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    Japanese commuter and high speed rail comes to Train Simulator!  

    Tohoku High Speed Rail & Main Line includes two major routes: Tohoku Main Line from Kitakami to Morioka and Tohoku High-Speed Line from Sendai to Morioka, along with the High Speed E5 and E701 commuter trains. The routes feature custom stations and objects.


    Tohoku Main Line (commuter)

    The Tohoku Main Line links the eastern Japanese cities of Tokyo and Aomori on the main island, Honshu. The section of the route included here runs between Kitakami and Morioka; it is 48km in length and features twelve stations. The 701 Series commuter train is used on this route.

    Tohoku High Speed line

    The Tohoku High Speed line links the eastern Japanese cities of Tokyo and Aomori on the main island, Honshu. The section of the route included here runs between Sendai and Morioka; it is 175km in length and features eight stations. The E5 High speed train runs up to 320km/h.


    701 SERIES EMU

    The 701 Series is an AC EMU train operated on local services in the Northeast area of Japan. It features:

    • External models of the Tc and Mc model in Morioka depot livery

    • You can choose a pre-set consist up to 6 cars or create your own consists

    • Detailed cabin view

    • ATS-Ps safety system (Tohoku Main Line)

    • ATS or automatic train stop is an accident prevention system on the train that automatically stops it if certain situations. The ATS installed on most Japanese trains and routes (apart from High Speed Rail) are mostly transponder-based. In this software the ATS Ps and ATS S systems are supplied.


    The E5 Series EMU is a Japanese high speed train operated on Tohoku High Speed Rail since 5 March 2011, and Hokkaido High Speed Rail since 26 March 2016. It features:

    • Detailed external models

    • Detailed cabin views

    • DS-ATC safety system (Tohoku High Speed)

    The DS-ATC is a digital ATC system which uses the track circuits to detect the presence of a train in the section and then transmits digital data from wayside equipment to the train on the track circuit numbers, the number of clear sections (track circuits) to the next train ahead, and the platform that the train will arrive at. The received data is compared with data about track circuit numbers saved in the train on-board memory and the distance to the next train ahead is computed. The on-board memory also saves data on track gradients, and speed limits over curves and points. All this data forms the basis for ATC decisions when controlling the service brakes and stopping the train.

    In a digital ATC system, the running pattern creates determines the braking curve to stop the train before it enters the next track section ahead occupied by another train. An alarm sounds when the train approaches the braking pattern and the brakes are applied when the braking pattern is exceeded. The brakes are applied lightly first to ensure better ride comfort, and then more strongly until the optimum deceleration is attained. The brakes are applied more lightly when the train speed drops to a set speed below the speed limit. Regulating the braking force in this way permits the train to decelerate in accordance with the braking pattern, while ensuring ride comfort.

    There is also an emergency braking pattern outside the normal braking pattern and the ATC system applies the emergency brakes if the train speed exceeds this emergency braking pattern.


    The route is Quick Drive compatible and there are 11 Career scenarios included that cover both the both E5 and 701 series EMU for commuter and High Speed operations.

    01 [E5] Let’s go! Tohoku
    Welcome to Tohoku HSR! Today you will drive this E5 high speed EMU heading north to Morioka. You will be passing 6 stations before arriving at Morioka station.

    02 [701] Dawn of Spring
    On this spring morning you will be driving this rapid service from Kitakami to Morioka. This is the only rapid service on this section of Tohoku mainline. You just need to stop at Kitakmi, Hanamaki, Yahaba, Sembokucho and Morioka.

    03 [701] The Sound of Spring Rain
    Good day, driver. On this rainy morning you will drive this 701 series train for a short service on the Tohoku mainline. Stop at all stations on your way to Hizumi station.

    04 [E5] Summer Vibe
    The sunlight shining down through the windows illuminates the cab. A cool, gentle breeze is blowing, bringing in the aroma of flowers and freshly cut grass. Good morning, driver. Today let us head south to Sendai with this Hayabusa train, through the summer morning sunlight.

    05 [701] Morning Breeze of a Midsummer Day
    In the summer sun, which is like a large fireball, hot people have nowhere to go. Early in the morning the cicada insects are very noisy, telling people another hot day has started, but at this moment the summer breeze also brings a delightfully cooling effect. On this pleasantly cool summer morning, you will drive this 701 series train  bound for Kitakami. Stop at all stations and pick up the passengers,    

    06 [E5] All the Way North
    This afternoon you will drive Hayabusa No. 19 bound for Morioka, stopping at Sendai, Ichinoseki and Morioka.

    07 [701] One Rainy Autumn Afternoon
    Good afternoon, driver. On this pleasantly cool autumn afternoon you are required to drive this 701 train bound for Morioka, stopping at all stations to pick up passengers.

    08 [E5] Speed of ‘Hayabusa’
    This morning you will drive Hayabusa 6 non-stop from Morioka to Sendai.

    09 [E5] Latecomer in the Snowy Night Part1
    Tonight you’re driving Hayabusa 109 heading north. You need to stop at Furukawa, Kurikoma-Kogen, Ichinoseki and Mizusawaesahi before arriving at Kitakami station. Please be on time as many passengers want to catch the last mainline train at Ichinoseki and Kiakami.

    10 [701] Latecomer in the Snowy Night Part2
    You will continue your journey here at Kitakami station. Now you board  this 701 series train northbound train to Hizume. This is the last northbound train on this snowy winter night.

    11 [E5] Hymnal of White Winter Night
    Yamabiko 70 is the last train bound for Tokyo tonight. Start from Morioka, stopping at all stations on your way to Tokyo. You just need to drive the Morika to Sendai section, where another driver will take over. There will be many speed check points on your way to Sendai.


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