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Starting from the idea of displaying flight information like you would find at any real-world airport, Super Traffic Board (STB) goes far beyond this by providing new and exciting ways of displaying your AI traffic flights and interacting with them.  
Display features: In addition to listing basic arrivals and departure flight information at any airport, STB can*:
•    List flights occurring now and those expected in the future as defined by traffic schedules.
•    Update the flight listings as time passes by in the simulator, including day, month year and time zone changes.
•    Describe each flight in detail, and display the previous schedule and next schedule for the operating AI aircraft;
•    Show airline and airport logos;
•    Categorize aircraft according to the operator (offering unique interpretations for Passenger, Cargo, Military and GA flights);
•    Present flight numbers and IATA codes where available;
•    Display real world airport names and report advanced information including allocated runways, parking/gates, speed, altitude and distance of each flight from the airport and user;
•    Highlight flights according to their state, for example “Final Call”, “Departed”, “Landed”.  
•    Customize Logos, airline and airport data, arrival and departure states, fonts and colours;
•    View arrivals and departures in the same window using a split screen;
•    Support simulator “full screen” mode:  Install the “STB Client” on a separate networked computer and have access to all the same capabilities;
•    Display the user aircraft with a flight listing in a similar way to AI aircraft (subject to the capabilities of the user aircraft);

Taking interactivity to a new level, through STB you can*:
•    Use “View AI” to select a flight and if it currently exists in the simulator it will be shown in the main simulator window;
•    Configure departing aircraft to deploy flaps for take-off.
•    Use one of several strategies for dynamically optimize your traffic volumes for the best possible performance:
o    Delete AI traffic on the ground at airports other than the one the user aircraft is at;
o    Delete a certain percentage of ground traffic;
o    Delete ground traffic to provide better spacing in the departure schedule (e.g. delete flights so those remaining depart at least 2 minutes or more after other flights).
•    Follow a flight from departure airport to destination (within simulator limitations);
•    Move the user aircraft into the vicinity of a chosen AI aircraft for you to start flying;
•    Order departure flights to leave immediately, no matter when they are scheduled to leave;
•    Order arrival flights to approach or arrive immediately;
•    Pause and release active AI aircraft later;
•    Create additional traffic dynamically based on airport schedules;
•    Listen to ATC chatter between AI flights and controllers, automatically following frequency changes;
•    Monitor approach airspace and automatically resolve conflicts that might otherwise result in go-around's;
•    Automatically recreate arriving aircraft deleted by the simulator due to ground congestion;

Developed in conjunction with the authors of a number of popular AI Traffic add-ons, STB includes specially created content (logos, aircraft and airline data) for:
•    Just Flight TrafficX, Traffic 360 and Traffic Global;
•    Aerosoft/SimMarket MyTrafficX;
•    ORBX/FTX AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand;
•    Flight 1 Ultimate Traffic 2*;
•    Flight 1 Ultimate Traffic Live*;
•    World of AI;
All content can be customized and expanded as you see fit, and other AI traffic packages not listed above can still be used with STB.  

Information concerning pre-requisite software can be found at: http://www.supertrafficboard.com/Product.html

Considerations for Microsoft FSX and Dovetail Games FSX Steam Edition:
•    When using FSX and STB on the same computer, FSX must be run in windowed mode.  Full screen mode may be used in full screen mode if STB is installed on another networked computer; no additional STB purchase is required.
•    While STB is the active window, FSX may temporarily disables sound. This means you may not be able to hear aircraft sounds, ATC voices, etc. until FSX becomes the active window again.  Solutions include using STB on a separate computer to FSX as described above and third-party productions such as Flight1 Sound Stream.
•    FSX Steam Edition when used on the same computer as Microsoft FSX is not supported by STB.

* Important Note: For AI Traffic created by external programs (for example Flight1 Ultimate Traffic 2, Ultimate Traffic Live and Just Flight Air Hauler Series), there are number of considerations and limitations outside of our control.  Further details can be found at: http://www.supertrafficboard.com/ExternalSchedulingEngineSupport.html


  • Operating System (32 or 64 bit)
    • Windows XP SP3 or later;
    • Windows 7;
  • Microsoft .NET  Framework V2 and V3.5
  • Flight Simulator X SP2, Acceleration or Gold.
Отзывы клиентов
The Good: ---------
- o - Gorgeous Terminal with fully modelled airside interior with animated peeps. o - Detail models in general with HD texturing with PBR materials. o - Most buildings 3D modelled. o - 72 FPS in the PMDG 737 sitting at the terminal with no AI traffic running on my HIGH/ULTRA settings. o - Nicely lit terminal area and cargo area at night. Interior lighting good. The Bad: ----------
- o - Disonnected Jetways. They are off by a foot or two on many gates. o - HOLY BLUE EDGE LIGHTS BATMAN! Way to many edge lights. These need to be hand placed. Wish devs would stop relying on the SDK's stringer placement system. Make a 3D light model and hand place it in the proper locations! o - Night lighting missing from areas where it should be such as the parking lots and the west side ramps of the airport. There are HUGE 32' tall ramp lights there in real life. o - Lumberjacks need to cut down some trees on the airport grounds. Way to many trees taht don't belong on the airport grounds. o - Extremely low LOD level on the ground taxi markings making them pop in to view from the cockpit. We should never see taxi line textures popping into existence in visual range from the cockpit. o - Lack of clutter in cargo area and across the whole airport in general. Needs more lived in look. o - Weird terrain mesh in places but at least its not near the terminal area. o - Some poor ground marking mistakes Ove-
r all a decent start to KIND but there are some pretty bad mistakes/ommiss-
ions that show a lack of quality control. A few more days in the developer oven would have made a far better product worthy of 4 to 5 stars. I own all of Dominic's scenery and they get better with each new product as they learn the SDK. Nudge the jetways to the building, remove the excess edge lights, fix broken ground markings and bad LOD and toss some cargo containers and palettes in the cargo ramps and we'll have a winner!
Very disappointed. Color adjustment leaves trees and building shadows blue. Too many red roofs for houses, which is not usual for Montreal. Only conifer trees, when it is mostly broadleaf for Montreal. Many flat roofs are shimmering, which is annoying. Density of trees is also too sparse. I should not have bought it.
Tried the free 7-day trial and couldn't fly without the camera shake effects again after that. Great customization options and great developer support as well.
Very nice rendition of Sharjah Int'l Airport Highly recommended!
very good, detail is amazing and lots of life at the airport
A really nice work, with many lovely details, like hangars doors open which allow to see aircrafts inside. Those who know La Blécherette, will recognize the very old typical hangar, with its metallic armature. The restaurant in wing form, is also modelized, including the transparent glasses. There is also some other landmarks around the airport, like the new football stadium. The agricultural farm, in the border of the runway, which was transformed in some very horrible buildings by MSFS, are now fully modelized in details, including a tractor and the farmer! You can choose between 3 helipad, near the REGA building, if you are helicopter pilot. Final-
ly, you have a lot of nice night illumination.
Visited EFIV last nite. Much better than the MS/Asobo generic airport, but… - the airport ground texture seems to be taken from a winter shot, because they are very bright (snowy?) - which does not really fit for summer. Also, I found the resolution to be rather low. - the runway signs at the threshold have runway numbers inverted. This should be corrected asap, because it so wrong
Yes, yes , yes. Keep the regions coming. It was the very first animals of any kind that I saw in the sim. I cannot fly without FS Birds. I cannot wait to go look for the Penguins in Antarctica or the Condors in South America. FANFRIKKINTASTI-
C addon. Thanks for your hard work. Please keep the regions coming.
Following review is based on my usage in Prepar3D v4. This add-on has an amazing interior and exterior model, including the panels and displays. The sounds are great, both inside and outside. Tho I would wish myself that the engine sounds would get a smoother loop to eliminate the popping. And a cabin would be very nice. You can click 90% of the system switches or knobs. I think that the price is justified considering the amount of systems working (and they are a bunch). The aircraft offers overall a really good feeling of flying. Unfortunate-
ly I encountered following system inconsistencies-
: - the GPS is glitched on some pages, e.g. making it impossible to activate an approach from the PROC page. - the Flight Change mode is going crazy, I had to manually select climb or descend rate. - the autothrottle reaction seems a bit slow, It does decelerate and accelerate very slowly, although this could be caused by a slow sim rate on my side. - the bank also seems too sluggish at some point (without spoilers), making it difficult to align for the runway. Do I recommend this aircraft? Yes, I totally do recommend it! Despite having some issues it is still flyable and for me it makes lots of fun flying with it. Also the A220 is so cute! UwU Huge thanks to VirtualCol!
Another very nice package of rare types! Unfortunately the guns don’t fire in this one. Would’ve loved to seen and heard that 50 fire. Still cool to have these. I like that there’s a confiscated one with a USA ID. They all fly about the same so not much to say here beyond my other review of the special Ed. Runs perfectly with FSX Steam on win 10 3.3ghz i7 16GB ram, Intel UHD 630 integrated GPU.
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