M. A. REALTURB - REALTURB 希腊机场 湍流增强插件 P3Dv4/v5
M. A. REALTURB - REALTURB 希腊机场 湍流增强插件 P3Dv4/v5
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  • M. A. REALTURB - REALTURB 希腊机场 湍流增强插件 P3Dv4/v5
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RealTurb Greek Airports is an effects add-on that will bring your Greek airports to life! With zero user input required, it will analyze prevailing winds at the airports and will dynamically simulate the real effect of wind shifts/speed fluctuations, turbulence, even wind shear conditions in more extreme scenarios.

This takes immersion to a different level, as every approach will be different depending on weather, just like in real life! Wind coming from the sea or from flat land area, just like in reality, will be much less demanding compared to wind coming from a hill or mountainous area.

Be prepared to experience demanding conditions, matching the real life effects, based on airports' vicinity area analysis and also real life experience!

Feel the famous, just before touchdown "sinking" effect of Heraklion airport (LGIR) when strong northerly winds prevail, experience the fun of the offset bumpy approach at Samos (LGSM), understand why in real life at Rodos airport (LGRP) with southerly winds, take offs and landings are not recommended above 15 knots! These are only a few examples of what is included in this package, among the rest of Greek airports, all sharing their real life wind effects, with dynamic turbulence, wind shifts/shears envelope to match reality!

From RealTurb Greek Airports v1.6+ Thermals and Ridge lift is also simulated, offering a realistic soaring effect to glider pilots!

Features include:

- Realistic turbulence effects

- Realistic speed fluctuation effects

- Realistic wind shifting effects (Requires Activesky for Prepar3D v4.4+)

- Realistic wind shear effects (Requires Activesky for Prepar3D v4.4+)

- Thermal effects (Requires Activesky for Prepar3D v4.4+)

- Ridge Lift effects (Requires Activesky for Prepar3D v4.4+)

- Altitude/effects intensity envelope dynamically and realistically calculated based on   surrounding terrain.

- ALL active Greek airports included in the package (Complete list below)

- Easy installation

- No user input/setup required for the effects to work. All is analyzed automatically!

- No performance impact.

- Compatible just with default Prepar3D v4.4+, however to get the best out of it, Activesky for Prepar3D v4.4+ is recommended.

- Compatible with any aircraft, being default or add-on.

Supported Prepar3D version is 4.4+ even though it should work without any issues on any 4.0+ version.

Note: For use with Activesky, Prepar3D version 4.4+ and Activesky for Prepar3D v4.4+ is required.


NOTE: "RealTurb Greek Airports" are also included in the "RealTurb Europe" package! More information here


Airports covered in "RealTurb Greek Airports" effects package along with their ICAO code:

- Thessaloniki (LGTS)

- Athens (LGAV)

- Rodos (LGRP)

- Iraklion (LGIR)

- Chania (LGSA)

- Samos (LGSM)

- Mitilini (LGMT)

- Kerkira Corfu (LGKR)

- Alexandroupolis (LGAL)

- Kalamata (LGKL)

- Kavala (LGKV)

- Kefallinia (LGKF)

- Kos (LGKO)

- Limnos (LGLM)

- Zakinthos (LGZA)

- Astypalaia (LGPL)

- Chios (LGHI)

- Ikaria (LGIK)

- Ioannina (LGIO)

- Kalymnos (LGKY)

- Karpathos (LGKP)

- Kastoria (LGKA)

- Kozani (LGKZ)

- Kithira (LGKC)

- Milos (LGML)

- Mikonos (LGMK)

- Naxos (LGNX)

- Paros (LGPA)

- Araxos (LGRX)

- Preveza (LGPZ)

- Santorini (LGSR)

- Skiathos (LGSK)

- Skiros (LGSY)

- Syros (LGSO)

- Volos (LGBL)

- Kasos (LGKS)

- Kastelorizo (LGKJ)

- Leros (LGLE)

- Megara (LGMG)

- Sitia (LGST)

- Agrinio (LGAG)

- Alexandria (LGAX)

- Amigdhaleon (LGKM)

- Andravida (LGAD)

- Elefsis (LGEL)

- Larisa (LGLR)

- Kotroni (LGKN)

- Tanagra (LGTG)

- Tatoi (LGTT)

- Tripolis (LGTP)

For more information on RealTurb effects, you can also visit any other RealTurb product page, found here and/or you can also try the FREE "RealTurb Africa and Antarctica" package here, which offers a complete coverage with RealTurb effects for the continents of Africa and Antarctica!

And all these without any limitations on features or time usage!



除了运行Prepar3D v4.4和/或运行附加组件所需的硬件之外,运行“RealTurb Greek Airports”没有其他硬件要求。


- 模拟平台:洛克希德马丁Prepar3D v4.4+,V5 Simconnect

- 天气插件:ActiveSky for Prepar3D v4.4 + (强烈推荐使用,以便充分利用本产品的每个特性)

DEIMOS INC - F-16V "毒蛇"战斗机 MSFS
L'aereo è quasi perfetto, sono previsti futuri aggiornamenti per renderlo eccezionale. Bravo a tutto il team. The plane is almost perfect, future updates are planned to make it great. Bravo to the whole team.
DEIMOS INC - F-16V "毒蛇"战斗机 MSFS
This thing just got even better, new after burner effects, HUD is now clear and easy to see through when landing, this plane is really getting. good! Like it better than the F15 now!
CAELUS AERIAL - 南非-约翰内斯堡-兰塞利亚国际机场 FALA MSFS
Very nice airport for a very scenic location. Smooth as silk, nice environment, very well done
DEIMOS INC - F-16V "毒蛇"战斗机 MSFS
The plane is really fun to fly, it flys way better than the F15 flew when it first came out, and the Hud is better, needs a bit of adjustment, but this plane is coming along nicely, super fun to fly. Outside details are pretty nice, has a few little things with the lights. Inside the knobs and switches look better then the F15. It sounds like they keep modifying it and making it better. Woul-
d be nice if the hud was less tinted but better then the older green one I saw on youtube. Flys better than the crazy corsair thats all over the place on takeoff and wanting to flip over on landing. Thi-
s one is a keeper!
Much better than the default one. But I personally have a lot of elevation issues.. (probably due to the Benelux update on MSFS) And the slope of the runway definitely needs to be reworked.. But the terminal and other buildings are really nice! Nice job! Just waiting for an update that corrects the other issues.
Very nice airport very well done nothing is missing a perfect replica of the real one I recommend with your eyes closed.
DEIMOS INC - F-16V "毒蛇"战斗机 MSFS
The viper is much better now after updated and is stepping to a 5 star one.
DEIMOS INC - F-16V "毒蛇"战斗机 MSFS
Within a few hours of my review there was an update that fixed alot of my issues. Quick updates and better each time. 3 Star to 4 Star for now.
DEIMOS INC - F-16V "毒蛇"战斗机 MSFS
Awesome plane. A tip for noobs like me: set "modern" instead of "legacy" in physics settings. This will make the aircraft flyable.
SALVUZ - 意大利-维罗纳-维拉弗兰卡机场 LIPX MSFS
Absolutely fantastic. All the detail is there....I use this airport a lot for holidays so know it well. From the aircraft buses lined up at an angle, military base, passenger terminal barriers, car hire facility - even the lingerie advertising sign! Only missing the time/temperatur-
e display ;-). Worth every cent, well done!