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    The Supermarine Spitfire is simply one of the most recognisable aircraft in the world and this new Aeroplane Heaven package for FSX and P3D provides models of the very early Mk1 with the two-bladed Watts propeller, a Mk1 version at the time of Dunkirk in 1940 and the Mk1A in the Battle of Britain era.

    The early Mk1 originally had a two-blade, fixed-pitch, wooden propeller but this was replaced in 1939 with a three-blade metal, variable-pitch airscrew. Early Mk1s were fitted with an awkward hand-pump-operated landing gear system which proved difficult for novice Spitfire pilots because it necessitated changing hands over from throttle to pump lever (leaving the left hand to operate the control stick). As the pilot pumped away, his left hand would tend to rock the stick back and forth in unison, This resulting in what was called ‘Spitfire wobble’. Another side-effect was ‘Spitfire knuckle’ - suffered by pilots rapping their knuckles on the cockpit sides as they pumped the handle! In the Mk1A this awkward system was replaced by an all-hydraulic unit which had a simple lever with gates to operate the landing gear. Both types can be found in this simulation.

    Throughout 1940, apart from the landing gear controls, the basic design and layout of the Spitfire remained unchanged. A larger ‘bubble’ canopy was also added to the Mk1A for increased head clearance. This is how you can tell a Mk1A from an earlier Mk1.

    The inspiration for this simulation comes from the stories of two early Spitfires which fell whilst defending ground forces at Dunkirk. The first is P9374 ‘J’, an early Mk1 flown by Fg Off Peter Cazenove on his first combat mission, and the second machine is N3200 ‘QV‘. This Mk1 was flown by Sqn Ldr Geoffrey Stephenson on an operation over Calais to protect the BEF as they were evacuated on 27th May 1940. N3200, like its sister, remained buried in the wet sands for more than 40 years until it was re-discovered in 1986 and both these aeroplanes were eventually restored to flying condition. P9374 took to the skies again in 2011, and N3200 in 2014. They are among the earliest examples of Mk1 Spitfires currently flying and are a beautiful testament to the skills of the restoration company responsible for their rebirth.

    In this simulation you will also find examples of Mk1As which fought in the Battle of Britain and were piloted by some of that battle's Aces.

    • Includes three models – very early Mk1 with two-bladed Watts propeller and flat-top canopy, Mk1 as at the time of Dunkirk, 1940, and Mk1A in the Battle of Britain era, 1940
    • Inspired by recent restorations of two actual Dunkirk veterans and Battle of Britain survivors
    • Built over the best plans available and from factory engineering drawings, detail research photographs of actual Dunkirk Spitfire restorations and information/paint codes etc. supplied by world-famous Spitfire restorers
    • Highly detailed down to individual rivets and fabric effects
    • Three rear-view mirror options: no mirror fitted / MG car-style mirror / square mirror (rear-view mirror functional in P3D v4 only)
    • Correct, authentic harness wires and fitment in rear cockpit section, together with detailed voltage regulator and oxygen bottle, CO2 canister, oxygen bottles and so on all visible through rear cockpit glazing
    • Detailed visible internal structure correct to plans supplied by Spitfire restorers
    • Correct canopy styles for both aircraft
    • Many unique animations including 'safety' stage door opening (locks canopy in open position when landing
    • Fully animated, highly realistic pilot with period detail.
    • Animated goggles and oxygen mask - automatic at set altitude
    • All control surfaces, hatches and canopy animated
    • Fully detailed TR9 radio installed behind opening radio/first aid hatch
    • Fully detailed interior visible with all controls and fittings.
    • Battery/Start cart included and authentic start effect for prop
    • Authentic asymmetrical landing gear retraction on both models with ‘notched’ gear retraction and extension on hand-pump model
    • Forced wheels-up landing splintered wooden propeller feature on the very early Mk1 model
    • Mk1 hand-pumped landing gear correctly simulated (30 pumps to lower, 15 to raise)
    • Authentically detailed hydraulic landing gear control on Mk1A
    • Correct operation of landing lights with authentic 'dipping' control
    • Unique 'shake' on airframe at engine start and idle
    • Authentic, detailed instrument panels with historically correct instruments and controls
    • Unique needle tremble on engine start and low speed idle
    • Realistic engine start procedure with prop stutter
    • 'Cold and Dark'start function using switch - removes pilot and places a parachute and harness on the wing
    • All controls operate realistically
    • Collimated gyro gunsight with switches
    • Wear and tear, dust and scratches throughout cockpit
    • Realistic copper and brass metal effects for pipes and conduits
    • 'Hidden' period radios for Navigation and Communication, accessed via correct radio control in cockpit
    • Authentic animations on door control and opening locks, sliders, springs and handle

    Highly detailed High Definition texture set with weather and wear effects.

    Pro quality paintkit (866MB) available to download here.


    Authentic flight dynamics built using factory data and contemporary pilot records


    The following nine liveries are supplied:

    Mk1 (very early with two-bladed Watts propeller, flat-top canopy, rudder balance guard ring and pump-operated landing gear)
    • K9787 19 Squadron, 1938. The first production Spitfire. 19 was the first Squadron to receive the new Spitfire. Fitted with a two-blade fixed-pitch wooden propeller.
    Mk1 (early pump-operated landing gear, low profile canopy)
    • P9374 'J' 92 Squadron. Flown by PO Peter Cazenove, 24th May 1940. Shot down and beached, discovered in 1980, finally restored to flying condition and first flown again in August 2011.
    • N3200 'QV' 19 Squadron, May 1940. Flown by Squadron Leader Geoffrey Stephenson. The aircraft was shot down and beached, discovered in 1986 and finally restored to flying condition and flown again in 2014.
    • P9389 'KL-A' 54 Squadron. Flown by Squadron Leader J. Leathan, Catterick, May 1940.
    • K9906 'FZ-L' 65 Squadron. Flown by Flt Lt. Stanford Tuck, Hornchurch, August 1939.
    Mk1A (later hydraulically operated landing gear, higher profile canopy)
    • X4382 'LO-G' 602 Squadron. Flown by PO O. Hanbury, Westhampnett, August 1940.
    • P9433 'DW-E' 610 Squadron. Flown by PO Constantine Pegge,  Biggin Hill, August 1940.
    • X4036 'AZ-D' 234 Squadron. Flown by PO R. Doe, Middle Wallop, August 1940.
    • X4277 'XT-M' 603 Squadron. Flown by Flt Lt Richard Hillary, Montrose, August 1940.

    An illustrated colour cockpit guide with flying notes is included - you can take a look at it here.


    Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, Gold or Steam Edition required) & P3D v1/v2/v3/v4
    2.0GHz or any Dual Core
    2GB RAM
    1GB graphics card
    Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (32-bit or 64-bit)
    1.4GB hard drive space


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    This is a stunningly realistic replica of what is arguably one the world's most recognizable and respected aircraft in history. It looks, sounds and flies just the way you expect it to. I have read countless books and watched numerous documentaries about the Spitfire and even had the opportunity to sit in a MKV. I also have (and love) the RAS rendition of the MKXIV and IX. Just Flight's version is everything you can wish for. It is a joy to fly. If you are a stick and rudder pilot who values superb performance and flying for the simple joy of it, you will love this product. But if you are in doubt then you don't have to take my word for it - download and try to fully functional free demonstrator.

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