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    The NAvion was the first civilian aircraft manufactured by North American Aviation, famous for producing legendary military aircraft such as the P-51 Mustang fighter, AT-6 Texan trainer, B-25 Mitchell bomber, and F-86 Saber Jet fighter.

    The NAvion was a rugged aircraft with excellent short and rough field capabilities, good range, and capacity for 4 people along with reasonable cargo. NAvions are a dream to fly like all North American aircraft: light on the controls and perfectly harmonized in all axis of flight.

    The same qualities that made it attractive to civilian buyers caught the attention of the U.S. Army that was looking for a "flying pickup truck" for liaison functions including reconnaissance, per­sonnel and light cargo carrying, column control, camouflage checking and courier service. Prohibited by the Key West Agreement from procuring fixed-wing aircraft, the Army requested the Air Force place an order for a military version of the NAvion. 83 aircraft were ordered in 1947 and given the military designation L-17. Faced with demand for the F-86, North American sold the NAvion design and tooling in July 1947 - along with about 60 uncompleted aircraft - to Ryan Aeronautical, famed producer of the Spirit of St. Louis as well as WW II trainers such as the PT-22 Recruit.

    Ryan received an order for 158 upgraded L-17s in 1948 and a further order in 1949 for 5 more aircraft for the Hellenic (Greek) Air Force for a total of 163 aircraft. Ryan also subcontracted with Schweitzer Aircraft Company to upgrade 33 North American Aviation L-17s with Ryan features such as improved brakes, radios, and aux fuel. To track what were now 3 different types of L-17, unmodified North Amercian Aviation aircraft were designated L-17A, new Ryan aircraft were designated L-17B, and Schwietzer-modified North American aircraft were designated L-17C. The last L-17s were 3 "Super" L-17Ds (also listed as XL-22A or XL-22D) ordered in 1951, based on the new Ryan Navion Model B. This makes for a total of 249 L-17s with about 45 surviving today.

    1951 Ryan L-17D 51-16427: Hangar Studios 713 has modeled 1 of the 3 L-17D models built based on the civilian Ryan 260 HP "Super 260" Navion. It participated in the "Sliding On Ice And Snow”(SOIAS) project for the USAF in December of 1951 in Kenora, Ontario Canada in the Lake of the Woods area. The aircraft were fitted with instrumentation to measure the effectiveness of skis on a variety of aircraft including the L-17D, Northrup YC-125, and the Douglas C-47.

    • New Navion L-17B & L-17D(Ski Variant) 3D models, Engines, Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and performance

    • Experience the meticulous precision of vintage interior and exterior detailing on both models, capturing the essence of a bygone era.

    • 20 - 4K highly detailed liveries with 19 liveries based on real Navions and one concept WASP (Women's Air Force Service Pilots) livery.

    • Excellent aircraft feel, handling characteristics and trim behavior based on extensive real world pilot flight testing.

    • Simulated ground physics added to realism and authenticity to the original L-17B/D.

    • Unique animation feature that adds realism and nostalgia, reminiscent of vintage aviation instrumentation, seamlessly integrated into the cockpit interface.

    • Custom coded hydraulic simulation for both gear and flaps operations.

    • Full working circuitry and life-like lighting for annunciators and exterior lighting FX.

    • Custom Aerobatic Smoke system based on live time weather conditions and 3D modeling.

    • Complete MSFS Flight Manual included in Documentation or downloadable from website with detailed graphics, charts and language.

    • Choose between optional GPS units or opt for a minimalist approach and a fully functional (Hidden) KAP140 Auto Pilot, discreetly integrated for a seamless flying experience.

    • MSFS default Working Title GNS430 with swappable PMS50 GTN650.

    • Integrated Asobo Sound FX.

    • Exquisitely crafted exterior and interior designs, featuring meticulously detailed textures with subtle weathering effects, dynamic aircraft registration decals, and sophisticated animations.

    • Custom camera views and Pilot walk around inspection and instrument views.

    • Custom audio integration for the PS Engineering Inc. PM1000// Intercom.

    • Fully operational vintage venturi tubes, integrated for an immersive instrumentation experience reminiscent of aviation's golden era.

    • Dimmable red vintage lighting for simulated nighttime cockpit operation.

    • Clipboard functionality for pre-flight/ post-flight aircraft storage with saved state technology.

    • Animated 3d modeled battery with cover.

    • Custom frosting, rain, wheel/ski surface dynamics and FX.

    • Static 3D objects for added vintage realism, modeled, and textured for accurate real-world authenticity.

    • Weight and balance customization accuracy detailed in the in-sim Map setup menu.

    • Authentic Navion vintage yoke design and animations.

    • Multiple clickable and moveable objects including sliding canopy, vents, glove box, hidable native MSFS pilots & more!

    • Authentic Fuel System with Primer and fuel gauges.

    • Excellent animated instrumentation 100% based on a currently flying vintage Navion L-17.

    • With outstanding performance, the Navions L-17B & L-17D outperform default models in their class.

    Version 1.0.1 Changelog -

    Delete Older Version 1.0.0 then Install new version 1.0.1

    • Multiple Livery texture adjustments
    • Aircraft Takeoff Performance Enhancements
    • Prop RPM adjustments
    • Altitude Ceiling Improvements
    • Hydraulic Lever animations reversed
    • Elevator trim animations reversed
    • Gauge texture enhancements
    • Save state changes
    • Flight files adjusted for hydraulics
    • L-17D gear lever function removed
    • Revised Checklists for both planes
    • Fixed extra texture folder creation
    • Fixed Fuel Consumption
    • Enhanced Night Lighting


    This product features our simInstaller technology and is available after purchase via our APP only.


    Requires Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

        Minimum System Requirements:

        CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
        RAM: 8 GB
        OS: Windows 10 64-bit
        VIDEO CARD: Radeon RX 570 or GeForce GTX 770
        PIXEL SHADER: 5.0
        VERTEX SHADER: 5.0
        FREE DISK SPACE: 150 GB

    The North American Ryan Navion L-17B & L-17D(Ski Variant) both have optional GPS

    The GPS unit by default is none, however there is a clipboard included with an optional Working Title MSFS default GNS430

    There is also a swap button on the clipboard for another optional GPS Unit the PMS50 GTN650 no additional download needed to swap it out however the PMS50 mod both freeware and payware versions are needed to operate the GTN650 and have functionality. You can download the additional PMS50 mod here - https://pms50.com/msfs/


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    Love the "Poor Man's Mustang" by Hangar Studios, price is great, Flight Model, Textures, Features, etc. Wonderful little plane and all at a great easy to afford price. Easy little plane to add to the Hangar. Plus the dev is cool and interacts with the community! I might say this is Hangar's best work yet!


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