西科斯基 UH60L “黑鹰”直升机 FSX P3D

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 西科斯基 UH60L “黑鹰”直升机 FSX P3D

西科斯基 UH60L “黑鹰”直升机 FSX P3D



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    The UH-60 Black Hawk, developed by Sikorsky, is a utility tactical transport helicopter, is a four bladed, twin-engine, and non-retractable landing gear.


    • Optional GPS: Reality XP GNS 530 or FSX default GPS(Choose the installer before download)
    • Realistic flight dynamics.
    • Original stereo sound.
    • Fully clickable 3D virtual cockpit.
    • 3D gauges.
    • HD quality exterior and Interior textures (2048 x 2048).
    • Additional animations
      • Wipers.
      • Pilot, copilot, gunner and crew chief.
      • Pilot’s doors.
      • Gunner’s windows.
      • Machine gun.
      • Engine inlet and exhaust covers.
      • Pitot covers.
      • Chocks.
      • Nose compartment door.
      • Door cargo hook
      • Protective armor wind
      • Engines cowling.
      • Jettison pilot’s door.
      • Main and tail rotors fully animated.
    • High detail 3D model in the interior and exterior.
    • Auxiliar power unit.
    • Navigation lights: steady and flash / dimming and bright position.
    • Anti-collision lights: lower, both, upper/ day and night position
    • Formation lights.
    • Landing and search lights.
    • Separate switch dim cabin lights.
    • Night vision NVG Effect (beta).
    • 5 Liveries.
    • Paint kit.
    • NO 2D Panel Is provided


    FSX 加速度 或 黄金版, Prepar3d v4






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    Wow this is excellent! So much attention to detail visually and audibly. The flight characteristics are very nice as well (so far as a non Blackhawk pilot can tell) making for a fun chopper to fly. Cera Sim helicopters are in my option the best for FSX. I also have the Virtavia Blackhawk and it’s not even close to the quality and realism of this Cera Blackhawk.  It’s not perfect but that is expected with any FSX helicopter. It can somehow exceed its real world performance by a wide margin doing things that should cause a crash or disintegratio. However if you avoid pushing it beyond normal or even maximum operational parameters then that shouldn’t matter. What really cast this a 5th star is the light offering of liveries. A sparse selection is included where there really should’ve been several more. Putting that aside this is a very nice Blackhawk with great detailing. The lighting is amazing and yes even night vision can be used for those covert black of night ops. The night vision is accessed via the config manager where you also find all the other options like cold/dark, open/close doors etc.  love it!


    This UH60 is very good, either on the visuals side (lot of detail inside the cockpit, remarkable lighting), or on the performance one; just like other users have evidenced, its flight model is not complete, yet I presume it's more a FSX code original shortcoming, than this product's Why three stars only? Because I submitted a while ago two single questions to their support, they did not bother to answer even once ...


    A model like this so realized, if I were in the company, I'd look now to aim for a package program to be installed on X-Plane10 them the environmental effects of dynamic engine and rotors can have much more chance of being realized with yet more performance; I think many of these helicopters are partly mortified in programs like FSX and P3D, greetings


    Der Sikorsky UH60L ist wieder ein sehr gelunger Heli aus dem Hause Cera . Die Startsequenz ist akribisch nachempfunden. Die Sounds klingen realistisch und werden nicht abrupt abgebrochen. Das Modell ist sehr detailliert und die Texturen sind fehlerfrei dargestellt. Die Amaturen und Instrumente sind sehr gut ablesbar. Checkliste und Anleitung (englisch) sind in PDF-Format beigefügt und stimmig. Wer schon mit den vorherigen Produkten zufrieden war, wird es auch mit UH60L sein. Vielleicht hätten es noch ein paar zusätzliche Modelle mit anderer Bemahlung sein dürfen.


    Outstanding in one word. Very FPS friendly and detailed, again its on and above par with the earlier releases from them The textures and modeling are great and the FDE is sound. A must have....


    Excellent sim of the UH-60Lima. Flies realistic (you really have to shove things around to maneuver quickly) and stable. Starts can be a little quirky even following the checklist. Overall an excellent representation of this aircraft given the limitations of FSX. I'd highly recommend it. Hopefully Cera will follow up with the UH-60 Mike model (Glass cockpit).


    With so many other Blackhawks made for FSX, I was a bit skeptical about getting this one. But in true CeraSim style, this is by far the BEST Blackhawk for FSX. The model is great, the details are great, the sound is very good, and the performance is great. It does not hog up the FPS too bad. Im getting 35 to 40 fps on max setting with it on a Dell Inspiron 17R laptop. I will say that the pitch / yaw / roll rate is a bit on the slow side. Even after removing all payload weight and giving it only 25% fuel load, it still handles a bit slow and sluggish. Speed is also a factor, it will do 345 knots in a dive which is totally un - realistic. I was hoping for retreating blade stall around the 175 to 180 knot mark. But it just flies right through it. One thing that is great is the lights. They are bright and vivid, and stay on from any angle unlike most other lights due to the DX10 ballast glitch. All in all, I would definitely give it 4 out of 5 stars. Perhaps a re-worked AIR file with better flight characteristics in a future update would be nice.






    € 18.30