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    FFTF的全称是FIBER FRAME TIME FRACTION,对于FSX来说,它的默认值是0.33,也就意味着CPU将在每3毫秒的渲染中花费1毫秒来进行风景加载。所以,如果该值越低,帧数就越高,地景也更模糊。反之帧数越低,地景更清晰。通常来说,模拟飞行中的FFTF值是固定的,但是用户在飞行的时候,在复杂地景机场和巡航过程中,对帧数要求是不同的,那么有没有办法动态修改FFTF值,使其在不同的飞行阶段渲染不同的地景质量,确保帧数稳定呢?

    答案就是今天向大家介绍的FFTF DYNAMIC - 帧数画质动态调节工具,该工具提供两种调节模式,一种是Frames range(帧率范围)选项,在该模式下,用户设置以下3个参数:最高/最低帧数、FFTF值范围、以及FFTF更新至模拟飞行程序的时间间隔。例如最低帧数24、最高帧数28、FFTF值范围0.05-0.33,、FFTF更新时间间隔1秒。如果帧数降低至24帧或以下时(通常地景比较复杂),FFTF值将始终保持0.05(降低地景画质),以防止帧数过低;帧数为26帧时,FFTF值为0.19;当帧数提高至28帧或以上时(这个时候地景不太复杂),FFTF值保持在0.33,提高地景画质。



    1. Unlimited frames 帧率无上限 + VSync enabled 垂直同步打开 + TB enabled 三重缓冲打开
    2. Unlimited frames 帧率无上限 + VSync enabled 垂直同步打开 + TB enabled 三重缓冲打开 + external limiter 外部程序限制
    3. Unlimited frames 帧率无上限 + VSync disabled 垂直同步关闭 + TB disabled 三重缓冲关闭
    4. Locked frames 帧率目标值锁定  ( 忽略 VSync 垂直同步 + TB 三重缓冲设置 )

    - You want maximum framerates at detailed airports?

    - You want to avoid blurry terrain and have sharpness while flying? 

    - You want the best value that balances between performance and image quality?

    - You do not want to change your settings while making a flight?

    Well, you can make a lot of tests until you think that you have found it. You are happy, you have no blurries or stutters and frames are good. You start a flight (or you just changed vehicle), you enter another area and finally frame drops and stutters appear. Or you see terrain blurries. And you start again and again and again………….

    You can turn down your detail settings because of that detailed airport that brings down your frames. You can use less autogen and lower terrain settings when flying to avoid blurry terrain.  

    Experienced simmers know that they can use different FFTF values for maximum frames or avoiding blurries.

    FFTF. What a word. Well, actually FFTF stands of the first letters of FIBER FRAME TIME FRACTION. And what it does? 

    Actually determines the maximum amount of time per frame that will run fiber jobs on the primary thread. Performance of Flight Simulator is greatly affected by the amount of time CPU spending between foreground operation and background data scenery loading. 

    The lower the frame rate is set, the more CPU time is devoted to loading scenery and texture.

    FIBER FRAME TIME FRACTION is a direct command that helps tune the amount of time per frame that CPU runs fiber jobs

    The default value of it is 0.33, meaning that the CPU will spend 1 millisecond to scenery loading in every 3 milliseconds of rendering.

    So, the lower the value, the better the frame rate but also the more the blurries.

    What about if FIBER FRAME TIME FRACTION is not static but dynamic???????????
    Sounds great if can be done.  It can solve all the above mentioned problems.

    But can it be done? Of course it can.

    We present to you the Dynamic FFTF program.

    An application which covers every aspect of user configuration :

    1. Unlimited frames + VSync enabled + TB enabled
    2. Unlimited frames + VSync enabled + TB enabled + external limiter
    3. Unlimited frames + VSync disabled + TB disabled
    4. Locked frames  ( VSync + TB settings are ignored  )

    There are two options for dynamic FFTF calculation. Frames range and AGL height range.

    Frames range option:

    Suggested for unlimited frames + VSync disabled + TB disabled.  

    You set the minimum and the maximum frames + FFTF range + times you want FFTF to be updated per sec to Flight Simulator.

    An example can be: Min frames=24, Max Frames=28, FFTF minimum=0.05, FFTF maximum=0.33, times to update per second=1.

    In this case at 24 frames FFTF will be 0.05, at 26 frames FFTF will be around 0.19 and at 28 frames, FFTF will be 0.33. Below minimum frames set, FFTF will always be 0.05 while above max frames set, FFTF will always be 0.33.

    AGL height range option :

    Suggested for the rest options. You set the minimum and maximum AGL altitude + FFTF range. (Times to update per second is not available for AGL height option). 

    An example can be: AGL Min=0 feet, AGL Max=5000 feet, FFTF minimum=0.05, FFTF maximum=0.33.

    In this case at 0 feet FFTF will be 0.05, at 2500 feet FFTF will be 0.19 and at 5000 feet, FFTF will be 0.33. Above 5000 feet FFTF will always be 0.33.

    Every time that the application calculates the new FFTF, immediately updates the new FFTF value to Flight Simulator. This is the main reason that we do not need any timer option in this case.

    Most of the simmers now knows about FTFF and what it does. Many of them use FFTF values from 0.1 or 0.01. Many of them suffer from blurries when flying because of that.

    This program solves it all...

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    操作系统:Windows XP SP3 / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10 (32 / 64 位)
    模拟平台:FSX SP2 或以上 / FSX Steam
    其他软件:微软 NET Framework 4.6
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    A very useful add-on, works best to 'smooth out the rough edges' rather than make an unplayable sim suddenly playable. If you've adjusted all the sliders in the sim properly and have maybe tweaked your config file then this is the perfect final piece to squeeze out those few extra frames.


    I was quite sceptical, but this really makes an impact. I also use the predecessor, which also helps in improving the framerates. Both products work side by side without problems. FFTF reduces framerate fluctuations and improves the visual appearance of the sim - texture loading is more "harmonic" and I have the impression that it also faster. I first reduced the "update" rate since I thought this would only make it slower - but had to learn that the recommendation from the manual was right. Of course, you shouldn't expect any miracles, but at least you will get more out of your configuration than without.


    As always I was skeptical about software of this nature. However, simply put, a great little program. It has provided me with improved FPS, smoothness, long-trip blurry elimination and... thus far, no VAS crashes! It's especially impressive when used in conjunction with SIMstarter. Amazing what many of us have to do to get FSX to run as expected, but this has helped my old system tremendously. Very surprised and very satisfied with the results. Good job FSPS!






    € 14.90