start

    Full 3D virtual cockpit:

    • Increased resolution and new 3D elements
    • All switches and controls are shown in 3D
    • New 3D e.g. details gauges, visor, pedals, legroom, ejection seat, control stick

    Extensive overviews:

    • External model with interactive flying wingmen
    • New 2D Panel
    • Interactive virtual cockpit (3D) with two different views
      1. view of the pilot
      2. view of the weapons system officer or flight instructor

    The McDonnell F-4F Phantom II is a two-seater and supersonic fighter capable of long range, all-weather fighter-bomber capabilities as well. It is located in the Federal Republic of Germany still in service.

    The F-4F was modernized between 1991 and 1996 with a Hughes APG-65 radar and the ability to use the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile. Have also been installed including the following systems: Honeywell H-423 navigation system, GEC Avionics CPU-143 / A digital computer, Mil Std 1553R digital data bus and a Litton ALR-68 (V) -2 radar detectors. The machines were at the JG 71, 73 and 74 introduced. The JG 73 "Steinhoff" was is made between 2004 and 2006 and the JG 74 to the end of 2008 converted to the euro fighter, which replaces the now obsolete phantom. The decommissioning of the JG 71 "Richthofen" is planned for late 2012.

    Other Product Features:

    • Animations: tail hook, parabrake, chassis, canoby, ladder, radom, wingman, MAN truck vehicle
    • Lights: formation, strobe, beacon, navigation and landing
    • Engine control switch: 2 starters, 2 fuel closed switches, masterswitch, electricalswitch
    • Effects: afterburner, cockpit lighting, reflective surfaces, mirrors
    • Cockpit control panel and virtual cockpit for the pilot, weapons system officer and flight instructor
    • Input of all dial-up access, as frequencies, transponder code, or autopilot
    • Windscreen visor
    • Gauge e.g. attitude ads, engine control, IFR navigation, AI traffic radar
    • Switch e.g. OMI lights, animations, radar control, engine control, trim
    • Operating units e.g. Autopilot, Map Gauge
    • AI Traffic Radar for pilot and weapons system officer with joystick control
    • German Armed with individual ATC ID, you can enter a unique ID code.
    • ID idents from 00 + 00 until 99 + 99


    Germany Bundeswehr with individual ID code:

    • JG 71 "Richthofen"
    • JG 71 "Richthofen" special livery Germany
    • JG 72 "Westfalen"
    • JG 72 "Westfalen" special livery Hopsten (in Germany)
    • JG 73 "Steinhoff"
    • JG 73 "Steinhoff" special livery 50 years of JG 73
    • JG 73 "Steinhoff" old paint
    • JG 74
    • WTD 61 in Manching
    • WTD 61 in Manching special livery 50 years of flight testing

    Other air forces:

    • Greece
    • Royal Air Force (RAF)
    • Israel
    • Turkey


    • Texture for Repainter
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    I am really bummed out by this F4F version. It looks OK but the flight model is just broken. This plane can achieve Mach 2.++ in real life but this AFS Design version struggles to hit Mach 1.24 MAX regardless of altitude or load. It is by far the slowest F4F model ive tried. I have tried several and own 3. Im very familiar with this plane and understand its capabilities and can confidently inform you that this is a poor choice. Also the colorful "50 years..." livery thumbnail is present in my list of the various included models, however after selecting that particular livery a very bland gray German livery loads. No clue why but you can forget about using it. The other liveries all appear just as they should. Very very few switches move, and most that are clickable have no detail as to what they control when hovering the cursor over them. Plenty of guessing which is actually on or off or what it even is. If I weren't already familiar with the F4F cockpit id be lost. I cannot honestly recommend until AFS updates and fixes the sever flight model flaws and livery issues. If they do, I will gladly reassess.





    € 16.79