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The latest technology of AI Traffic for FSX and Prepar3D!

Supported simulators are Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, Prepar3D Version 1 (1.4 recommended), Prepar3D Version 2 (up to version 2.5).

Based on award winning MyTraffic 5, the leading AI traffic program for FSX, this new build is largely reorganized  for simultanous support of various simulators. All included airports and schedules have been rebuild for the needs of Prepar3D V2.3 and above. Ihe included aircraft types are in the highly optimized FSX Service Pack 2 format, pairing top optical quality with ultimate performance


5,560,000+ weekly AI Flights - MyTraffic X includes over 5,560,000 (yes, that's correct – almost 6 million) AI flights per week between 8,262 airports in all regions of the world. These flights include international, national, regional, commuter, general aviation, cargo, amphibian airlines, military and touch and go circuits.

Flights are generated based on real world data and, where data are limited, on a realistic model - All traffic is generated based on real-life traffic patterns. You will see airlines at airports and hubs which are consistent with their real-world operations. Where available, flight plans are modeled after real world observations giving you a high level of realism without the boring uniformity of products that restrict themselves solely to published schedules.

8,262 Airports bustling with AI Traffic - MyTraffic X flies AI Traffic between more than 8,200 airports in all corners of the world. The AI capabilities of 2400 airports are enhanced in this package, including airline to gate associations for many airports. All aircraft behave realistically during different phases of their flight. Parking positions are also assigned in an accurate manner. For example, airliners will taxi to their gates, cargo aircraft will park at cargo positions situated near the respective airport cargo facilities. AI Traffic will behave in the same way even at add-on sceneries, provided that they are fully FSX compatible.

Two dozen new airports – Flight Simulator X has a good coverage of airports in Northern America and Western Europe, but many important airports in other parts of the world are completely missing, not even a single runway. Included are now 12 completely new built addon airports, like the large Moscow area regional airport Byokvo, Myachkovo and Ostafyevo – you even can fly to Grozny now! MyTraffic X even delivers a complete brand new Mega Airport, a detailed version of VTBS Bangkok Suvarnabhumi is included and busy with international traffic, as the new Doha airport OTHH. You also find the brand new airport of Lleida-Alquaire in Spain, and a number of all new airports in China and India.

Touch and Go flights into more than 100 small airfields.

Airliner, General Aviation and Military Traffic - With MyTraffic X you get yourself the only AI Traffic generator that treats all three types of aviation traffic with the same priority. And not only for current schedules; even going back in history to the beginning of the jet age is possible for owners of FSX professional edition or Prepar3D.

5594 Liveries - MyTraffic X includes more than 5500 aircraft liveries and this number will keep growing, coming from about  2140 different airlines (among them 400 military units located at their home bases and 1600 civilian airlines).

201 Aircraft Models - From Airbus over Boeing to Yakolevs and Cessnas to Embraers, MyTraffic includes them all. All models are created with GMAX optimized for high frame rates even at very busy airports. 191 of these aircrafts with more than 5000 paints were created from scratch in the new format introduced with Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2, to remove display errors as well as to increase performance beyond the one offered by Microsoft stock planes. Bringing realistic AI traffic to all parts of the world, MyTraffic can be oftenly observed to provide better performance even with more aircrafts around you than FSX stock AI traffic.

The most important airliner families, the Airbus A318-A321, the Boeing 737-300 to B737-900ER, and the mighty B747s from -200 to the new B747-8F and I have been largely rebuild using textured moving wing parts to further increase the eye candidness within the little computer budget allowed for AI traffic. Version 5.4a brings the overhaul of the Boeing 767-200 and -300 fleets. MyTraffic 6 keeps on track by resenting the A350-900 and the B787-900.

Enhanced Night Lightings – Using a newly developed, simple management tool, the user can now change the ground animation behavior and the long distance night light behavior, balancing between system load and hardware capabilities.

Full Support for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 – all components now are modified and tested to work under Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. For daily operation, the User Access Control (UAC) may be switched on. If a user wants to make changes to a setting under Vista or Windows 7, he only needs the rights to do so set in the file system. MyTraffic and all included tools fully support the 64bit version of Windows 7.

High level Support for the DX10 Preview introduced with FSX SP2 and Acceleration Pack - MyTraffic X Professional comes with two sets of schedules, switching between these is a simple mouse click in the MyTraffic Communicator. The Direct X 9 schedules use all aircraft models and paints, while the Direct X 10 schedules are restricted to the FSX SP2 compatible types only. Since these count all Western airliners and all larger Western commuters now, you will meet a larger variety of DX10 compatible airliners in MyTraffic X world wide as you ever saw in any other legacy AI package, or has been promised by anybody else. DX10 support for military aircraft is included now with version 5.3, even historic schedules can be usedwith some restrictions under DSX10 now.

Simplicity is the key - MyTraffic X is simple by virtue. We do not overload our add-on with an unnecessary array of features, menus and other distractions. It is our philosophy to keep MyTraffic X as simple to use, yet as powerful as possible! Once installed, you just can fly and enjoy the life around you. This also means that MyTraffic in no instance bypasses the Microsoft supplied logic for AI traffic.

MyTraffic X Editor* - is an advanced AI Traffic configuration utility allowing the generation of thousands of flight plans at the click of a button, all based on user adjustable parameters. Capable of recognizing geographic regions, country borders, and the history of airline fleets, the editor makes sure that you see the right traffic in the right region. It is accompanied by a new tool to simply code airline routes in a way an order of magnitude faster than all manual schedule tools released in the past. Like with any software development tool, you need a few days of learning to really understand how to get the optimum out of this tool.

* This feature requires that you have the SDK of Flight Simulator X installed, available to users of Flight Simulator X professional (Deluxe) edition.

MyTraffic Communicator - is a tool to support the user to get to information, to support, to make settings in their FSX and MyTraffic setups, to repair installations that got broken, and to download updates and patches. The Communicator must be used during installation to set up the system.

MyTraffic Interactive – this is the tool users dreamed of for long, now is included in MyTraffic to open a new dimension of possibilities. While FSX is running, user can create AI aircraft, that enter into the scenes, and let them fly real flight plans – all this with a few mouse clicks! You not only can set them onto an airport, you also can create them airborne now.

ATC Sound Update – All MyTraffic modifications are now included into EditVoicePack, the tool you need to make any changes to ATC.

FSX, FSX-SE, P3D V1, P3DV2.0-2.4, P3DV2.5
requires 10.5GB of hard disk space! Any hardware that runs FSX, FSX-SE, P3D V1, P3DV2.0-2.4, P3DV2.5 with acceptable performance including some default AI traffic can run MyTraffic 6 with more traffic and the same performance. Usage under DX10 preview requires a DX10 capable graphics card. Microsoft DOT net 3.5 or above is strongly recommended, since the included auxiliary tools are based on this. Usage without these tools is possible, but requires higher skills including reading manuals.
This is an update to my earlier (1 star) review. The developer has now responded to my issue, giving great helpful support and a new file to try. All issues are now fixed and it's a great little product.
This is the best carreer addon currently existing for MSFS. (May 23rd, 2022)
Very good addon, brings life to the game. At the airport there are always birds sitting around and at the gate there is suddenly a shadow, you look in the air, no is not a plane but a bird (smile). In VFR low-level flight you meet flocks of birds that brings additional life in the air. Very nice to observe when you go on a discovery trip with the helicopter.
DOUBLE T - 中国-深圳宝安国际机场 ZGSZ MSFS
起飞点会更加方便。 Yes, it's pretty. It would be more convenient if there were more take-off points at the end of the runwa
Amazing scenery for the price. The models look great. One small criticism is that there is no interior in the terminal.
FSDREAMTEAM - 美国-芝加哥-奥黑尔国际机场 KORD V2 MSFS
Super nice, updated regularly! night and day difference from the MSFS's "handmade" Premium Edition KORD! Just needs VDGS! :D
Amazing scenery ! Extremely detailed. should definitely consider buying it !
It’s the 1st time I review a Sim product. I’m a real life commercial pilot, using the Sim to practice my IFR procedures since training over 10 years. I was hooked with the FSPassenger and since I moved to the P3D4, I only used the Sim to practice some FSLabs A320 procedures, mostly abnormal proc before the real life Sim checks every 6 months :) But with APLV2… I’m back to having this feeling I had in the early days with FSPassengers in FSX. It’s so well thought… I find myself on my days OFF sitting on the computer for hours, practicing new procedures I’m normally don’t in my real job, at random destinations around I might never go to in real life and getting rewarded for it… the feeling of being on the top 50 worldwide -so far-, only makes me want to get to the top 10 ;) and get hired by a 5* I feel with this, the simming days for just practice or for fun without progress in the sim are long gone. Big 5* for me. I hope they continue improving the product adding new features, attracting more simmers to join, that will contribute in making it more challenging and of course, more enjoyable.
One of the most conscientious developer ever. Great job, great scenery!!!
Never expected to see OJAM for MSFS so picked this up as soon as it came out. Really cool little scenery for a great price, and dev is super responsive. Highly recommend.
时事通讯 - 最新最赞的模拟新闻资讯!


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