爱沙尼亚-塔林-伦纳特·梅里国际机场 EETN X V2 FSX P3D FSW

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爱沙尼亚-塔林-伦纳特·梅里国际机场 EETN X V2 FSX P3D FSW

爱沙尼亚-塔林-伦纳特·梅里国际机场 EETN X V2 FSX P3D FSW



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    EETN Tallinn X is a highly detailed scenery of EETN Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport in Tallinn, Estonia. The product also includes the city of Tallinn with its landmarks. This product is compatible with FSX-based platforms including Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D).

    Estonia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland, to the west by the Baltic Sea, to the south by Latvia, and to the east by Lake Peipus and Russia. Across the Baltic Sea lies Sweden in the west and Finland in the north. The territory of Estonia covers 45.227 km2 (17.462 sq mi), and is influenced by a humid continental climate.

    Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia. It occupies an area of 159,2 km2 (61,5 sq mi) and has a population of over 431.000. It is situated on the northern coast of the country, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, 80 km (50 mi) south of Helsinki, east of Stockholm and west of Saint Petersburg. Tallinn's Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is ranked as a global city and has been listed among the top 10 digital cities in the world. The city was a European Capital of Culture for 2011, along with Turku in Finland. 32.7% of Estonia's total population lives in Tallinn.

    Tallinn Airport (Estonian: Lennart Meri Tallinna lennujaam) (IATA: TLL, ICAO: EETN) or Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, formerly Ulemiste Airport, is the largest airport in Estonia and home base of the national airline Estonian Air. Tallinn Airport is open to both domestic and international flights. It is located approximately 4 km from the centre of Tallinn on the eastern shore of Lake Ulemiste. As Tallinn is located nearest to Asia-Pacific of all EU capitals, Tallinn Airport has a major geographical advantage for establishing future long-haul flights between these two regions. The airport has a single asphalt-concrete runway, 08/26, that is 3,480 m × 45 m (11,417 ft × 148 ft) and large enough to handle wide-bodied aircraft such as the Boeing 747. The runway is the longest one in the Baltic states. The airport has also been used for military purposes. It has served as an interceptor aircraft base, being home to the 384th Interceptor Aircraft Regiment (384 IAP), which operated MiG-23P aircraft. Since 29 March 2009 the airport is officially known as Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, in honour of the leader of the Estonian independence movement and second President of Estonia Lennart Meri.


    The installation is fully automatic. Please uninstall all versions of included airports you may have installed before, prior to installing this product


    • High quality EETN Tallinn airport with up-to-date terminals, aprons and taxiways
    • Newly constructed buildings added (terminal extention, car parking, MRO hangar, tram station)
    • Large area around the airport including Tallinn city with autogen and landmark buildings
    • Static aircraft, 3D people, terminal interiors, ground service vehicles, detailed horizontal and vertical signs
    • Advanced airport lighting (user controlled at wish)
    • Advanced optimization and texture management
    • SODE jetways and animated hangar doors


    • Updated ground poly - extended runway, new taxiways and aprons
    • New lighting for the whole airport (same standards as in our newest products)
    • New MRO hangar, extended terminal building and some interior added
    • New tramway station and several new high buildings North of the airport
    • New vertical taxiway signs, new fences and trees
    • Updated all SODE content
    • Autogen enhancements
    • Updated ground imagery
    • Estonian Air signs and aircraft removed
    • New car parking
    • New static aircraft
    • Highly upgraded texture management for better performance
    • Full range of FSX-based platforms compatibility


    EETN Tallinn X is compatible with all ORBX products, all PILOT’S products and all Megascenery products. If you use Ultimate Terrain X - Europe, deactivating “UT Europe Lighting” from FS Scenery Library will cause more autogen to be displayed. Our product should stay at the top of the Scenery Library list.


    Demo version of this product is provided. It is a fully functional freeware scenery, perfectly alligned with the full payware version. This ensures no problems with online (VATSIM, IVAO and multiplayer) flying in case some users have the payware scenery and some don't. Most objects are modelled as in the full version but covered with low resolution textures.

    • 如果您曾经购买过 DRZEWIECKI DESIGN - 爱沙尼亚-塔林-伦纳特·梅里国际机场 X EETN FSX P3D ,且是在simMarket购买的,您就有资格获得 10.16 欧元的升级特价。 注:升级特价由系统自动判定和授予,因此您必须登录购买过旧版本产品的账户才可享受! 如有疑问请先联系simMarket支持客服!不可退款!



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    Maybe I’m spoiled by their Warsaw city, Seattle City but Tallinn leaves me a little bit disappointed in comparison to those other massive and amazing scenery packages. Granted this is the city AND airport combined so there is that. The city itself just doesn’t have that satisfying of a coverage area. That said this is NOT bad by any means. Just smaller than I expected. The airport is incredibly detailed has some very cool options to open a few hangars which reveal some sparse but nicely detailed interiors. The terminal is beautiful with connecting jetways, custom airport vehicles and a few ground crew personnel hanging around. The ports could be better with actual 3D docks but instead the docks are just photo scenery. A few nice ships and ferries dot the ports. For some reason you cannot land helicopters on the ferry helipads. The city is what leaves me most dissatisfied. The auto gen is mostly standard FSX objects with a smattering of custom 3D buildings that could have been done better. All in all it’s not worth full price, I’m glad I got it on sale. But again maybe I’m just spoiled by their bigger cities Warsaw and Seattle. Not bad not great, definitely above average compared other developers.


    Kann mich nur anschliessen, gute Qualität mit sehr guter Performance zu einem guten Preis.


    Sehr guter Airport mit reichlich Stadt-Szenerie! Eben ein typischer Drzewiecki, gute Qualität zu fairen Preisen.


    Not an "Amazing" Scenery but it does the job with enjoyable performances.
    Perfect re-edition! Frankly speaking I was in love in EETN v1 - especially due to the beautiful approach to rwy 08. Thanks to autogen enhancements even the approach to rwy 26 looks nice now. Very nice feature is the animated tram, which can be visibile from the apron. Next thing is night lighting, which can be switched on at any time - very useful in a bad weather condition. Everything else on Drzewiecki Design's level - very good performance, many animations incl.jetways, well-recreated city and up-to-date layout of the airport - I really don't need anything more :)






    € 20.32