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    Scope of this Addon „Swiss Glacier Pilot“

    • 13 glacier landing field in the Swiss Alps
    • Piper Super Cub with 4 typical Swiss paint schemes
    • 7 FSX-Missions in English, German and French
    • Manual in English, German and French

    1. Swiss glacier landing fields

    NOTE: Requires Switzerland Professional by FlyLogic

    The glacier landing fields designed for this addon are also used for real glacier flying in Switzerland. Usually airports in FSX are designed in a flat environment. The glacier landing fields are designed with a slope between 2.5° and 10.5° in direction for landing and takeoff and are a special feature of this addon. Take the chance to experience flying on the photorealistic glacier on the basis of Switzerland Professional X.

    The landing fields on the following glaciers are included:

    • Kanderfirn
    • Petersgrat
    • Jungfraujoch
    • Clariden
    • Wildhorn

    On each of these glaciers, 2 to 3 landing fields are designed.

    Special features of the glacier landing fields

    • Specially designed landing fields with a slope of 2.5° to 10.5°
    • Ski tracks on the landing fields for better visibility
    • Acoustic effects: Combined touch down sound for snow surface and concrete runway
    • Visual effects: Snow cloud during take off and landing and with higher motor rpm
    • Snow surface on the glaciers for realistic behavior of the plane on snow
    • Red marking frame of the landing fields for better visibility to be switched on and off by means of the COM1 frequency
    • Static aircraft and other 3D objects on the landing fields

    At this point we thank very much Mr. Hans Fuchs, President of the Union of Swiss Glacier Pilots, for his valuable information and support.

    2. Aircraft – Piper Super Cub

    Piper Super Cub designed by Simon Smeiman. The four classical Swiss paint schemes were designed by Kurt Stöckli and correspond to reality. Three civil versions HB-PHZ, HB-OBY, HB-PBA and one version of the Swiss Air Force (V-654) as used from 1964 to 1976 are included.

    Special features of the Piper Super Cub

    For this addon, some of the aerodynamic parameters were slightly adapted in order to reach the glaciers between 8700 feet and 11700 feet.

    The following features were added to the piper:

    • Automatic activation of the parking brake when trying to take off on a concrete runway with the skis in lower position.
    • Automatic activation of the parking brake as soon as the skis are retracted (higher position) on the glacier landing fields.

    3. FSX-Missions

    The glacier flying missions are available in English, German and French. The preferred language version can be selected during installation.

    The Missions are grouped into three different types of flights:

    • Flying from an airfield to one of the glaciers:
      • From Reichenbach to the glacier Kanderfirn
      • From Mollis to the glacier Clariden
      • From Sion to the glacier Wildhorn
    • Flying between two glaciers
      • From Petersgrat to the Jungfraujoch
      • From Kanderfirn to Wildhorn
    • Training flights on one glacier
      • Kanderfirn
      • Clariden

    Special features of these missions

    • Voice over for each language version in order to guide through the mission
    • Specially designed medals and certificates.

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    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2 or Acceleration Pack or Gold Edition)

    Switzerland Profession X by FLYLOGIC for FSX

    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

    Processor: 2.4 GHz

    RAM: 2BG

    400MB free hard disk space

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