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BluePrint’s rendition of KBOS is by far the most accurate and detailed ever produced for the Microsoft flight simulator. As usual, special attention was paid to the terminal complex. Our scenery includes all four terminals, the control tower, the parking structures and all major general aviation facilities. A few landmarks in the airport’s immediate vicinity were also included for the sake of increasing realism during air and taxi operations. As usual, high-resolution textures were used in all major buildings including transparency and reflection effects in the FSX version.

A high-resolution terrain elevation mesh is included as an option in the FS2004 version. This feature was not needed in the FSX version as the highest resolution mesh was already used in the Boston area by default. Customized high-resolution terrain texturing displaying seasonal changes was used in both versions of the scenery. The texture-replacement area in the FS2004 version is nearly four times larger than that covered in the FSX version in order to ensure optimum bending with the complex coastline depicted in the surrounding default terrain.

Special attention was paid to the accuracy of the field’s layout including all six runways as well as taxiways and ramps. A few new and improved models are used for some of the most important auxiliary equipment located around the field including approach lighting (both horizontal and vertical guidance), VOR beacon, and runway hold-short warning lights.

As in previous sceneries, three levels of detail have been implemented in order to provide options suitable to older computer systems. A detailed description of this feature is provided below.

Unfortunately, the tricky coastal geography surrounding BOS and the proximity of the runways to the water posed a new challenge to our ability to match terrain elevation and terrain texturing despite using the latest and most accurate data available to the public via NASA and the USGS. While disappointed by the obvious terrain discrepancies clearly visible at various points along the coast line, we decided to avoid fake modifications to the satellite image used as ground texture. It is worth noting that the discrepancies are due primarily to the resolution of the terrain mesh that can be handled by the simulator at this time rather than the terrain texturing itself. Nonetheless, we are extremely proud to offer a scenery add-on that will undoubtedly capture the imagination of the great majority of computer pilots.

The official airport web site containing general information and terminal configuration can be found at: 

Scenery Features:

  • Custom-made, optimized Gmax models of the entire facility including four terminals, the air traffic control tower, the centralizer parking structure, and all significant aircraft maintenance, cargo and general aviation facilities
  • Custom-made, high-resolution textures for all Gmax generated models including transparency and reflection (in the FSX version) effects
  • Custom-made, high-resolution photo real ground textures carefully blended with its surroundings and displaying seasonal changes and water effects
  • Optional high-resolution terrain elevation mesh for the FS2004 version
  • Accurate runway and taxiway layout, including detailed markings and signs
  • Realistic taxiway and ramp markings and ramp illumination effects.

Three levels of scenery complexity and detail:

NORMAL complexity includes terrain texturing, autogen vegetation, airport layout with taxiway signs and basic navigation equipment models (actual localizer and glide slope radio signals are available regardless of the scenery complexity setting), most buildings within the field’s boundaries including the four terminals, the air traffic control tower and general aviation, cargo and maintenance facilities.

VERY DENSE complexity adds detailed instrument approach lighting system models, static ramp vehicles (optional) and infield trees (optional).

EXTREMELY DENSE complexity adds 33% more static ramp vehicles (50% in the FSX version) and detailed trucks and cargo containers in the general cargo ramps. It also adds all elevated airport access roads. EXTREMELY DENSE complexity setting is recommended for computer systems equipped with advanced CPUs (Intel Core2 Quad) and video rendering resources (nVidia GeForce 8000 series or better). For suggested hardware configuration see below.

Advanced, custom-made AI mapping file including realistic gate and parking spot layout and airline gate assignments. A basic AI mapping file without gate assignments is also available as an option.

Software Compatibility:

FS9 (FS2004) and Windows XP or Windows Vista

Hardware Requirements:

BluePrint Sceneries are advanced Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons designed to work properly in today’s average computer. For optimum performance while taking advantage of most scenery features (VERY DENSE scenery complexity setting or above) in both FS2004 and FSX we suggest the following hardware configuration:

Intel Core 2 or Core Duo CPU or better (6400 @ 2 x 2.13 GHz fully tested)

4 GB RAM (fully tested)

nVidia 7000 series video processor with 256-bit memory interface and 512 MB dedicated video memory or better (nVidia GeForce 7950 GT fully tested). An Intel Core2 Quad and nVidia 8000 series video processor may be required for best performance when using the EXTREMELY DENSE scenery complexity setting (Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.50 GHz and nVidia GeForce 8800 GT fully tested).

Please note that default vehicle models have been used in both versions of the scenery. Nonetheless, due to the large number of them needed to achieve the desired effect, addition of vehicles has by far the most significant effect on frame rates and overall performance of all scenery components. The same, although to a lesser extent, applies to additional trees included in the FSX version. Removing a significant number of them by using a VERY DENSE or lower scenery complexity setting or removing them completely by leaving them out during scenery installation is the most effective way to improve frame rates and overall performance of this scenery specially in the FSX version.

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Customer Reviews
The third CIMOGT carrier I purchased. The price is outstanding, the ship is a nice addition because it is a small one and tricky to catch the wire. Textures are quite good and using the hangar deck is a nice incentive to get your "carrier-qualif-
ication". Frame rates are very good. I highly recommend this product.
Only a few special objects. Rest is a repetition of textures: One type of boat, one type of shops and so on. The ground textures have no natural colour and are in contrast with ORBX Scotland and Just Flight photo scenery. Product has the quality of a freeware product. Not so bad if your home base is situated in the area otherwise not recommended.
Very realistic and detailed airport. Inclu-
ding the new terminal.
External model is major beef is that this airplane is ridiculously overpowered. So here is my list of things to make this airplane get a 5 out of 5 stars: - Get engine/flight model parameters correct...not even close currently - Add visual AB effect - Make the default be NO external stores - Add a paint kit - Add a an RF-8A or G variant ...a-
nd BOOM! It's a 5/5.
Overall another excellent scenery from FlyTampa - great quality textures. A couple of technical issues noted. Unlike their LOWW scenery, the EKCH configuration gives only two options for runway operation. This should probably be based on wind direction on a given day, especially with those of us that use some type of real weather software. Also, I find it quite hard to believe that runway 22R would be used for arrivals with the final approach being made over the apron/gate/term-
inal areas. A more realistic set up would be using 22L for arrivals and 22R for departures.
Went 3 stars because I love the Ercoupe so much I'm still flying this a lot, even though it's got very annoying problems. 1. The external model is absolutely beautiful, canopy may be a little oversized but not bad. Internally it's nice, but the viewing angle of the dash is strange, as if it's pointed toward the co-pilot. 2. rudder pedals, not sure if this is a limitation of the game or if it's even possible to tie in rudder controls with the yoke to match the missing pedals. By the way, in response to another reviewer here, it depends which one you have whether it has pedals or not. The one I've flown does not and all steering is by the yoke. I think ground steering is still the yoke even when one does have pedals, but can't swear by that. 3. Window fixes as mentioned in reviews would be nice, opening animation, partial opening, etc. Likewise custom call signs would be nice. 4. Feels very overpowered, but that can depend on what engine one has in it I suppose. 5. Cowl and even tail shaking with engine vibration is overboard. and 6. This is the big one I'm really here for... as mentioned by others, please fix the floating! This does feel like a glider, even at 40 knots. The Ercoupe I've flown sinks quickly, and does not bounce like mad once you're on the ground. And doesn't want to squirm all around once you're on the runway. Sure, there's no flaps, but the Ercoupe has a ton of drag with the design, wheels out, and double tail. Although it does feel stable, even a bit too much on stalls. You do feel some stall motions irl, although it really is remarkably stable even in that situation. Not trying to be nit picky, I love that BR Sim made this available and am very thankful! Even with my gripes I'm a little obsessed with this mod. If I could have anything fixed it would be that floating/glidin-
g issue for landing.
A solid product - certainly a significant step above default scenery or typical freeware. Th-
ere are some issues to note: 1) The photoscenery is low definition. It doesn't look genuinely good until about 5000 ft AGL. Though it makes for a nice initial stage to approach in a passenger jet, maintaining immersion into the lower stages of the approach would require much more in the way of hand-placed 3D buildings and vegetation. Some is included, but not enough to dispel the "flying over a blurry carpet" sense that photoscenery produces at low altitude. 2) The photoscenery has some clouds and "sunken" cruise ships in it. Those familiar with photoscenery know that this is not uncommon with Caribbean locations. 3-
) The lawn surrounding the main terminal flickers noticeably when taxiing or overflying it. 4) Hand-placed trees ended up in the water in several places south of runway 26. In spite of these issues, there are also some nice touches, such as the animated flags and dolphins. The 3D objects are well-crafted for the most part. They took the trouble of creating a night-lighting effect on the photoscenery for evening flying, and the tarmac water and night-lighting effects look quite nice as well. Though I'd probably have felt a bit disappointed had I spent the 17 Euro full price on this purchase, the sale price is very reasonable. I'll be watching to see how this developer progresses, as there is definitely promise here.
This plane is completely unflyable, as it is not compatible with the new (increased torque) prop physics in MSFS SU9. Regardless of the payload, fuel and CofG settings, the plane will tumble forward onto it's prop (and cannot be recovered) as soon as any throttle is applied. The developer needs to completely reconfigure the CofG config, to account for the new prop physics. I have reached out to the developer, and if the plane is fixed and becomes actually usable, I will update this review.
I have a real one of these aircraft so was eagerly awaiting for an MSFS 2020 sim version. Well, here it is. I love it! The one supplied is a 'glass' cockpit and therefore different to my factory(2014)la-
yout but the rest is there. It flys like the real thing. Has the great visability that the real one has and just like the real one, its a dream to fly. I praise this highly. Rega-
rds. Mike
For the price you pay you get a very nice aircraft with some nice liveries. Flig-
ht dynamics feel really nice to fly but who does really know how it should fly! Only a real MB-339 pilot could tell us. But fore sure a nice ac to fly around in MSFS.
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