彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
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  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
  • 彩炫游戏 - 中国-长春龙嘉国际机场 ZYCC FSX P3D
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CGQ Jilin 

Changchun Longjia International Airport (IATA: CGQ, ICAO: ZYCC) is an airport in Jilin Province, China, it is an aviation hub in China's Civil Airport System. The airport is 31.2 kilometres (19.4 mi) north-east of provincial capital Changchun and 76 km (47 mi) north-west of Jilin City: the operation of the airport is shared by both cities.[2]Changchun Airport is a regional hub for China Southern Airlines.

Longjia International Airport was approved to build in 1998. The construction started on 29 May 2003, and the operation of airport began on 27 August 2005. The name of the airport (Áú¼Î), literally means "Fortunate Dragon". The name was given and written on the airport terminal building by the Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji. The airport was intended to replace the operations of Changchun Dafangshen Airport, which was built in 1941 by the Japanese as the capital airport of Manchukuo and was closed for military use after Changchun Longjia commenced operations, and commercial flights at Jilin Airport had been transferred to Changchun Longjia since the 3rd October 2005. It is the only complete civil airport that serves the entirety of Jilin province. According to the original designs in 1998, the airport was estimated to serve only 2 million passengers, but the Municipal Government rejected this design, believing it would soon be insufficient for the city's needs, which later turned out to be a wise decision. However, due to this delay, the redesign of the airport did not start until July 2001.
The airport was later expanded in 2009, two more gates were built up with air bridges to the international section of the terminal, and enlarged the apron to the airport. That finished in May,2011. The airport is now able to accommodate long-distance wide-body jets such as the Boeing 747. The terminal, which was expanded to its present size in 2009, encompasses 73,300 m2 (789,000 sq ft). of space. It was predicted that by 2015, the airport will be able to serve 6.5 million passengers per year. As in 2013, Changchun Airport received a passenger flow of 6.7 million, surpassing its original capacities, also making it the 30th busiest airport in Mainland China in terms of passenger services.

The airport serves most major cities in China and East Asia, with scheduled international flights to Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Taipei etc. It is one of the major international gateways in North-eastern China.

FSX/P3D both support
Custom reflection (specular) maps
Delicate night effect & shadow
New design concept of terrain
Texturing in HD mapping for all buildings, shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on all buildings.
Custom reflection maps and customized global environment map (FSX)
Excellent night effects.
Surroundings extremely detailed.
High resolution ground textures

MXI DESIGN - 克罗地亚-杜布罗夫尼克国际机场 LDDU X-PLANE 11
While the terminal is nicely modeled and brings some accuracy to the airport rendition in the X-Plane world, surrounding areas are not depicted, nor the most Eastern part of the airport with missing shelters and details. I'm sure the scenery fits-in nicely in MSFS world, but its coverage is a little limited in X-Plane.
Excellent work, love it! one thing that needs help are the sounds, they need a little more work. looking forward to more.
Bought this on Orbx, but it's an excellent aircraft and tons of work and value is contained within. There are currently 2 Bush Trips included (one of them is MASSIVE, had to be split into two!) showcasing Australia. 2 more trips are planned for future updates. The developer is very committed and shows no lack of attention to detail and improving the product. One of the best 3rd party aircraft released for MSFS so far!
I bought this straight from Wing42, but would love to encourage others to get this. Unbelievably fun, lots of attention to detail from the developer. Great documentation, great modeling, and just a joy to experience historic aircraft. Can't go wrong with this!
Very Very Well. As a Taiwanese, I am very proud to see the product with such quality.
JUSTSIM - 土耳其-安塔利亚国际机场 LTAI MSFS
The Antalya for FSX had a nice approach. The wall on the cliff and the waterfall. Its disappointing they have not added to to this MSFS version. What makes LTAI special is the approach and its missing it looks like. Shame!
DEIMOS INC - 意大利-罗马-钱皮诺国际机场 LIRA MSFS
As real! nice job. i know someone that work on Ciampino Airport and he say that it's perfect. Everything work, starting from the ILS to the parkings/gates to the taxiway and lights.
NEMETH DESIGNS - MIL 米-35 “超级雌鹿” 直升机 FSX P3D4
As a fan of helicopters in general but especially with military variations I just had to nab this one. The modeling is fantastic first and foremost. Lots of attention to detail and just about every switch (which there are a great many) is clickable. However there is no info about what the switch is for that usually pops up when moused over. So lots of zooming and guessing. I cannot find any cabin views at all despite the merchant screen shots showing that there are internal cabin views. Also only the cockpits have working doors. Of the two cockpit exits only one works with Shift E. The other requires being clicked on from inside. Problem here though as clicking that same exit docent work to close it. So don’t open until you’re landed and not taking off again. I tried everything to close it and nothing worked. Shift E 2,3,4,5 etc don’t open or close anything. The wipers and fans work but I couldn’t turn off the wiper and the switch was definitely in Off position, yet they kept wiping anyway. Flyi-
ng this modernized Hind is actually really nice and smooth. Despite being lighter than older variants it’s still a heavy machine and takes time to slow. That and being a bit less responsive than say even a Sea Stallion should be expected. It’s fun to fly. There is a highly detailed manual available which will need to be studied a bit in order to understand what the switches all do or don’t do. However nothing in the manual about how to close that stubborn cockpit exit. All in all I’m still glad I bought this despite the strange idiosyncrasies. 4/5 stars Based on use with FSX SE, 3.2ghz i7 16gb ram, 1gb integrated UHD video ram, with on average graphics settings around high. Smooth frame rates even with high detail scenery add on areas.
This is a very well done airport, it has the F-15's the glass cover it's all there!
Nice plane Nice texture Very Easy to fly but take care because the stall is just around the corner... you can have a lot of fun with this plane