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    The F-111 is one of the greatest aircrafts ever designed. It is mostly known for its swing-wings and “dump & burn” fire show. First drafted in the early 1960s by General Dynamics, the F-111 Aardvark, despite its weird animal choice for a name, was a widely used strategic bomber at its time. The aircraft took its first flight on December 21, 1964 and was brought into the in July 1967. The early F-111’s had some design imperfections, but once the F-111E came to the surface (on 20 August 1969), all of the previous conflicts were fixed, and the Aardvark became a highly useful aircraft for many years.


    Collector’s Edition Features

    • Additional collectible liveries and paint schemes
    • The expanded functionality of weapon control system (in the Standard Edition weapons can be installed by presets only)
    • Paint kit – (PSD files) allow you to create your own variations of paint schemes.
    • Wallpapers – set of 10 HD images that will decorate your desktop.
    • Four High Resolution Posters


    • Big, powerful, fast, extremely high-altitude & hedgehopping, all-weather, multi-purpose F-111 was designed to be the best.
    • Fly high and fast: above 50,000 feet and 2.4 Мach
    • Try full power of two Pratt & Whitney TF30 engines with realistic controls and monitoring systems.
    • Flight model is based on actual performance characteristics at diverse altitudes and speeds taking into account wing swing angle and overall configuration of aircraft.
    • detailed checklist and performance that precisely matches that of the real aircraft, with procedures and performance figures taken directly from the actual flight manual

    Cockpit Systems and Gauges are made with ultimate realism according to the original F111 Pilot’s Manual:

    • Fuel Supply System
    • Electrical Power Supply System
    • Landing Gear, Tail Bumper, Nose Wheel Steering and Arresting Hook Systems
    • The full functional Autopilot with more than 24 different modes of flight.
    • Maximum Safe Mach Assembly
    • Warning, Caution and Indicator Lamps
    • Lighting System.
    • Communication Equipment
    • Navigation system
    • Lead Computing Optical Sight
    • Fire Extinguishing System

    Exterior Model and Virtual Cockpit are very detailed, with full 3D gauges and many animated parts:

    • Stunning realistic texturing with highly detailed weathering
    • Wing Flex animation taking into account loading and sweep angle
    • Realistic Flaps, Slats, Spoilers and Wing Sweep animations with interdependency and payload limitations
    • Refuel Receptacle, Arresting Hook, Gear, Weapons Bay Doors
    • Naturally animated pilots
    • Different variants of payloads
    • And many more…

    Custom FX for the ultimate in realism are taken far beyond what is available by default:

    • Advanced Afterburner effect
    • High angle of attack and stall vortex effects
    • Sonic boom effect
    • Dump & Burn effect
    • And much more…
    Предложения по апгрейду
    • Если вы ранее приобретали GOLDEN KEY STUDIO - GKS - F-111E STANDARD EDITION FSX simMarket предоставляет право на апгрейд по специальной цене в EUR 11.00. ВНИМАНИЕ: предложение действует только в случае приобретения с той же самой учетной записи! ВОЗВРАТ НЕ ПРОИЗВОДИТСЯ!

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    Very disappointed with the paint kit, it was the only reason I paid the extra 5 bucks. Not all of the psd files include enough layers to do a good, full repaint without spending hours replicating work that should be included in a paid for kit.


    fantastisches flugzeug,hervorragendes manual,animiert bis in die Flügelspitzen.Liegt wie ein Brett in der Luft.Toll auch die Piloten.Die nehmen die Brille und Maske ab wenn man die Kanzel öffnet.Der Sound ist super.Man merkt die Power der Maschine.Auch die Repaints können sich sehen lassen.Klare Kaufempfehlung.
    To the guy above, although you say that most military jets consume their fuel in 10 minutes with afterburner, the F-111 is different. It was designed for long range. Although I do agree that the rate in which fuel decreases with dump & burn is way too slow, that is meant to be faster. You can also find some updates to this plane at F111-fsx.com On the other hand, it is worth noting that the texturing, animations and effects are beautiful and some of the best I have seen in FSX. This is where it truly shines. However, there is not functionality with the WSO and only basic radios(I believe). So I am gonna put this down: JF F-111 vs. GKS F-111 Pro-GKS texturing and modelling is better. Pro-GKS Sound is better. Pro-GKS afterburner is better. Pro-Flight dynamics in GKS is more agile than the F-111 by JF. JF feels too heavy. Pro-There is a glitch in the JF F-111 where if you accelerate to 700 knots ground level, you can then push it to 1200 its, and suddenly you have no fuel.( I know that 1200KTS is overspeed) Pro-There a many more liveries in the GKS version, and they are more colourful, but JF ones are quite similar, just different markings. Con-Radio station in GKS does not work, but JF does. Con-Generally there is less functionality in this than the JF version. Con-It is easier to add fuel tanks and bombs onto JF F-111. COn-Fuel consumption is weird. Con-Dump & Burn fuel consumption is way too low. Con-JF F-111 is cheaper. Hope this sums up enough. Pete


    First of all, The Collectors edition is some what a rip off. The extra liveries and the weapons loader is very little to pay an additonal 10 euros for! I will also add, that the weapons manager is very akward, and complex to handle. There also appears to be a problem adding the weight for the different payloads, including external tanks, with the ammount of fuel not appearing. Keep in mind, this could be a bug. The aircraft sould have a weapon loader window such as those featured in the milviz f-15 and sabre and iris mud whitch is very simple to use, and can be used in external view to verify the payload weight loading onto the aircraft. I am aware that the developers have tried very hard to replicate the aircraft as realisticly as possible, however when doing the ''dump and burn'', meaning dumping fuel and letting it ignite behind the aircraft and at the same time as running the engines with full afterburner the fuel burn is surprisingly low. It takes a very long time to burn up the fuel with afterburner + fuel dump. In most fighters, the fuel is usually gone after 10 mins of running afterburner in a typical two engine jetfighter, whithout fuel dump(not including afterburner). During the fuel dump + afterburner with this aircraft my fsx crashes. I believe my display driver gets overworked from the afterburner and the fireball from the fueldump running at the same time. I am running fsx on a high end machine, so i can assure you it is not where the problem lies. Now, for the more posiive parts. The overall model is absolutley gorgeous. The attention to detail is amazing, and outclasses the virtavia and justflight f-111. The engine effects are also wounderfull, as well very realistic wingflex. The virtual cockpit is very well done, with sounds, reflections and a very detailed weathered look. The only dissapointment is the number of unusable gauges, most of the radar systems are only eyecandy sadly. The manual is very exstensive and professionally made. I do not wish to crack down on the developers too much, since it is an overall good product, but i think the release could have been delayed untill it was less buggy. The weapons loader sould be made avalible in the regular product, as all other payware aircraft with customizable weapons on the market for fsx do not charge extra for this. Overall: I recommend this product, but i advise you to wait until a patch comes out or quickfix.


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