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Finally Adelaide International X V2.3 (YPAD) has arrived! AUscene is proud to present our latest airport for Australia which is NOW Available for FSX and recently updated for all versions of Prepar3D (V1-V5)

Adelaide finally fills a gap that has been missing ever since FSX and P3D were released, capable of handling 777’s right down to Dash 8’s and GA aircraft you’re bound to enjoy flying into Adelaide. On top this this Adelaide is only a short flight from Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne so you have plenty of routes to utilise Adelaide on. We developed the airport on the foundation of a high definition aerial photo combined multiple layers of high resolution details to bring the airport to life. The night lighting is something amazing to see, you’ll notice our rendered effects causing even windows to cast light on the ground!

Adelaide International X is now updated to V2.3 and is available FREE for all existing customers, what are you waiting for? Adelaide International X V2.3 brings compatibility for the latest Prepar3D versions as well as adding support for GSX and Dynamic Lighting!

Feature list;

  • Now Compatible with all versions of Prepar3D 
  • Custom Ground Poly
  • GSX Compatible including SODE Jetways  (FSX / Prepar3D)
  • Dynamic Lighting (Prepar3D V4-5)
  • Hand crafted representation of YPAD, built from the ground up for FSX and P3D
  • Highly detailed custom ground layer with high-resolution texture details 
  • Detailed Terminal and Aerobridges with high resolution textures
  • Animated Runway Guard Lights
  • Realistic PAPI, Runway and Taxiway lights.
  • Enhanced and accurate rendered night-lighting
  • 30cm/pixel High Resolution Aerial Image
  • Accurate placement of buildings and vegetation within the airport grounds
  • Modelled grass and shrubs
  • High resolution hand painted textures
  • Working Navaids (ILS, VOR/DME, NDB)
  • Animated road traffic around the airport
  • Accurate Gate Assignments
  • Ready to go and compatible with default and most AI Traffic Programs
  • Dynamic Airport Environment

Extra files are included if you wish to add even more detail and with easy and fast installation will have you flying in no time.

Compatible with default FSX / Prepar3D and has been tested with FTX Australia products

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*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
Well I was in contact with the developer before i bought this regarding the reduced detail of the apron. I though and was told it was reduced, however when i bought and installed it i didn't think it was that reduced in detail. That the default apron textures when editing the AFCAD file in ADE were 100% better.

What also alarmed me that the detailed was reduced big time. Was when i installed both P3D3 and P3D4. I noticed their was a 30kb difference in the AFCAD.bgl file sizes. While I require my sceneries to be functional more that looking real life like. This scenery was even below what i would expect visually.

I also had to edit the AFCAD file and select the DME tick box so the ILS works properly. This is something a good 3rd party developer should not miss. Also when a scenery like this is developed the below should always be functional.

1) Jetways (SODE)
2) VDGS - (SODE)
3) Apron/airport detail.

The above would not take much effort from a 3rd party developer who is experienced like AUscene. It should not fall down to the end user to make them work or function correctly, and or appear more life like rather than a photo.

NOTE: I purchased and download YPAD when it was v2.2. I have noticed prior to writing this that YPAD is now at v2.3.

However I don't think YPAD was ready when it was released, and if v2.3 has not fixed the apron issue at least. Then i will be asking for my money back as it was not worth 22.99 AUD, which is what i paid for it.


From the distance it looks good, as it blends well into ORBX AU, and the ground colors are OK. There's nothing "wrong" with the scenery such as bugs... but it's simply not really good. Textures look pretty artificial, there are no SODE gates, not even standard moving gates, and the jetways themselves really look very very outdated. And so do terminals. What's more: The AFCAD needed some editing, so that the airliners really appeared at the gates, and not at the GA parking spots.
Yes, there is no other YPAD scenery out there for P3d, so it's OK. It's simple and flyable without a problem. But it's definitely one of the weaker AU sceneries, and certainly not the one I would choose in the first place, if it doesn't have to be exactly YPAD.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
I bought it being the only Adelaide scenery out there, the buildings aren’t bad but its not really the quality one is used to in p3dv5 but it’s acceptable. The biggest issue is the ground poly which is basically not there if you have Australia V2 its horrific. I’ve been told when I emailed that an update is coming... hasn’t come yet. Will update stars when or if it comes out.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
Bought this in Sep 2020. The developer sent me an email which said the ground poly for Adelaide was made for FSX and was currently just ported over for P3D V4&5 compatibility. The email suggested that they were going to rebuild the ground polys specifically for V4&5, but that's not happened in the last 6 months. Happy to add more stars when they follow up on this.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
I’m grateful for any Australian scenery - there’s not enough of it. This scenery is ok and I do I enjoy using it (thank you :-), but IMHO it’s not of a comparable standard to sceneries from a lot of other P3Dv5 developers in this price range. I would encourage the developer to continue enhancing/developing this scenery with higher res textures (current textures around the airport are very low res) and I look fwd to seeing a V2.3 or v3.0.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
The quality looks really poor and defently not P3d v5 standards. This looks more like FS2004 standars i am really disapointed to pay so much money for this airport.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
What a nice scenery, worth the money (especially as "nice price")! I'm not really familiar with the airport scenery in reality - isn't there any airport inscription showing the traveller you have arrived at "ADELAIDE"?

Four stars .... mightbe there are always some whishes left!
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
Its great that the guys from AUscene acted on my email about replacing the static jetways hats of to them for listening. Its a great product
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
This is an UPDATE to my earlier review of 1st August 2020 - I have been contacted by the Developer to say that they have now added SODE Jetways for GSX users which is excellent! They also appear to have been having complaints about the scenery due to my review. I will state and reiterate again - YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY! But most if not ALL airport sceneries are layered ABOVE everything default (Layer 1 descending). So Adelaide could easily be layered at the top (1) and all should be well. But in doing this, on my system, much of the scenery disappeared! My advice is to install the product and allow it to add to the library and then test the scenery. If you do not see the treeline surrounding the airport or do not see the patchy, grassy airport environs and are greeted by a bland light brown tarmac, then this has happened to you! Just change the scenery layer and it should all be fine. Lee James - 05 AUG 2020
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
This is a review of AUSCENE 2 - Adelaide International version 2.1 for FSX/P3D. Test system - ChillBlast Intel i9-9900k CPU overclocked, 32GB System RAM, 1TB Samsung Evo SSD, GeForce RTX 2080Ti 11GB Video, Windows 10 64-bit Home. This scenery was installed into Lockheed Martin's Prepar3Dv4.5 Hot Fix 3 (HF3) Pro license. Please note that this new version of Adelaide is NOT an upgrade, in the sense that you just install right over the top of an existing ASCENE version; The original version, if you have it, should be removed as the newer version 2.1 is a new FULL install. Unfortunately, the product for me scores lower for a lack of instructions concerning the install. The file size download was something I found confusing to begin with as the original version of AUscene Adelaide was 495MB, whereas the newer version 2.1 is smaller at 247MB! Usually I would expect an "improved" version or upgrade to an existing scenery to be a larger download. However, the scenery is fine. It is not Orbx quality, but it is very acceptable. For those users who have Orbx Global Base, Vector and Australia v2 installed, I can confirm that this product is compatible and works very well with the Orbx products installed. However, the layering is critical, I have found. Normally, Airport sceneries are layered ABOVE all base products such as Default Terrain, Default Scenery and the Base files. But in this case, I found that normal layering results in a huge loss of objects and the rise of default buildings and structures! Layering this scenery BETWEEN the Orbx Base products and Orbx Australia gives the same result. But by placing this scenery BELOW the Orbx products, but ABOVE the Default Base files as usual, it works. Most noticeable is the fact that the missing trees come back, as does a large part of the coastal infrastructure, west of the runway 5 threshold, all missing and flat looking if the scenery is not layered correctly. Your results may vary, but this is a pleasing scenery that works and to be honest, really enhances this little corner of Australia - and an airport that has been crying out to be developed for your Simulator! After I managed to install this correctly, I found that the quality is good with many nice touches. To read more on this, visit my blog - Lee James - AUG 2020 West Sussex UK
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FSX, Prepar3D V1, V2, V3, V4, V5
GSX Level 2 is required for SODE Jetways

Commentaires client
Magnifique avion, malheureusement j'ai beau suivre précisément la check list je n'arrive pas a démarrer le moteur droit.( obliger de démarrer un autre avion puis recharger le cl415) je n'arrive pas non plus à écoper plus de 2000lbs. J'espère que je trouverais rapidement une solution à ces deux soucis.
Excellent produit qui fonctionne parfaitement avec le Fenix A320 et les autres modèles de MSFS A32NX. Mode Distance ou mode Rudder Control avec l'avantage de tirer ou de pousser l'avion et de régler la vitesse avec le joystick en utilisant les élévateurs. -
Excellent product which works perfectly in two mode Rudder control push or pull with speed control with elevators or Distance mode. We can use it with every planes of MSFS included FBW A32NX and A320 Fenix since the last update 2.4.6 and 2.4.7 Better if documentation in futur could be updated with the new version. Do not forget to modify yours parameters inside the wheel when you launch it. Thanks FS2crew
Excellent produit qui fonctionne parfaitement avec le Fenix A320 et les autres modèles de MSFS A32NX. Mode Distance ou mode Rudder Control avec l'avantage de tirer ou de pousser l'avion et de régler la vitesse avec le joystick en utilisant les élévateurs. -
Excellent product which works perfectly in two mode Rudder control push or pull with speed control with elevators or Distance mode. We can use it with every planes of MSFS included FBW A32NX and A320 Fenix since the last update 2.4.6 and 2.4.7 Better if documentation in futur could be updated with the new version. Do not forget to modify you parameter inside the wheel. Thanks FS2crew
CL 415 .Avion certainement issu de FSX. Intéressant , sauf pour le son moteur qui ne correspond pasà la réalité (Pratt & Whitney Canada PW100). Voir DHC 7 ou 8 et ATR. Une mise à jour du fichier Sound serai la bienvenue pour une bonne immersion sonore. Cordia-
lement merci -
MA-GNI-FI-QUE ! Superbe scène, très détaillée et surtout réaliste ! Jetways amortis lorsqu'ils se mettent en place. Véhicules de piste bien reconnaissables de marques françaises, les panneaux et signalétique au sol sans défaut. Aucun regret de l'avoir achetée !
beau travail pour ce petit aéroport très bien détaillé j'aime beaucoup ..
plutôt contente de cet avion j'aime son look rétro, certes l'intérieur mériterait d'être un peu moins rustique, bien que tous les instruments soient là et fonctionnent parfaitement ( avec la version rechargée ce matin). le PA très simple a utiliser fonctionne très bien. peu-être une amélioration concernant le son qui semble pauvre pour un bimoteur des années 50, et des hachures de son par moments qui mériteraient d'être fixées. en conclusion bien agréable et maniable pour faire un vol tranquille de temps en temps (sans prises de tête les diverses procédures pré-vol, vol, et après-vol..
En at de mise a jour tres belle avion (prévoir le mapage du largage d'eau) agréabl-
e en vol et a l'écopage le son des moteures son bon
Très belle scène de Lyon Saint Exupéry qui modélise vraiment bien la plate-forme aéroportuaire lyonnaise. Il ne manque pas grand chose pour que ce soit parfait. Le concepteur est très réactif. Il a déjà fait une mise à jour pour les avions du trafic AI aillent aux bons terminaux.
Jolie Aéroport qu'on attendait depuis longtemps...Seu-
lement en seuil de piste de la 35L une côte indésirable est apparue ce qui gène une entrée de piste en douceur..... de plus l'avion fixe d'entrainement sur la gauche de la 35L est dédoublé avec celui de MFS 2020 par défaut. J'espère qu'une correction arrivera vite..
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