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SSG 747-8i pilots - rejoice! One of the best jumbo jet ever developed for X-Plane is about to get better!

The High Sky Tech HD Virtual Cockpit for the SSG 747-8i will breathe new life to your virtual cockpit in X-Plane with new and sharper textures plus night lighting effects and more effects!!! This isn’t just merely a XP10 version that our developer made years ago. This version has been built from the ground up and contains BRAND NEW day and night textures designed for the XP10 and XP11 versions of the SSG 747-8i!!

In addition, this new product will drastically enhance your SSG experience during day time and night time without affecting performance.

Please note that all these new features are only for the virtual cockpit.

Need: SSG 747-8i version 1.9+

Complete feature list:

New textures in High Definition bring your SSG 747-8i to new level of realism!
New flood lights inside the virtual cockpit.
Reworked 3D lights.
Realistic night lightings effects on night time!
New and more realistic virtual cockpit windsheild textures.
Various of rain textures.
Realistic reflections and dirt + new fonts.
Realistic windshield reflections.
Added normals to virtual cockpit!
Realistic rain!
Compatible with the XP10 and XP11 versions of the SSG 747-8i
Frame rate friendly!
10+ extras for the most demanding customer!
Added metal and chrome in cockpit
Realistic 3D lights
Extras list:

Bright night textures (More brightly night textures, 2 sets with mcp light or no)
LIT textures (MCP lit texture)
2K textures (2048x2048, for more perfomance)
Ice on window (Only for winter)
Customized rain on windshield set ?1 (windshield rain texture set ?1, more rain)
Customized rain on windshield set ?2 (windshield rain texture set ?2, more rain with normal maps)
2K normal maps (2K bump textures, for more performance)
Without normal maps (Without bumps, not recommended by High Sky Tech, but if you want...)
Normal maps without chrome (non chrome textures)
Screen reflections (OFF/LO LVL/MID LVL/HIGH LVL)
Bright cockpit buttons light
Night lighting with effects
2k normal maps
Cargo version

version 1.1 changelog [updated 07.07.2018]
-new textures for seats
-new floor textures
-reworked normal maps
-added sun effects
-removed holes in the cockpit
-improved clarity of textures
-added new set of reflections
-improved windows
-many corrections on the little things
-added static shadows
-added dents in the seats, as well as on the casing of the emergency exit on the ceiling
-added on-yoke checklist
-adadptation for 1.9+ version
-adaptation for Cargo version

模拟平台:X-Plane 10/11
必备机模:SSG 747-8i 版本 1.5+
SOUTH OAK CO - FS飞鸟 - 美国东北部 MSFS
I bought MS2020 when it was released and was blown away by the realism of the sim, especially the scenery. Since I purchased it, I have tried to increase the overall experience by adding airports, REX seasons and weather, a virtual airline (Cape Air), as well as FS Realistic in order to emulate the addition of passengers during flight. My latest add if this excellent product by South Oak that interjects birds into the simulation. It's so neat to be taxing out of KBOS and to encounter a flock of pigeons on the tarmac, or a group of geese flying overhead upon takeoff. Wha-
t I like about the program is that the bird sightings are random, just like in real life. Some flights you may have one sighting, other times many. Another thing I like is you can tailor your purchase to the area(s) where you do most of your flying. It's not a "one size fits all" product, and you can buy as few or as many of the regions offered as you want. Great job, South Oak. You have hit the ball out of the park with this one!
Excellent detailed modeling. I know some still have CTDs (I've never had any), and other issues, but they continue to improve it, and the flight model/trim issues seem to be sorted. One of the best developers in MSFS, and this has become one of my favorites to fly.
I've had AC Bangkok since it came out. The most recent update fixed issues with black autogens. As I have couple of its products, I can say, it's very friendly with the FPS. I just wish the edges of their sceneries would blend in with the Orbx colors. So far the edges aren't very subtle.
EXABIT - 巴西-萨尔瓦多机场 SBSV MSFS
Excelente representação do aeroporto de Salvador/BA/Bra-
zil feito com toda a atenção a detalhes e performance. Atualizado constantemente para resolução de correções e melhorias. Vale cada centavo. Exc-
elent rendition of Salvador/Ba/Bra-
zil airport done with all atention to details and performance. Constantly updated for fixes and improvements. Worth every cent.
FLY 2 HIGH - 日本-鹿儿岛机场 RJFK MSFS
Very good airport scenery The airport itself is an interesting choice with many flights around Much progress from this team lately Give me more animations, more immersion and it will be five stars
TABURET - 全球自由飞行交通 MSFS
Indeed a good Taburet product and in my opinion a must have! I am very happy I bought it and even more that it covers the whole globe! The free flight traffic is an excellent addition, not too much or annoying. It really adds extra immersion. T-
he small black squares on the VFR map are very small and you have to zoom in to see them. This is a good thing, because they do not interfere wih the map and if you still want to know where you can find the free flight traffic, you simply zoom in.
A job well done for this small Swiss airfield. Runway and apron markings are accurate, the buildings are textured nicely and crisp, and important infrastructure such as the landing-T or the VASI approach aid are authentic and functional. Th-
e harbour area is fairly detailed, making this a challenging approach due to the close location to the runway, and the latter being rather short. This version of Wangen Lachen airfield is clearly superior compared to a competing offer, and I would recommend this to anyone wanting to do VFR flying in Switzerland. F-
lyLogic proves that they can do very nice and detailed work if it's not a port from old P3D sceneries, like with some previous offerings. This one is new and it shows well! One thing negative though: The seaplane base, advertised as being part of the scenery, is not immersive at all. It's just a small hangar placed at the lakeside. No work has been done to anything surrounding that hangar, no details added, it's default aerial imagery and low-res autogen trees only.
UK2000 SCENERY - 美国-弗拉格斯塔夫机场 KFLG MSFS
A job very well done by UK2000. Nice texturing with accurate colours all over the place, detail and 3D everywhere, a meaningful amount of airport-specifi-
c static aircraft, this all adds nicely to the immersion factor. You have open hangars, closed hangers, filled ones, empty ones, the airport feels busy and gives you plenty of places to park your GA aircraft surrounded by detailed modelling. The airport also integrates very well into its surroundings. -
I only wish the rather enormous VOR station right next to the airport would have been modelled as well. It's not understandable how such a large structure can be omitted when it is an integral part of this small airport. So the VOR was left as is, meaning a crude blurb of polygons due to photogrammetry, or all flat if you have turned photogrammetry off. Adding a detailed 3D VOR structure would add a lot of immersion to the place, a shame UK2000 chose to cut corners here. Still, I highly recommend getting this airport located in a scenic area, a great place for some GA flying!
This scenery is extremely well done in some parts, and then lacking any detail in others, which is unfortunate, since what is there and modelled usually is of high quality. with great and lifelike textures. Howe-
ver, the airport has got missing buildings and ground equipment all over the place, meaning you see flat houses, trucks and industrial buildings everywhere. Between some taxiways, next to the runway and aprons, and in the immediate surroundings of the airport. And these are vast areas where things are all flat and thus clearly visible when flying to and from the airport. It's a bit of a shame. The developer clearly shows talent, but leaving so many areas completely flat tells me development was kind of rushed, which in turn hampers immersion quite a lot.
Amazing! The Camera movement increases the flying experience by a lot.
时事通讯 - 最新最赞的模拟新闻资讯!


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