SC DESIGNS F-16 C, D & I ‘战隼'战斗机 MSFS

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SC DESIGNS F-16 C, D & I ‘战隼'战斗机 MSFS

SC DESIGNS F-16 C, D & I ‘战隼'战斗机 MSFS



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    SC Designs are proud to announce the F-16 Fighting Falcon package for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing you three highly detailed MSFS models.

    Fully native MSFS aircraft

    • All models have been coded with Microsoft Flight Simulator native 'Model Behaviors' animations and built to MSFS operational specifications
    • All custom cockpit instruments and screens are coded in HTML for native, high-performance display in MSFS
    • The Falcons make use of the new simulator's features such as effects and sounds, fully reflective glass, native aerodynamic sound structures, the new 'Modern' aerodynamics system with the ability to provoke 'departure spins', and customised visibility controls for wheel chocks, covers, and boarding ladder. The Falcons also contain custom-built and animated effects such as afterburners.
    • Other features include authentic cockpit night lighting with brightness controls, and custom-coded manoeuvring flaps and slats
    • Numerous external animations including canopy, crew ladder, tail hook and control surfaces
    • The F-16 Falcons are fully compliant with Virtual Reality headsets
    • Full custom WWise sound set


    • Truly 3D virtual cockpits featuring accurately modelled ejector seats, controls and detailed texturing
    • All analogue instruments constructed in 3D with smooth animations
    • 'Scratched canopy' glass effects, reflective glass, icing and rain effects
    • Front and rear cockpit positions included in the D and I variants
    • Fully customisable crew helmets, names, flight suit patches and even faces

    Aircraft systems

    • 3D modelled dials, ADI, 'whiskey' compass and other high-detail instruments designed to emulate the appearance of the real F-16 Fighting Falcon
    • Display screens with visual layouts based on the real aircraft's systems (within the confines of MSFS' current capability)
    • Head-Up Display with authentic layout based on the real F-16C
    • Custom-coded, user-controlled ordnance via the simulator Payload Manager, allowing for live mounting of weapons on hardpoints with active weight increase (non-Marketplace edition only)
    • F-16C Falcon systems include auto-trim system, Forward Looking Infra-Red display, Terrain Following Radar mode and full Autopilot and navigation system


    A full operations manual is included in the software.

    SC Designs' F-16 Fighting Falcon is designed to provide a top-quality aircraft that is extremely detailed, yet less demanding to fly than today’s most complex procedural simulators. Equipped with all required avionics, and with custom-coded animations and systems, the SC Designs F-16 Fighting Falcon is designed to be accessible to all users without the need for intense study.

    Note: Ensure you set the Flight Model option to 'MODERN' in the MSFS Options (OPTIONS > GENERAL > FLIGHT MODEL).

    This add-on is NOT compatible with the Xbox edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    This add-on features weapons which are NOT included in the version which will be available from the MSFS Marketplace.


    微软模拟飞行 (例 2020 Standard, Deluxe 或 Premium Deluxe PC/Steam 版本)

    CPU: Intel i5-4460 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 (推荐使用 Intel i5-8400 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X)

    内存: 8GB (推荐使用 16GB)

    显卡: nVidia GTX 770 / AMD Radeon RX 570 (推荐使用 nVidia GTX 970 / AMD Radeon RX 590)

    操作系统: Windows 10/11

    声音: 声卡, 扬声器 或 耳机

    外部设备: 键盘, 鼠标, 或其他游戏控制器 (Xbox One Controller for Windows)

    硬盘: 1.6GB 可用空间






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    Great aircraft. All around this thing is a joy to fly. Only giving 4 starts for a few grips. The afterburner effects could use some work. Hard to cold start it on your own the throttles click box is two big and will not allow you to get to some of the switch's that are needed to get the engines up and running. Hopefully that will be fixed and it will be an easy 5 star.


    A truly great fighter ruined by the latest update. The previous cockpit layout was a bit of a challenge to learn, but it had great features. It was the best jet fighter cockpit layout of all that I've tried, with everything I needed for expeditions (weather radar, terrain height mapping, etc.). But with the latest update all the great instruments are ripped out and a green screen GA cockpit replaces it. It's a GREAT LEAP BACKWARDS!!! I uninstalled the new version and went back to the old one. It's so sad when a developer ruins a great product. I have to confess, when I first bought his plane I wanted those GA instruments, but once I learned the original instrumentation, I realized how wrong I was.


    Best Jet in MSFS 2020!!! Best Sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Great immersion, flying low: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzGsmt-FU2U
    worth to fly!!! 95%+ instrument panel is operable, including MFD
    Beautiful plane, very well done. One thing that I find really unrealistic and annoying: while on AutoPilot, the plane does a lot of barrel rolls and when landing it crashes. Please, please remove these barrel rolls while on AutoPilot. Thank you!


    An absolute joy to fly, feature rich, and an incredible view from the cockpit. I fly this not as an active-duty fighter, but as a surplus 40+ year old civilian plane on my expeditions to fly the world's great rivers. I have no complaints at all about the package, but I do have a short wish list: - There is a great variety of military liveries, but could we get a couple of civilian ones (deep red or blue, maybe a black and gold), please? - Also, in its civilian role, would it be possible to have a hot spot that swaps out the monochrome displays for PMS50's GTN750 panels? Those old military panels would be one of the first thing to go when reoutfitting an old F-16 for civilian purposes. Plus, the GTN750 is a touch panel, so no other changes would be required for the existing panel buttons. This is a great implementation of a classic fighter, highly recommended!






    € 24.97