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     Gilgit District is one of the districts of the federal territory of Gilgit–Baltistan in northern Pakistan. It was formed in 1970 when Gilgit–Baltistan was federally administered as the "Northern Areas". It is bounded by the Wakhan Corridor (Afghanistan) to the north; Xinjiang (China) to the northeast and east; Skardu, Astore and Diamer to the south; and Ghizar District to the west. The town of Gilgit is the capital of Gilgit.

    Gilgit Airport (IATA: GIL, ICAO: OPGT) is a small domestic airport situated 1.25 nm (2.3 km) east of Gilgit. The city of Gilgit is one of the two major hubs for all mountaineering expeditions in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Many tourists choose to travel to Gilgit by air since the road travel between Islamabad and Gilgit by Karakoram Highway takes nearly 15 hours, whereas the air travel takes only about an hour.

    Due to the short runway at Gilgit airport that is located at the edge of a slope, even an aircraft as small as a Boeing 737 aircraft cannot land and take-off at the Gilgit Airport. Currently PIA operates French and Italian ATR 42 aircraft on the Gilgit-Islamabad route. Other aircraft that operate at the airport include the military C-130 aircraft.

    •    Accurate and highly detailed rendition of Gilgit district.
    •    Custom made vegetation (volumetric grass).
    •    Complete City around the airport.
    •    One of the most exciting and dangerous approaches to an airport.
    •    Visual treat with great frame rates.
    •    High resolution mesh.
    •    Small details such as birds and humans.

    •    No night textures included as the airport is closed at night and no flights are entertained.
    •    Please turn ground scenery shadows off, in order to run scenery in a smooth fashion.
    •    Scenery for FSX-sp2/Acceleration with DX10 only 


    FSX-SP2/Acceleration with DX10


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    Das nenne ich mal einen Flughafen im Gebirge. Gilgit ist von Islamabad aus am Besten zu erreichen, typisch mit einer Fokker F. 27, die viele Jahre von PIA genutzt wurde, aktuell mit ATR 42 und die pakistanische Luftwaffe fliegt gelegentlich mit Lockheed C-130 hier hinein. Es ist nicht ganz ohne ins Tal hineinzukurven, sich rechts an den Felswänden nach unten zu tasten und dann im richtigen Augenblick mit einer Kurve von rund 40 Grad. Die Bahn ist mit 1.457 Meter Länge nicht übermäßig lang. Ein Anflug mit einer Boeing 737 ist nicht zu empfehlen. Der Flug selbst ist, wenn man ein anständiges Mesh benutzt atemberaubend. Mit dem K2 und dem Nanga Parbat sind zwei 8000er zu sehen. Die Umsetzung für den FSX gefällt mir sehr gut. Die Gebäude sind einigen Videos nach zu urteilen sehr gut getroffen und fragt mich warum... es hat Flair. So stellt man sich das dort vor. Die fotorealistische Umgebung und der Untergrund des Flughafens wissen zu gefallen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m172A_Apvk0


    Great scenery, very detailed. Beautiful grass effect. Animation such as birds and human are very nice. Quite FPS friendly I performed this video with this scenery : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZMv1LWKy70


    I happen to know that part off the world quite well having been posted in the area eight years, and Gilgit being one of my several destinations. Your rendition of the region is well done, the mesh is first class and you captured the amazing colours of the river very nicely. I would like though to draw your attention on a few details that are spoiling the experience: 1/ First and foremost, it is rather frustrating after a first difficult approach to realise that you land... underground!!! on the elevation of the default scenery, a patch is in order presto! 2/ A simple AFCAD file would be welcome and appreciated, there are usually up to a maximum of three parking spaces lined up in front of the terminal 3/ Where is the AKF helicopter facility located on the left of the terminal (looking toward the runway), I looked for it but could not see it? 4/ This approach is obviously not managed by the ATC of FSX due to the terrain, requiring to cancel IFR prior to starting descent. It would have been a nice gesture to include in your package an approach chart of that airport as the same is not available on Internet 5/ On the way from Islamabad, one flies by the mighty Nanga Parbat and descent usually starts a short while after. May I suggest you work on this scenery as well to link it with the Gilgit one, this would be a game changer since the Indus valley is the only approach corridor to OPGT? It is indeed one of the most difficult approach existing in the world, an extremely dangerous one since the last turn is only a few meters away from the mountain flank and a very short distance from the runway, you can't go wrong and have to play by the numbers, provided you know them! I had countless cancelled flights due to weather including in flight turnaround going back to Islamabad when we were already by the Nanga Parbat, delays of several days were not surprising, needless to say this is a VFR airport only!!! Good idea and good job, now if you only wish to follow a couple of the above advices (first one is a must) this could become an attractive destination for many simmers looking for challenges.

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