BIJAN HABASHI - PROJEPROCT: 岛屿, 沉船, 水位线, 摄影测量树木 扩展包 MSFS
PROJEPROCT: 岛屿, 沉船, 水位线, 摄影测量树木 扩展包 MSFS
EUR 12.95



Requires “4 season pack” to be installed.

This project is all about enhancing:

  1. Islands - Adding watermask, rock islands and enhancing the areas with custom vegetations.
  2. Replacing sunken boats with 3d boats in marinas and islands. (non animated)
  3. Adding huts in vacation spots.
  4. Removing photogrammetry trees or trees from ships, bridges, parks runways, or any other areas they shouldn’t be.
    (Removing all photogrammetry trees from cities is not possible)
  5. Enhancing vegetations around airports
  6. Adding missing bridges (generic models)
  7. Adding missing forest and trees.
  8. Adding whales, birds or other animals in a place of your choice.
  9. Shortening grassfields.

Update: 11/17/2021

Included in this pack: (POI added for each area)

1- Islands:

  1. Nui Rock Island in Nui Beach, Phi Phi Island, Thailand. Added rocks and boats.
  2. Khao Ta Pu Rock Island (James Bond Island). Added rocks and boats.
  3. Hong Island Canoeing. Added rocks and boats.
  4. Ko La Na islands. Added rocks
  5. Ko Poda Island, Thailand - added watermasks, rocks, boats
  6. Railay Beach, Thailand - added watermasks, rocks, boats
  7. Cát Bà Rock Islands, Vietnam- rocks and boats (this area will be expanding - work in progress)
  8. La Poule de Hienghène - Added Rock islands

2- Boats:

  1. USA - Long Beach Shoreline Marina - added boats and palm trees
  2. USA - Honolulu marina, Hawaii - added boats
  3. USA - Lahaina Harbor on Maui + birds, whale
  4. USA - Key West, Florida - added boats, palm trees, few photogrammetry trees removed
  5. USA - Lake Chelan, Washington - added boats
  6. USA - Miami - added boats and bridge
  7. USA - Bayfield Wisconsin harbor - added boats
  8. USA - Dana Point Marina, CA - added boats
  9. USA - Ocean Harbor - - added boats and replace photogrammetry palms with real palms
  10. USA - Coyote Point Marina - KSFO
  11. USA - Grand Lake in Oklahoma - added boats
  12. USA - Cleveland, and KBKL - Wendy park marina  - added boats.
  13. USA - Newport, Oregon - added boats
  14. USA - Boston harbor near airport - added boats
  15. USA - Plymouth and Provincetown Massachusetts - Few boats and whales added
  16. USA - Redwood Shores, south of San Francisco - added boats
  17. USA - Lake St. Clair (Windsor Ontario marina)  - added boats
  18. USA - Vineyard Haven - added custom watermask and boats 
  19. USA - Lake Ray Roberts - added boats
  20. USA - Lake Lewisville - added boats
  21. USA - Lake Murray  - added boats
  22. USA - Saint Petersburg Pier  - added boats
  23. USA - Lake Tahoe - added boats
  24. USA - Cape May, New Jersey
  25. EUROPE - Venice, italy -  added boats, bridge
  26. EUROPE - Dublin, Ireland - added boats
  27. EUROPE - Oslo - added boats
  28. EUROPE - Ammersee lake - added boats
  29. EUROPE - Zurich (added boats, pier, tables and chairs)
  30. EUROPE - Brighton Marina boats with rock walls and rocks.
  31. EUROPE - Copenhagen - added boats
  32. EUROPE - Corsica island - Ajaccio - added boats
  33. EUROPE - UK - Shoreham - added boats
  34. EUROPE - UK - Bristol Harbor - added boats
  35. EUROPE - UK - Mylor Yacht Harbour - added boats
  36. EUROPE - UK - Port Pendennis Marina - added boats
  37. EUROPE - UK - Loch Lomond - added boats
  38. EUROPE - UK - Balloch - added boats
  39. EUROPE - UK - Torquay - added boats
  40. EUROPE - UK - Brixham - added boats
  41. EUROPE - UK - Salcombe - added boats
  42. EUROPE - UK - Ocean Village Marina - added boats
  43. EUROPE - UK - Cardiff Bay - added boats
  44. EUROPE - Königssee lake - added boats
  45. EUROPE - Nieuwpoort - added boats
  46. EUROPE - Lake Starnberg - added boats
  47. EUROPE - Constanta marina - added boats
  48. EUROPE - Arcachon bay - added boats
  49. EUROPE - Cannes bay - added custom watermask and boats 
  50. EUROPE - Friedrichshafen and Überlingen - added boats
  51. EUROPE - Greek island of Symi - added boats
  52. EUROPE - Kiel Sporthafen Wik 
  53. EUROPE - Kiel Olympiahafen Schilksee
  54. EUROPE - Kortgene / Wolphaartsdijk, Netherlands 
  55. EUROPE - Geneva lake - added boats
  56. EUROPE - Le Brusc (French Rivera) - added boats
  57. EUROPE - Malaga - added boats
  58. EUROPE - Bonifacio - added boats
  59. EUROPE - Duisburg/Harbour/Mid Rhine Area/River Essen, Germany - added boats
  60. EUROPE - Mykonos port in Greek Island - added boats
  61. EUROPE - Cassis, France - added custom watermask and boats 
  62. EUROPE - Port of Cavalaire - added boats
  63. EUROPE - Monaco harbour
  64. EUROPE - Neusiedlersee, Austria - added boats
  65. CANADA - Orcas Island (boats in Deer Harbor and in waters between Orcas and Vancouver island)
  66. CANADA - Toronto  - added boats
  67. CANADA - Hamilton Harbour
  68. AUSTRALIA - Westernport Marina - added boats
  69. AUSTRALIA - Perth in Western - Boats and two missing bridges added.
  70. AUSTRALIA - Gold Coast Marina - added boats and bridge
  71. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Westhaven Marina
  72. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Hobson Point Marina
  73. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Half Moon Bay Marina
  74. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Bayswater Marina
  75. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Hobsonville Marina
  76. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Gulf Harbour Marina
  77. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Pakanoa Point Marina
  78. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Boats moored in Tamaki Estuary
  79. NEW ZEALAND - Wellington harbor, NZ - added boats
  80. SOUTH AMERICA - Curacao lake - added boats and trees
  81. SOUTH AMERICA - Aruba Island - added boats
  82. SOUTH AMERICA - Curaçao Island - added boats
  83. ASIA - Kenting beach boats
  84. ASIA - Saikai National Park, Nagasaki, Japan
  85. ASIA - Can Tho city, Vietnam - added boats
  86. Pitcairn Island - added watermask, trees and boats
  87. Yas Marina at the Abu Dhabi - added boats
  88. Coastline Of Lima in Peru - added boats and rocks
  89. ASIA - Bali - added boats

3- Photogrammetry trees removed/ other enhancements:

  1. Nicelii airport, Italy. Some photogrammetry trees removed.
  2. Balboa Lake in Los Angeles. Some photogrammetry trees removed.
  3. New York city - Some photogrammetry trees removed where it looked like a jungle.
  4. Los Angeles lake water removed (between Riverside and Chino)
  5. KSFP airport - Some photogrammetry trees removed.
  6. Durdle Door rock added.
  7. KORL airport removed some photogrammetry trees + added missing bridge
  8. Added 4 Hawaii airport tree overlays to avoid conflict with airport payware mods.
  9. Remove trees in LIPZ rwy 04R
  10. KBUR airport - Some photogrammetry trees removed
  11. Hana airport, PHHN Hawaii Enhancements - custom vegetation and rocks on beaches to match photos.
  12. LFST-LFGC-LFSH  removed trees from airport areas
  13. “Trabocchi” added old pontoon and rocks
  14. Elbe Sandstone in Saxon - Added rock cliffs
  15. Cape Split rock enhanced
  16. Yellowstone national park geysers - (animated smokes)
  17. Added more trees at Airport ETMN
  18. Pittsburgh, PA - Removed trees from dozens of bridges.
  19. Dresden, Germany - Removed and replaced many photogrammetry trees.


To find these areas, search in POI in the sim and type Bijan and a list of areas will be shown so you can select the ones you want to fly in.

For recent updates visit main forum:


Requests received: (these are being worked on and will be available to download once complete -
POI will be added for these areas) - Top ones are being worked on first. (limit for boats: one marina or harbor)

  1. Wustrow 
  2. Thailand, Koh Samui 
  3. San Francisco pier
  4. Stockholm

Once you purchase, email me and let me know the area you want enhanced along with your order # and once finished it will be added to the completed list and you can download them… As more requests are made, you can download the new areas for no extra charge. All updates will be free.

Example of requests: (but not limited to these)

Add boats in a specific marine, lakes, rivers or shoreline, etc. (One marina or one small area - Max 200 boats in an marina)

Add a watermask.

Airport enhancements (adding 3d trees and custom vegetations)

Enhance a part of an island or add a missing rock island.

Fix photogrammetry trees in a specific area, bridge, ships, parks, etc (not a whole city)

Tree removal from unwanted places (bridges, runways, etc)

Adding missing bridges (generic models)

Adding birds, whales, animals.

Adding missing palm trees on beaches.

Coastal enhancements


用户需要安装主程序 "四季主题包" 才能运行本扩展包

Amazing scenery for the price. The models look great. One small criticism is that there is no interior in the terminal.
FSDREAMTEAM - 美国-芝加哥-奥黑尔国际机场 KORD V2 MSFS
Super nice, updated regularly! night and day difference from the MSFS's "handmade" Premium Edition KORD! Just needs VDGS! :D
Amazing scenery ! Extremely detailed. should definitely consider buying it !
It’s the 1st time I review a Sim product. I’m a real life commercial pilot, using the Sim to practice my IFR procedures since training over 10 years. I was hooked with the FSPassenger and since I moved to the P3D4, I only used the Sim to practice some FSLabs A320 procedures, mostly abnormal proc before the real life Sim checks every 6 months :) But with APLV2… I’m back to having this feeling I had in the early days with FSPassengers in FSX. It’s so well thought… I find myself on my days OFF sitting on the computer for hours, practicing new procedures I’m normally don’t in my real job, at random destinations around I might never go to in real life and getting rewarded for it… the feeling of being on the top 50 worldwide -so far-, only makes me want to get to the top 10 ;) and get hired by a 5* I feel with this, the simming days for just practice or for fun without progress in the sim are long gone. Big 5* for me. I hope they continue improving the product adding new features, attracting more simmers to join, that will contribute in making it more challenging and of course, more enjoyable.
One of the most conscientious developer ever. Great job, great scenery!!!
Never expected to see OJAM for MSFS so picked this up as soon as it came out. Really cool little scenery for a great price, and dev is super responsive. Highly recommend.
The development of these two main airports in El Salvador is incredible. The level of realism that Monseñor Romero airport has reached in this scenario is so valuable. On the other hand, Ilopango airport with its military operations, training and private operations very well recreated, since FS9 (if I'm not wrong) no one had dared to develop something so valuable for virtual aviation in El Salvador and the world. Excellent job colleagues. I recommend this product 100%.
Excellent product, one of the best for MSFS! Very professional and complex with 0 impact to FPS! Ok, I have to admit that I bought the scenery for error; but when I saw it in MSFS it was a huge surprise! Worth every penny, every cent.
RDPRESETS - 荷兰-鹿特丹机场 EHRD V2 XP11
excellent airport for XP11, great accurate and nice colors!
时事通讯 - 最新最赞的模拟新闻资讯!


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