INISIM A310 副驾驶插件 MSFS

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INISIM A310 副驾驶插件 MSFS


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    Flight Simulator First Officer Next for IniSim A310 is a virtual copilot coded to work exclusively with the IniSimulations A310. It adds a whole new level of realism by providing a copilot to share cockpit responsibilities. FSFO does not require strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (i.e. scripts), reading lengthy manuals, memorizing actions to trigger other actions, or precise speech. To that end, it can be as complex or as simple as you want.   Just hit connect and fly with confidence that your First Officer is helping you fly this amazing aircraft. 


    • Speech Recognition
      • Command the First Office to set the flaps, gear, autopilot, takeoff thrust, and execute the flows and checklists. See the guide for a complete list of voice command options
      • Checklist can be controlled via voice or completely automated
    • Ground Crew Operations:
      • Control pushback via Voice or Buttons
      • Automatically trigger the fuel truck, luggage cars and jetway, or request via operations panel
    • Passenger and Cargo Simulations:
      • Simulate the time it takes to load passengers and/or Cargo, complete with sound
      • Feed passengers snacks and meal services
    • Flight Deck Announcements 
      • Welcome Aboard (message depends on time of day) 
      • Safety Message
      • Flight Attendants “Prepare for Takeoff” 
      • 10,000 ft chime 
      • We’ve reached our cruise altitude (message depends on turbulence) 
      • Descent Announcements (e.g., electronics off and night time landing messages) 
      • Flight Attendants “Prepare for Landing” 
      • Welcome to our destination (message depends on time of day) 
    • Integrated Flows and Checklists  
      • Flows - When activated, the copilot will check each system to ensure its set correctly for a specific flight phase; if it's not set correctly, he will configure said system. Using this system, FSFO will completely configure the aircraft for you, which will spare you the need to read 300+ page manuals.  
      • Checklist - When called, the copilot will call the checklist item
        • If using button mode - if the systems is set correctly, he will proceed to the next item; if it's not, he will wait for the pilot to configure the system before proceeding to the next call.
        • If using Voice mode – The Copilot will wait for a verbal response (e.g., checked, set, on, off, etc.…)
    • Programs MCDU(requires Simbrief intergration)
      • Copilot can complete 95% of your MCDU programing; you just have to set dep/arr runways and SID/Stars. 
    • Speed Calls: 
      • Copilot call Power Set
      • Copilot calls Speed Alive 
      • Copilot calls 100 Knots on takeoff and 100, 80 and 60 Knots on landing 
      • Copilot calls V1, Rotate, and V2
      • Copilot calls “400 ft” and “Acceleration Altitude” 
      • Vref monitoring (i.e., copilot will advise the captain when the airspeed falls below the imputed value on landing) 
    • Engine Callouts: 
      • Copilot calls “Engine x Started”
      • Copilot calls “Engine x Cutout
      • Copilot calls “All Engines Stable” 
    • Safety Checks: 
      • Before Takeoff - Copilot checks the flaps, trims and autobrakes; if they're incorrect, he will warn you 
      • After Takeoff - Copilot checks the landing gear and flaps; if they're incorrect, he will warn you 
      • Before Landing - Copilot checks the landing gear, flaps and spoilers; if they're incorrect, he will warn you 
      • Doors – Copilot will warn you anytime the engines are running and the main door is opened 
    • Copilot Options: 
      • Manages Autopilot – Copilot can turn on/off Vnav, Lnav, A/T, and Master Autopilot 
      • Manages Gear – Copilot can raise/lower the gear at the designated altitudes 
      • Manages Flaps – Copilot will raise/lower the flaps at the designated speeds
      • Manages Altimeters - Copilot can set altimeters based on flight parameters    
      • Speed Warns - Copilot warns with IAS goes above 250 knots below 10K ft AGL, when Ground Speed is too high (30 mph), or when the IAS falls below VREF during landing 
      • Manages Lights - Copilot can turn on/off ALL interior and exterior lights at the appropriate altitudes and time of day
      • Systems monitoring - Copilot can also callout flap changes, parking brake, landing and spoiler status.  For example, if you retract the flaps from 5 to 1, the copilot will call “Flaps 1.”  If the landing gear is extended, the Copilot calls “landing gear down” 
      • Manages Copilot MFD controls – Copilot will set his controls based on flight parameters (e.g., App Mode when capturing the ILS and terrain map on takeoff/landing)
      • Manages MCDU– Copilot will set his FMC based on flight parameters (e.g., LEGS page on Takeoff, PROG page in Cruise, sets VREF on descent and aligns IRS during the Preflight Flow)o   
      • Manages FCU– Copilot will set IAS, HDG, LNAV, VNAV, A/T, HDG SEL and FDs. 
      • Depature Briefing – FSFO provides a depature briefing complete with takeoff ICAO, Runways and inital cruise altitidues. 
    •  Change Copilot/Pilot accents: 
      • Choose between  English, French and German, Australian, Espanol, etc
    • And much more


    Windows 10 或 11

    Peter & John Dowson’s FSUIPC V7 (MSFS) (注册或未注册版本均可): 

    FSFO NEXT 使用微软语音识别引擎, 仅支持特定语言

    不支持 MSFS BETA版本






    € 17.99