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     Commercial Level Simulations brings you a fantastic simulation of the MD81/82 JetLiner. Featuring the best visuals and realistic flight dynamics. The product comes with a long developed panel, which is simplistic in its nature yet offers mid-level functionality. Perfect for LITE users as well as advanced simmers!

    The MD-80 series is a mid-size, medium-range airliner that was introduced in 1980. The design was the second generation of the DC-9 with two rear fuselage-mounted turbofan engines, small, highly efficient wings, and a T-tail. The aircraft has distinctive 5-abreast seating in coach class. The aircraft series was designed for frequent, short-haul flights for 130 to 172 passengers depending on plane version and seating arrangement.

    The development of MD-80 series began in the 1970s as a growth version of the DC-9 Series 50. Availability of new Pratt & Whitney JT8D higher bypass engines drove early studies including designs known as Series 55, Series 50 (Re-fanned Super Stretch), and Series 60. The design effort focused on the Series 55 in August 1977. With the projected entry into service in 1980, the design was marketed as the "DC-9 Series 80". Swissair launched the Series 80 in October 1977 with an order for 15 plus an option for five. The initial Series 80 first flew October 19, 1979.It entered service in 1980. Originally it was certified as a version of the DC-9, but was changed to MD-80 in July 1983, as a marketing move. The MD-80's production ended in 1999. 


    This manual is not provided from, or endorsed by the Boeing Corporation, the McDonnell Douglas Corporation, or any airline in any way. Any exact similarities between this manual and Commercial Level Simulations aircraft to actually aircraft, procedures, or airline carriers are strictly coincidental. All copyrights remain the property of their respective owners. The procedures contained within are the Commercial Level Simulations interpretation of generic flight operations. These procedures are not always accurate in all situations. All diagrams have been either been recreated to mimic actual procedures or scenarios, or remain the copyrights of the respective owners. The purpose of the manual is not to claim ownership of the procedures or diagrams herein, rather, to show flight operations of the aircraft based on publically available information. This manual is not intended for real world flight. Commercial Level Simulations aircraft are intended as a payware add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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    I took a chance on this old bird (developed in 2010) and I’m glad I did! I was very surprised to find a well developed and good looking plane considering the year it came out. It’s as good as any Captain Sim to say the least. Sure it’s overloaded with 2D panels but that doesn’t interfere with the excellent virtual cockpit and I hardly use any of those panels. Yeah it’s a “lite” type but not so much so that you should get bored with it. I have the CLS DC10 and 747 and this is easily the best of the 3. The cockpit is more clickable than expected and looks real good. The external modeling is equally good and highly detailed. The audio is fantastic! The engines roar when viewed from the outside and are much less notice from within the cockpit. Makes sense as the engines are way back on the end of the plane making for a very quiet cockpit other than normal ambient noises. A nice passenger cabin is also included. Two camera views from the seats are also included. Something that is all too often ignored by most airliner add ons. No lavatories or galley modeling but still that passenger cabin looks great. From the outside (only) you can even make out passengers seated by the window.  The plane flies and handles like the on paper specs suggest. It is a very enjoyable plane to fly.  My one complaints is there is no Alaska Airlines livery. ?.?? Why would they not include that? Even the extension pack doesn’t have it listed as being included.  Whatever the case I am pleasantly surprised by this CLS aircraft and got something much better than expected.  Based on use with Win10 3.3ghz i7 16GB RAM Intel UHD630 integrated GPU. Excellent frames!


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