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    Welcome to the Airport of Buochs, the picturesque airport within its scenery environment. The new product
    by Flylogic Software offers you now the possibility to land at this airport with a challenging approach in your
    own flight simulator. With wish you many exciting flights with this product!

    On voyages of discovery across the very large area of the airport, you can discover a multitude of details and
    special features. Here is a small list of the highlights of “Buochs Airport MSFS20”:

    - Realistic and highly detailed depiction of the airport

    - Very detailed depiction of PILATUS Flugzeugwerke AG

    - Detailed representation of the nearby commercial areas, the Nidwalden shooting range and
       the restaurant “Cockpit”

    - Optimally created for MSFS

    - Adjusted to World Update 6

    - Markings on the apron and runways

    - Lifelike lighting effects

    - Animated people and windsocks

    - Static vehicles

    - MSFS standard ground traffic

    - Optimized execution speed by using LOD's

    - German manual - Manuel en français - English manual


    Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2020
    Microsoft Windows 10 / 11 (64Bit)
    Processor: quad-core at 3.5 GHz
    Memory: 8 GB DDR4 RAM (2666 MHz)
    Graphics card: 4 GB VRAM (DirectX 11)
    Download size: approx. 180 MB
    Hard disk space: approx. 400 MB


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    Overall this is a decent representation of Buochs Airport, home of the aircraft manufacturer Pilatus. It's up do date with what had been added last on the real airport, and the overall level of detail is quite good. The problem with this scenery is the fact that it is a mix of newly modelled buildings with good detail and nice texturing, and old ports of the P3D and FSX versions with no detailed modelling and horrible low-res textures with pixelation and compression artefacts. None of the Pilatus hangars feature any interior modelling, which is fine by day but looks bad at night, with crude flat textures showing a lit up interior on the windows. The worst quality buildings are the smaller ones scattered around the Pilatus facilities on the northern half of the airfield, which kind of ruin the experience since there's a lot of parking spaces and taxiways going through that area. So parking at the Pilatus factories is not a nice experience and is too close to FSX-style scenery modelling. Things look quite a bit better in the south, where there are newer buildings featuring better texturing. Also the developer neglected to correct the vegetation in a vital part of the airfield. In the scenery you can see a large row of trees placed right next to the taxiway, making it impossible to taxi with business jets, where this would be no issue on the real airport. In reality, that strip of vegetation is mostly bushes with only a small tree here and there, but not generating such drastic wingspan restrictions. And since those bushes are right next to a taxiway, it would be even better to see some hand placed higher-res vegetation instead of the blurry autogen trees. In any case, taxiing to RWY25 should not feel like moving through a forrest. So while there are some nice features in this scenery, such as newer buildings or accurate ground markings, this clearly shows how many old parts have been ported to the new sim without any enhancements. That is just not good enough for the price asked here. FlyLogic clearly is capable of delivering higher quality buildings, evidenced by what they did on other sceneries. We can only hope that LSZC gets updated to newest standards one day.


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