俄罗斯-圣彼得堡国际机场 ULLI X V3 P3D4

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俄罗斯-圣彼得堡国际机场 ULLI X V3 P3D4

俄罗斯-圣彼得堡国际机场 ULLI X V3 P3D4



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    New in V3:

    • High Resolution 2k Terminal Textures and some buildings.
    • New AFCAD
    • New ground, developed specifically for P3d4, with new high quality high resolution textures.
    • Updated the marking and arrangement of apron parking, in accordance with the real location.
    • Updated models of ground vehicles and moving buses, cars, etc.
    • Updated lighting effects, runway lights, taxiways.
    • Improved glass reflections.
    • Dynamic lighting.
    • Updated wet apron during precipitation.
    • New realistic 3D lights of the city and the surrounding area.
    • New volumetric grass.
    • Improved autogen.
    • Improved terrain.
    • Added new buildings, new districts, added landmarks, CHP, Lahta Center, Strelna, Heli-drive and more.
    • Improved jetways models.
    • Support SODE jetways
    • Support GSX docking system (GSX recommended)
    • Minor fixes.
    • Compiled with latest Prepar3Dv4.3 SDK

    St.Petersburg Pulkovo ULLI Package Features:

    • Photorealistic textures on the airport buildings
    • Custom textured taxiways, runways and apron
    • Realistic ground markings
    • Highly realistic night time effects with custom 3D runway and taxilights
    • Hand-placed autogen
    • Custom surroundings including airport-city
    • Animated vehicles on the aprons
    • Friendly FPS
    • Custom reflection map. Reflection map is used for setting what should be seen in window reflection
    • "Baked" shadows on the textures
    • Completely automatic change of seasons, so there is no need to season tool
    • Advanced lighting system, the lights are automatically turned on, depending on weather conditions
    • Automatic season change
    • Realistic puddles appear in the rain
    • True deep Russian winter, realistic snow on the apron
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    Digital Design sceneries are always great and this is one of them. Love the visuals. Great performence with near max settings. I Highly recommend all their sceneries!


    非常非常好的地景,Digital Design从不会让人失望,机场和周边环境非常真实,一个好的地景产品能让人回想起自己在现实中在这片土地的回忆,这个圣彼得堡机场显然是做到了。它不同于其它很多把环境渲染的很暗的地景,它非常清晰而且真实,绝对的好地景。 Very, very good scenery. Digital Design will never disappoint me. The airport and surrounding environment are very real. A good scenery can remind people of their memories in this land in reality. This St. Petersburg airport has obviously done it. It is different from many other sceneries that render the environment very dark. It is very clear and realistic.


    Hier gibt es nichts auszusetzen, eine sehr gute Umsetzung bis ins kleinste Detail wie z.B. Schmutz auf den Betonplatten und Abnutzungsspuren auf der Landebahn. Die Umgebung sieht gut aus und passt seht gut in ORBX, sodass ich gar nicht sehen kann, wo es anfängt bzw. aufhört. Sehr gut!!! Einen Stern Abzug gibt es für Bodenfahrzeuge. Die sehen schlecht aus und fahren andauernd über den weg oder gar duch Flugzeuge. Ansonsten kann ich dises Addon uneingeschränkt jedem empfehlen, der gerne mal einen Ausflug nach Rußland machen möchte.


    This scenery is amazing. Cheap, easy on FPS and very detailed. For me, being from St Petersburg, a high quality rendition of the airport is a very necessary thing. And I'm lucky that Digital Design did such a great job on it. Not only is the airport modeled, but the areas around it, specifically the south of St Petersburg and landmarks are also shown in great detail. The scenery has SODE jetways which is a great thing. I recommend it to all Russians and those who like to fly within Europe.


    Excellent scenery. I have been waiting for long time for this scenery to be available in p3d v4 and I was not disappointed. Great job Digital Design! Waiting for other airports from your development.


    What can I say, this is just a masterpiece from the creators of DIGITAL DESIGN in creating scenarios for Prepar3D! Thank you for your art !!!


    Another mindblowing scenery from DD... The city is stunning and has still nearly no impact on FPS. The new releases on P3D v4 really show whats going on on this platform. This designer entered the top-league at latest with LOWS, followed by the masterpiece GCTS and now this ULLI. Its fabulous in many regards. Yes, the textures of the building itself lack a bit (especially the brown roof lacks in material properties of v4 and modeling all over) but if one takes a look to the rest of the scenery one just has to get stunned and be immersed. The groundwork is stunning, objects are crisp in textures and have enough polygons to give immersion. If the textures would be a bit better on the Terminal itself it would be really nice but dont get me wrong its not something that one could call bad. But it looks a bit old compared to the rest of scenery. Well done.


    Honestly there are very few sceneries that I think are of this quality. Recently I was looking for a new destination. Without any reason I bought ULLI and let me tell you that it is a work of art. The surrounding area is a 10/10 with soviet looking building complexes and with the beautiful bay of Luga. One of the best approaches by far specially with clear skies. The airport itself has wonderful textures and the 3D grass has reached beyond my standards. The terminals are very well modelled with plenty of stands which are able to fit 747 and the 777. The airport runs like a dream on my system. The SODE jetways work very well however the safe dock system doesn’t appear to work however I don’t know if that’s a problem with my computer or just not functional. Overall, certainly one of the best choices for payware sceneries and the developers have truly made the best Russian airport in my opinion. Well done the developers deserve 5 stars


    10 stars for it, what's amazing scenery!!! Great fp impact, very lite whit a so complex area! Congratulations, it's a really wonderful scenery. I hope to see others yours p3dv4 now project!


    Сложно писать отзыв о продукте, который ты любишь априорно и заранее готов поставить ему пять звезд, но я попробую. С выхода предыдущей версии этого сценария прошло много времени и наконец-то можно установить Пулково без танцев с бубном. Что радует, так то что команда Digital Design не стала в погоне за красотой терять все предыдущие наработки благодаря которым в ULLI всегда была отличная производительность, радует, что они не стали гнаться за 4К текстурами из-за которых даже не самых достойных ПК были бы «фризы» и подошли к вопросу интеграции динамического освещения очень грамотно. Однозначно рекомендую этот сценарий не только вирпилотам из СПб, но и тем, кто хочет эффектных заходов над городом или заливом, благо ключевые места пригородов Санкт-Петербурга там есть. Единственно чего не хватает так это «Метеоров» в заливе, но это уже придирки. Добро пожаловать в Северную Венецию!






    € 21.00