Migrating to a new flight simulator has never been so easy!

From the early days of flight simulation, each new simulator has meant the need to replace almost all addons with new ones, often at a high cost, and in many cases no upgrades have been available at all.

FSX to Prepar3D Migration Tool is a revolutionary tool that allows you to install Flight Simulator X (FSX) addons to Prepar3D. Since there are very few differences between the two simulators, almost everything that functioned properly in FSX will function so in Prepar3D.

No manual editing is necessary, nor it is necessary to have FSX present on the computer. Just install the tool, follow its manual and install addons like you would install them to FSX. Everything from freeware Pipers to the most complex addons will appear in Prepar3D.

With Migration Tool, you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds – excellent FSX addons in new and evolving Prepar3D flight simulator.

How does it work?

Migration Tool creates a virtual FSX installation, meaning that it will turn an empty folder of your choice into looking like FSX root folder, with all necessary configuration files present. Everything installed there - no matter if by hand or using installers - will appear in Prepar3D.

Virtual FSX installation has numerous work-arounds helping installers and utilities find necessary files. For example: using Migration Tool, owners of EZdok Camera Addon can even get their TrackIR running with Prepar3D.

To avoid conflicts with FSX, should you have it installed, there is a simple user interface to enable and disable virtual FSX with a single click. While it is disabled, FSX addon installers will place files into real FSX. While enabled, FSX addon installers will place files into Prepar3D.

Migration Tool has been tested with many popular sceneries, aircraft and utilities. As long as they don’t rely on dirty hacks and follow practices suggested by Microsoft and Lockheed Martin instead, they will work properly in Prepar3D.


  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D simulator must be installed. Flight Simulator X is not required, but may be installed.
  • Supported operating systems:
  • Windows XP (32 bit only, and at least SP2),
  • Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit),
  • Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit).
  • Administrator privileges are required to install and use the tool.
  • One-time activation is required. Both online and offline activation are available.
  • Once installed, the tool uses about 10 megabytes of disk space.
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Artur Lysov
*Verified Product User*
2019-10-05 10:38:21
How to easily install scenery or plane that only support FSX? Right! Use this tool for it.
I think it has the simplest interface of all times ON/OFF.
Robert Yunque
*Verified Product User*
2018-01-06 16:57:28
I purchased the Migration Tool a long time ago and it has always worked fine with 32bit versions of P3D, which it was designed for.
I not longer use any 32bit simulators.
Migration Tool is not designed for the new 64bit version which is P3Dv4.1, and will destroy your installation if you try to use it with the latest version or if you try migrating 32bit addons to the 64bit environment of P3Dv4.
Migration tool was designed to migrate 32bit addons from FSX to a 32bit version P3D.
Do NOT install any addons into P3Dv4.1 with Migration tool, or any other way, unless the addon developer actually says that it was designed for P3Dv4 or P3Dv4.1.
Sometimes it will work, but most of the time it will break your installation of P3Dv4.
This has been my experience and I believe is a good rule of thumb.
Aidan Hegarty
*Verified Product User*
2018-01-06 04:01:18
Having similar issues to other users. Causing major problems, and I seem unable to disable or uninstall the software. Support is non-existent, contacted the developer 3 times over the past month and not even the courtesy of a reply to acknowledge receipt or to say they are looking at the problem.
Dudley Brooke
*Verified Product User*
2016-09-13 16:56:47
I bought this software to help install Ultimate traffic 2 in P3D. Now I have got a P3D installation that throws up dialogs saying it can't find things. And a FSX installation that is blocked from starting by this software. I will now have to uninstall this rubbish and reinstall my flight sims.And I get to pay for the privilege. Absolute nonsense, don't waste your money!
Salman Khan
*Verified Product User*
2016-04-22 02:55:47
This product does it's job very very well. Very nicely priced too.
Jimmi Gruen
*Verified Product User*
2016-04-20 21:42:44
While you can usually get FSX addons installed into Prepar3D on your own by using junctions, editing the registry etc., this utility saves a huge amount of time by automating the process. It's literally just one click to enable redirection, and one click to disable it. Well worth the cost if you have a large library of older addons.
Jordan Scarano
*Verified Product User*
2016-03-31 18:33:13
Great program. Must have if you use p3d and want to use older fsx addons!
Dmitrii Ermakov
*Verified Product User*
2016-01-23 13:06:18
Works flawlessly, great app! a Must Buy for P3D! I have tried it with one addon and so far it goes well. Props to Flightsim Estonia!
*Verified Product User*
2015-12-01 15:39:31
So let's start writing what this program DONT DO. If you have FSX or FSX SE and you are moving to P3D V3 for example, this program doesn't move all your addons by him self to the new SIM.
So, why is it useful? Well if you try to think that any time that a new patch or version come out, for example FSX SE edition, or P3D V3 and then will be V4 and so on, it need a lot of time for the 3rd parties to change the installer to recognize the new version, and we are not sure they will ever do it... EG. I was using FSX SE edition , bought FSglobal 2010, 80$ product, and when i tried to install it on P3d V3 the installer was not able yet to recognize P3D V3, so what I had to do? Move 24Gb of tecture manually folder by folder? Crazy!! This small little tool is saying to the installer that a version of FSX or even P3D is installed on you pc, but it give the correct path to the installer, so you have just to enable the program, run the 3d party installer and then it will recognize the new path and it works great!!! Without it I would not be able to install tons of airports and free staff in the new SIM. It's true that it doesn't move all the add on staff, you have to uninstall first and then reinstall, but on the other side, without this program I am not sure you would be able to install it at all again. For me it's a Must have for just few money!!!!
brian miller
*Verified Product User*
2015-10-30 23:32:10
This is a must have utility if you own P3D, It does what it says and updates with the times, there is just no other way..
Maarten Otto
*Verified Product User*
2015-04-25 01:31:37
Couldn't be made more simple.

- Install
- Enable virtual FSX
- install FSX addon in P3D
- Done.
Daniel Dimm
*Verified Product User*
2014-05-20 20:23:19
The "must have" product for switching to Prepar3D ! Saved me countless hours of searching the forums for work-a-rounds to install my add-on products.
David Williams
*Verified Product User*
2014-03-12 11:05:42
Very straight forward.
Helped me place add ons I waited a year or more to have in P3D
Big thanks to the guys who built it.
Thomas McGurk
*Verified Product User*
2013-12-05 15:02:59
This is not a migration tool, it's a tool to help you reinstall your FSX addons into P3D easily. To that extent, it works well. But if you're thinking, like I did, that this will automatically move the dozens (maybe hundreds?) of FSX addons I've installed over the years into P3D at the touch of a button you'll be disappointed. Instead, I'm forced to find and reinstall these items from my download folders, emails, and other places where they've been stashed. Not a pleasant experience, and not what I expected. Maybe if I'd read the copy more thoroughly, or had a review like this to let me know what I was buying, I wouldn't have purchased.

(But if you don't have a problem reinstalling your FSX addons, this tool works perfectly.)
Joel Strikovsky
*Verified Product User*
2013-08-24 16:07:27
This tool is a Must have if you are running Prepar3D.
I managed to make every single FSX and FS9 Addon work on my Prepar3D
without any workarounds or special configuration.
just run the addon installation as you would normal do with FSX and that tool would automatically
do it's magic and make it install correctly in P3D.
never was I disappointed with this tool.

it's a Must tool and a vital tool for P3D users.!!!
Philip Hope
*Verified Product User*
2013-05-28 16:04:37
Seems to cause a false positive on some AVs, but it's a great little utility which does exactly what it says on the tin! Support is also exemplary. Highly recommended!
Kartashov Alexey
*Verified Product User*
2013-02-04 08:14:31
A great utility! All works: EzdDock, Ultimate Traffic, Fly Tampa, MilViz and more.
Russell Sisco
*Verified Product User*
2012-12-25 17:14:46
Great product! No problems whatsoever! Works absolutely as advertised!!
Michael Wolf
*Verified Product User*
2012-12-23 08:07:42
Does exactly what it's meant to, and extremely easy to use! Saved me a lot of trouble, definitely worth it!
Alain Gaudreault
*Verified Product User*
2012-11-03 18:47:26
I love it when a product does exactly what the "brochure" says. It's like a Maverick missile: Fire and forget. I used this little gem to migrate tons of add-ons i purchased for FSX in the past years and i'm talking about very complex ones. No problem what so ever. Planes, scenerys, tools, you name it. The ONLY exception is the VRS SuperBug but it is something to do with VRS itself not this product (as stipulated on the VRS support forum).

Money well spent.

RCAF (retrd)
Danny Hicks
*Verified Product User*
2012-06-26 23:20:03
Works very well - set it and forget. Haven't come across any issues and makes it simple to move across from FSX to Prepar3d. I got rid of FSX completely, so copying files and changing xml and cfg files isn't really an option, and would have always been a hassle. I've only come across a problem with the Airbus X but everything - from scenery to complex aircraft such as the PMDG 737 ngx and 747-400x seems to install without any intervention. I can recommend just for ease of use.
Alan Norris
*Verified Product User*
2012-05-09 13:24:05
This product is pretty easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin! No more messing about with config files to install complex addons, this is a simple and effective solution, you can even run FSX and P3d alongside each other too!
Robert Yunque
*Verified Product User*
2012-05-08 14:32:22
EZCA and TrackIR installed perfectly into Prepar3D, with this tool. It was so very easy. No modifying file names or XML files. Also installed Carenado's KingAir C90B without any problems and it also works perfectly. I also used the tool to add Arezone's Beechcraft KingAir C90B Soundset to the aircraft. Just read the short manual and follow instructions.
I believe FSX to Prepar3D Migration Tool will be revolutionary in getting flight simmers moved over to Prepar3D from FSX with all of their freeware and payware addons intact.
The support from Flightsim Estonia is great. They are very friendly, answer any questions right away and are constantly improving the tool and adding features to it.
Registration key after purchase, see order details page in customer account
First download and install the demo version and check functionality!
The demo version is the product installation file; there is no other download!
PRODUCT DOWNLOAD: http://www.flightsim.ee/products/migration-tool#download

First download and install the demo version and check functionality!
The demo version is the product installation file; there is no other download!

MANUAL DOWNLOAD: FSX support for Prepar3D manual
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D simulator must be installed. Flight Simulator X is not required, but may be installed.
  • Supported operating systems:
  • Windows XP (32 bit only, and at least SP2),
  • Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit),
  • Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit).
  • Administrator privileges are required to install and use the tool.
  • One-time activation is required. Both online and offline activation are available.
  • Once installed, the tool uses about 10 megabytes of disk space.
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Fernando Ares Iglesias
El escenario me parece bien trabajado aunque se podria haber piesto las torretar de iluminacion de la cabecera 17. Me hubiese gustado dar las 5 estrellas, ya que me a ayudado con un problema que tenia con el escenario, pero el otro dia me e dado cuenta de que los ILS, no te llevan al centro de la pista 35/17, si no que te apartan al lado izquierdo. Por lo demas, buen escenario.
Bryant Hardee
I had this model in FSX when it first came out and ran great over the years. This version for me has low FPS performance in the VC view in the current version of P3Dv4.5 which is odd considering I have a powerful PC and GeForce GTX1080. My guess is that there is something with the VC materials/textu-
res or gauges that is the cause of the low FPS. I am running models like the Fly The MaddogX 64bit which runs at over 40-50FPS in the VC and has a lot deeper coding. For some uses, this model may run fine but it is dated and you may run into the same issue I am having. Buyer beware.
Alexey Ivanov
Amazing work! Special thanks for the elaboration of the terminal, it is nice to just walk around the airport. Guys, thank you for your work!
Taylor Hetzel III
I have been playing it since they opened the XP11 support for it and I love it. Its pretty much everything everyone over at FSEconomy has been asking for. But the devs there just ignore. These devs have not only been listening. But fixing bugs fast. So much you can do. And many ways to play with it. Even easy mode or survival mode. And more modes in between. Dont have a sim? You can still use it. I fly mostly the TBM900 and am loving using this program with it to simulate making money and building a company. And with even more awesome features in the works. I cant wait to see what the future holds. WELL worth the small price to use it.
Ahmed Ahzaam
Highly Recommended Addon! Best And Great Addon! 10/10
Sören Maaß
What I like: Nice looking model and vc. Sound from outside okay. Flight dynamics okay as far as I can estimate, except stall, but most developers have problems to produce an interesting experience at this point. Systems works like described. Short reading of manual was enough. Nice to have this different types of systems and models. UB Version (double seater) has a full rear cockpit. what could be better: Soun-
d from inside especially engine sound and air sound should give you the feeling to sit in a Mig-29 with very powerful engines. That's not the case. Somtimes FPS Intensive. Resul-
t: Nice looking aircraft for fans of fighter jets. Better than products from some other developers who produces fighter jets. The sound package has some room for improvement and the developer should think about an update. Then this would be a very nice aircraft. Would be nice to see some other Migs from soviet time by this developer like Mig-15/17/21/23-
Jakub Ruta
I have been using OnAir since the first closed beta was announced (very quietly) on AVSIM in June of this year (2019) and it has been a wonderful journey watching it develop into what it is today...and the devs have many more plans to add new features as time goes on. Prior to OnAir, I used another similar program almost daily for almost a year and while I still consider it a good program, I prefer OnAir. It has a nicer interface, more challenging and realistic gameplay (especially if you play on survival mode) and the devs are brilliant, very friendly and responsive to the community - a real pleasure to deal with. Questions are answered quickly and there is a very nice Discord community also. Give it a try :-) Everyone gets a free 15 days so you have nothing to lose.
Alexandre Silva
English: Perfect Scenery, beautiful, very well done. Not too heavy, my frame rate at PMDG 737NGX is between 20/30 with low hardware (i7 3770K, 8GB DDR3 RAM, GTX 670 2GB). Scenario has connections to various airports US, Central and South American airports. Po-
rtuguês: Cenário perfeito, lindo, muito bem feito. Leve por sinal, minha taxa de frames/rate no PMDG 737NGX fica entre 20/30 com hardware low (i7 3770K, 8GB RAM DDR3, GTX 670 2GB). Cenário tem conexões com diversos aeroportos dos EUA, América Central e América do Sul.
kostis papageorgiou
Very good update of the old airport with modern stuff.It blends very good with the sourrounding area of the airport, but i find it just a little bit hard on performance.
kostis papageorgiou
Excellent rendition of an untouchable airport so far. We wanted it and now we have it for our domestic Olympic airlines flights. Very good performance.
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