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    Scope of „Swiss Seaplane Pilot“

    •    80 lakes reworked for seaplane flying based on Switzerland Pro X by Flylogic
    •    Most lakes are equipped with a jetty to park the any seaplane.
    •    Some lakes are frozen during winter time and prepared for landing and takeoff. Some of the lakes have a marked runway on the frozen surface.
    •    All barrier lakes in the mountains have masonries.
    •    Piper Super Cub Amphibian
    •    3 FSX missions to explore the Swiss lake scenery
    •    Manual in German, French and English

    Requires Switzerland Professional X by Flylogic

    Language: German/English (missions and manual also in French)

    Enjoy the beauty of the Swiss lake and mountain scenery and fly from the lakes in the lower mid country area to the smaller lakes in the Swiss mountains and to some barrier lakes in the Swiss Alps.

    1.    The Swiss Lake Scenery
    The surfaces of the Swiss lakes are too bumpy for Seaplane flying when using Switzerland Pro X by Flylogic. The water along the shore lines are not flat and "are climbing up the hill a bit. With the Addon "Swiss Seaplane Pilot", 80 lakes are flattened and corrected along the shore lines. Therefore the lakes are well prepared for Seaplane flying. The images to the right show the comparison.
    Most lakes are equipped with a jetty to park any seaplane, some of the have a fuel station.
    The reworked barrier lakes are all equipped with masonries.
    Some lakes are frozen during winter time and the ice surface is prepared for takeoff and landing. On some frozen lakes there is a marked runway available. (FSX only)

    2.    The Piper Super Cub Amphibian
    The Piper Super Cub Amphibian was designed by Simon Smeiman. The two classical Swiss paint schemes were designed by Kurt Stöckli and correspond to reality.
    Weiter wurden folgende funktionelle Features eingebaut:
    •    Combination of landing gear and floats. The landing gear can be extended to land on hard surface and on the ice of frozen lakes.
    •    Two Swiss paint schemes HB-OPP and HB-PQJ
    •    Standard animation of all movable parts.
    •    Detailed very realistic virtual cockpit.
    •    Very realistic engine sound.
    •    In case the aircraft is placed on a high altitude lake, the mixture control is set automatically.
    The original manual by Simon Smeiman comes with the addon.

    3.    The Seaplane Pilot Missions (FSX only)
    The seaplane pilot missions are available in German, English and French. The preferred language can be selected during the installation process.
    When flying the missions, three different requirement levels can be selected:
    •    Intermediate requirements
    Seaplane flight from the Sihlsee to the Wägitalersee
    •    Advanced requirements
    Seaplane flight during winter time from the lake of Gruyère to the Schwarzsee
    •    For experts
    Seaplane flight from the lake Hongrin to the lake Lessoc
    Special features of these missions
    •    Voice over for each language version in order to guide through the mission.
    •    Specially designed medals and certificates.


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    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2 or Acceleration Pack or Gold Edition or Prepar3d V2
    • To play the missions, the FSX Acceleration Pack is required
    Switzerland Professional X by FlyLogic for FSX
    The Swiss lake scenery is neither compatible with the FSX default scenery nor with FSGlobal.
    • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz
    • RAM: 2GB
    • Free hard disc space 130MB

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