FLYNDRIVE4D - 瑞士观光飞行 第一章 瑞士东部 P3D
FLYNDRIVE4D - 瑞士观光飞行 第一章 瑞士东部 P3D
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  • FLYNDRIVE4D - 瑞士观光飞行 第一章 瑞士东部 P3D
  • FLYNDRIVE4D - 瑞士观光飞行 第一章 瑞士东部 P3D
  • FLYNDRIVE4D - 瑞士观光飞行 第一章 瑞士东部 P3D
  • FLYNDRIVE4D - 瑞士观光飞行 第一章 瑞士东部 P3D
  • FLYNDRIVE4D - 瑞士观光飞行 第一章 瑞士东部 P3D
  • FLYNDRIVE4D - 瑞士观光飞行 第一章 瑞士东部 P3D
  • FLYNDRIVE4D - 瑞士观光飞行 第一章 瑞士东部 P3D
  • FLYNDRIVE4D - 瑞士观光飞行 第一章 瑞士东部 P3D
  • FLYNDRIVE4D - 瑞士观光飞行 第一章 瑞士东部 P3D
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A New type of Addon for PREPAR3D. Never seen in a Flight Simulator! Fly with a tourist guide over East of Switzerland. Discover, while listenning, more than 120 comments : Touristic, geographic or historic.

Another way to fly. This provide you, Hours of flight and discover in Deep Switzerland !

Product Features:
•+120 English audio and script comments all over the area : East of switzerland
•Comments describe geographic, touristic or historic point of interest (Castel, Mount,building,forest..)
•Another way to fly
•Discover the East part of Switzerland with a Tourist guide in your cockpit

Note :
Screens and Video provided use photoscenery like MegaEarth scenery Switzerland which is not include with this addon.

Touristflight SWISS Parte 1 Est:

Caratteristica del prodotto:
• Oltre 120 commenti audio e scritti in italiano sull'intera area: parte orientale della Svizzera
• Commenti geografici, turistici o storici secondo i punti di interesse (Castello, edifici, foresta, montagna ...)
• Un altro modo per volare
• Scopri cose sorprendenti sulla regione orientale della Svizzera con una guida nella tua cabina di pilotaggio
• Ore di volo per scoprire in profondità e in dettaglio questa parte della Svizzera

Le immagini e i video forniti utilizzano gli scenari fotografici di Mega Earth Svizzera che non sono inclusi in questo addon.


模拟平台:Prepar3d V2,V3,V4

不支持 FSX

操作系统:英语注释需要 windows 7 及更高版本

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FLYNDRIVE4D - 瑞士观光飞行 第一章&第二章 合辑 P3D
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FLYNDRIVE4D - 瑞士观光飞行 第二章 瑞士西部 P3D
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EUR 8.25 不含增值税
AEROPLANE HEAVEN - 费尔柴尔德 C-119 "飞行车厢" 运输机
EUR 33.32 含增值税
EUR 28.00 不含增值税
MP DESIGN STUDIO - 法国宇航 SA315 美洲驼 直升机 P3D
EUR 27.37 含增值税
EUR 23.00 不含增值税
I live locally in the area, very happy at how its portrayed in the sim
AVIATOR - AVIATOR 平板/手机仪表/航图显示插件 X-PLANE 11
You are better be an very good enable analystic programmer on computer to install this product.
DIGITAL DESIGN - 法国-里昂-圣埃克絮佩里机场 LFLL P3D
This scenery is really beautiful. There are a lot of details everywhere and most of the terminals have transparent windows. But I give 5/5 (I would say it's more a 4.5/5) for one thing: the satellite where low cost aircrafts arrive (parking J and L) is not modelled with transparent windows while the regional terminal (which is similar) is modelled completely. And that's too bad because you can see this location from an airplane while the insides of the TGV station, that has been modelled completely, is not visible from the airport.
DIGITAL DESIGN - 法国-里昂-圣埃克絮佩里机场 LFLL P3D
Beautiful scenery by Digital Design! The high resolution textures, very well modelled buildings (with interior), and great land class on the approaches on both runways make it, in my opinion, one of the best sceneries available at the moment. The only thing that disappointed me a little bit, are the 'wet' apron textures. They're all right, but not as breathtaking as on DD's other sceneries.
DIGITAL DESIGN - 法国-里昂-圣埃克絮佩里机场 LFLL P3D
What a terrific piece of scenery design. It's not cheap but worth every Euro. There's detail everywhere and frame rates are superb. Don't stay airside either. Take the Pajero and drive around the outside where the car parks and terminal entrances are. The detail is amazing right down to flower beds. Stay airside and you'll miss all of this. Definitely a 5* must have airport. Well done Digital Design.
FLIGHTBEAM STUDIOS - 美国-菲尼克斯(凤凰城)-空港国际机场 KPHX FSX P3D
This is another great scenery package from flightbeam studios so massive well done to the team at flightbeam on yet another fantastic scenery very detailed indeed very happy with this product and the night textures are fantastic aswell definitely 5 stars for this very happy;):) will be getting more of flightbeam studios packages ;)
DIGITAL DESIGN - 法国-里昂-圣埃克絮佩里机场 LFLL P3D
Another fantastic scenery from Digital Design. Blends seamlessly with surrounding Orbx products and the performance is excellent. Textures are crisp and look incredibly real. A must have!
JUSTSIM - 德国-汉堡机场 EDDH V2 - P3D V4.4+
The product is okay. However, there are annoying mistakes. For example, the scenery sometimes does not correspond to reality because there are still buildings in the simulator that were demolished in reality. In addition, the jetway model is different from stand to stand. That looks bad, maybe you wanted to save work here. It should also be mentioned that the advertising of the jetways has been out of date for years and does not correspond to the real situation. The ground markings in the south of the airport are also incomplete. In my opinion too many mistakes that have arisen from sloppy and incomplete work.
Outstanding add-on under all the points of view; and a great quality/price ratio. I already purchased other airports from this developer, and of course this won't be the last one.
DIGITAL DESIGN - 法国-里昂-圣埃克絮佩里机场 LFLL P3D
Finally ! After so many years a decent version of Satolas has been released ! Digital Design put a great attention to detail while still being FPS friendly. The terminal interior (that you can see from your aircraft) has been designed with a lot of attention. The Rhônepress is also modelled and travels to and from airport, but sadly no TGV. Another small problem is that during night with dynamic lighting, the car parking is permantly lighted while the apron lighting turns on spotlight by spotlight as you approach the airport. Overall a great product, which deserves a solid 9/10.