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    The ERCO Ercoupe is an American low-wing monoplane aircraft that was originally manufactured by the Engineering and Research Corporation (ERCO) shortly before World War II. Several other manufacturers continued its production after the war. It was designed to be the safest fixed-wing aircraft that aerospace engineering could provide at the time.

    The Ercoupe was the first aircraft certified as "unable to spin" by the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA).

    This addon is based on the Ercoupe 415C manufactured after WWII which had a 75HP Continental C75 engine.


    • 6 Liveries
    • 8K full PBR textures
    • High quality 3d modelling and animations
    • Flight model with limited stall and spin characteristics
    • All switches, lever and knobs operable (except circuit breakers)
    • 4 panel colors (Blue, Black, Red and Yellow)
    • Optional and subtle panel vibrations
    • Subtle tail and aileron vibrations
    • Radio and Transponder
    • Rotating beacon lights
    • Optional landing gear fairing and cockpit cover
    • Static Elements (chocks, tie down, etc)
    • Options Tablet to control the airplane custom options
    • Save state system for the airplane custom options
    • Documentation and checklist (including MSFS checklist)

    Please read the documentation.

    The documentation is inside the Documents folder which is inside the aircraft folder.



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    Microsoft Flight Simulator: Standard


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    phillip lloyd

    I really like this aircraft, very basic and rattles, the build exterior and interior, not exactly brilliant, but good fun for a circuit or two.


    I own an ercoupe in real life and fly it every week, so here is my take:  The model is beautiful, the tail and canopy shake a bit too much, I would be really worried if mine did this in real life LOL. You need to increase the drag because with the limited up elevator the ercoupe sinks like a rock with a nose up attitude at about 65mph in real life even though the stall speed is 46. The glide ratio of an ercoupe is about 1:7 at 75mph. Best rate of climb (80) on an ercoupe with a single passenger of about 150 and full fuel is about 450/500fpm on a nice cool day, like 350/400 on a warm day. The plane starts to fly off the ground with power in real life about 64mph on take off.  Also; please re add an option with rudder pedals. My ercoupe has rudder pedals installed so it is nice to be able to fly it both traditional and with pedals. With these improvements it will feel like the real deal. Thanks!! 


    Love this plane, really gives that nostalgic feeling of flying back in the 50s
    I absolutely love this plane! Please bring to Xbox!


    An ok plane. Feels very light, which it surely is. The latest update brought aileron and rudder interconnect, so the rudder controls do not work on this plane, like real life. Steering with the yoke on the ground is fun. But the sim model does NOT like crosswind landings, and this is not so big a problem according to real life accounts. For this reason alone it doesn't feel quite plausible to me. But other than that it is ok to fly. Very sedate and slow.

    phillip lloyd

    Just bought this aircraft. And contrary to some other reviews? The design of the panel is identical to some Youtube videos flying the actual aircraft. Externally comes out really well, especially the bare metal finish. On the whole a pleasant little flight, am pleased with the Ercoupe.


    Great Now that they Fixed the No Rudders Pedals ; jest need to fix the VR pilot seat position


    Pretty poor rendition of the Ercoupe. The external model itself is *ok*.. proportions are a little off but nothing egregious. The interior panel is basically fantasy. Doesn't look anything like any Ercoupe panel I've ever seen. Clipping issues in v1 with the cockpit glass were "fixed" by the developer simply by not letting you open the canopy. This is the model of the Ercoupe with rudder pedals.. so the most interesting and unique thing about this aircraft isn't even modelled. Oil pressure and temperature systems are basically non-functional. Sounds aren't accurate. Performance is basically right out of fantasy land. I tried referencing the actual Ercoupe POH and the numbers are so far off I felt like I was flying a different plane. This one also floats like a glider on landing, whereas the real Ercoupe drops like a rock under 60 MPH with the throttle idle (very high drag aeroframe). Overall this is just not a good addon. Credit where it's due, the textures overall are very well done and the liveries look nice.


    On one hand I like the living aircraft feel of all of the vibration animations, however, andy real aircraft that did that as much as this one does would be covered in rivet dust streaks in weeks, and rattle itself apart in less than a year. Its easy enough to overlook in a sim/game, though, but what MUST be fixed is the ridiculous 9000:1 glide ratio. This thing is nearly impossible to land without forcing it on because it will glide F O R E V E R ... Come on BR-Sim.. Please fix this. Also, it needs SOME ability to lose speed when coasting. If you never touch the brakes, it will never stop rolling.


    The ERCO 415 feels great to fly, however, I think there's something seriously wrong with the flight model: you can glide for hours in this thing, and when you land, you need to put the brakes on immediately upon touchdown, or the aircraft will just keep on rolling as if it's on ice at around 40mph until you run out of runway - and this happens on tarmac and even on grass strips! If some attention were paid to making the glide model more realistic, and to making this aircraft stop in a reasonable time upon landing, it would be great.


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