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    Jacksonville International has yet to be properly developed for Flight Simulator and has been long ignored for many years. Cielosim has decided to change that. With over a year in research and development, Cielosim is proud to finally introduce KJAX for Flight Simulator X and Prepare3D! Experience one of Florida’s busiest airports in true high definition.

    Located on the North East coast of Florida, KJAX serves over 6 million passengers every year and is the 7th busiest airport in Florida and the 55th in the nation. Airlines including American, Delta, United, Southwest, JetBlue, and Air Canada Express operate within KJAX and fly to and from numerous cities including Atlanta, Miami, New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Las Vegas. Additionally, KJAX is home to the Jacksonville Air National Guard Base (125th Fighter Wing). Located in it's Southwest quadrant, this Air Force base employs over 1,300 military personnel while also maintaining and flying F-15 fighter jets.


    1. Get up close and personal! We compiled this scenery using 2048x2048px high definition textures to make sure that everything looks as crisp and realistic as possible!
    2. High Resolution Ground/Imagery - Enjoy extremely detailed high resolution aerial imagery.
    3. Realistic 3D Grass - We utilize the latest 3D techniques to make sure that even the smallest things are brought to life.
    4. Custom Placed Autogen - Realistic and accurate autogen placement around the surrounding areas of KJAX.
    5. Custom Placed Static Vehicles & Aircraft - We included static parked vehicles (including ground service vehicles) and aircraft all throughout KJAX.
    6. Jacksonville Air National Guard Base - The Jacksonville Air National Guard Base (125th Fighter Wing) is included with this scenery. You will be able to find numerous parked F15s in this area.
    7. 3D Modeling of the Main Terminal Interior - Be able to see inside the KJAX main terminal as you are parking your aircraft. See everything from the waiting area seats, the ticketing area, to even the bathrooms!
    8. Optimized For Great Performance - KJAX was built with performance in mind! Enjoy no frame rate loss with this scenery.
    9. State of the Art Night Illumination - We utilize the latest night lighting techniques to assure that night lighting does not look fake, too bright, or overly done.
    10. 3D Animated Jetways - KJAX supports animated jetways by using CTRl + J within FSX or Prepar3D.


    FSX, FSX Steam, Prepar3D V3


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    Absolutely a great rendition of KJAX. No major issues except you have to exclude the generic building for P3D v4+. Currently no support for P3D v4+ but it works. I' couldn't be happy with this purchase.


    I have had this for awhile now. The scenery is pretty good but the gate numbers are not correct. I used to work at this airport and this product shows gates that do not exist It shows gate A4 on the same side as the control tower and this is not the case. When I first installed the runway numbers were incorrectly identified by ATC they had 07/25 and 13/31 this was changed due to magnetic variance. They are now 8/25 and 14/32 the actual numbers on the runways were correct it was a case of the ILS runways not being correctly defined this would have been an easy fix but I wrote them a letter about this and they were quick with a fix and the download is now correct. The gate numbering is not that big of a deal and one would never know unless like myself you worked here or fly out of here frequently and paid attention to those kind of things. They even have the FLORIDA NATIONAL AIR GUARD hanger complete with staged jets known as FANG . Over all this product is pretty good all of the taxiways are correctly numbered and night lighting seems to be correct I would recommend this product
    I didn't purchase my copy here, I purchased it at another site that had the sale going on before SimMarket launched their sale, but the sale price was the same. If for nothing else, I gave it a 3 star just for the price, but in reality this scenery has a lot of potential, but falls short of expectations. I hope the developer comes up with a fix for the wrong runway, gates do not move, and it's in the middle of no where! They should have at least added some photoreal scenery in the surrounding areas, but you find instead flying in the middle of empty space, and all of the sudden, the airport is there. Not a fun approach. I say again, lots of potential for improvement, but at the current sale price, I couldn't let it go by.


    Very nicely done! Good modeling, texture work and most importantly: FPS! Don't worry about the duplicate jetway issue below, as long as you freshly install it works fine.


    I just installed the update and the airport has animated jetways now. However, I still have the static jetways displaying at the airport.


    I like the scenery very much. Very FPS friendly to me. The downside is the jetways that don't move. Except for that, very good product. I give it three stars until I see an update for the jetways issue. Ed
    The airport performs acceptably and looks good, but VAS is through the roof: over 1 GB of VAS usage, meaning that just taxiing around in the PMDG NGX is enough to set the OOM chime ringing. I can't even complete an NGX flight to or from this airport, and I'm using DX10. I'd love to give this a higher rating, but until the VAS usage is fixed this just isn't a useful airport if you fly addon aircraft.


    Excellent scenery. Its about time KJAX was done properly for FSX. The only problems I noted were ATC refers to the old runway numbers and the jetways do not work.


    A solid effort with a few flaws. Trees around the airport are not Season aware and stay in summer mode all year round. The orthographic overlay scenery is also eternally locked into summer colors. It really doesn't take much effort to give your airport 4 season textures in this day and age of airport design work. The jetways are currently broken and do not move as well but they are aware of this and working on a fix. Concrete and asphalt colors are off in places but this is minor. VAS friendly and on my system I have great frame rates and smoothness. The 3D object modeling is gorgeous. Night lighting at this airport looks great. This is worth the cash.


    yes i also have the same problem with the jetways and have emailed them waiting for them to respond i think alec did respond back to me and ask which simulator was running and told him but havent heard anything since. Am giving it 3 stars because the jetways are not working


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