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    The P.68B Victor is a twin-engine, high-wing cantilever utility monoplane initially produced by Partenavia and then by Vulcanair, both of Italy. The aircraft, which seats a total of six including pilot, took its maiden flight on May 25, 1970 and was introduced in 1974.


    The aircraft is built primarily of aluminum, with some composite components. It has a sleek, modern design that features a straight main wing, a rectangular horizontal stabilizer, a swept vertical stabilizer, and a fixed tricycle undercarriage. It offers pilots exceptional visibility from the cockpit, has great short-field performance, and has proven exceptionally reliable throughout a range of applications. The aircraft has performed a variety of missions including transport, business, cargo, law enforcement, and military.


    The P.68B measures 30 feet, 8 inches in length, stands 12 feet, 3 inches tall, and has a wingspan of 39 feet, 4 inches. It is powered by two wing-mounted Lycoming IO-360 piston engines that each produces 200 horsepower and turns a 2-blade, constant-speed propeller. The Victor has a range of 750 miles, a service ceiling of 18,500 feet above sea level, and climbs at 1,100 feet per minute. It cruises at 187 miles per hour and has a stall speed of 66 mph.



    • Detailed and accurate visual model
    • Detailed 4K textures
    • Realistic flight dynamics based on real world data
    • Realistic aircraft operation based on real world piloting an maintenance manuals
    • 12 liveries
    • 3D high definition soundpack
    • PDF manual (Download)




    微软模拟飞行 2020

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    Notably with the last update (v1.0.2) the following improvements have been introduced: - assured all engine and geometrical characteristics are correct with reference to the published EASA P68B Type Certificate and Pilot Flight Manual - corrected the aircraft weight distribution - corrected battery capacity and recharge - introduced CFD-simulation for propeller characteristics - tweaked the CFD-simulation for aerodynamic characteristics - corrected the wing aerodynamic centre position - correct stabilizer and elevator definitions to simulate the P68B stabilator (fully movable horizontal tail surface) - tweaked the aero coefficients and scalars to better match the published performances In my opinion, the aircraft now handles much better in air and on ground and, considering the very good external/internal 3D modelling and many liveries, deserves 5 star evaluation


    I was really hoping that someone would make this plane, so I hope that some defects already reported in the other comments will be corrected and I also bought it to support its development.


    Verschenkt leider sein komplettes Potential in Version 1.0! Die Texturen, außer den schlecht ablesbaren Rundinstrumenten, sind in Ordnung. Bei Erscheinen fehlerhafte Grundfunktionen, dürftige MSFS Ausstattung und unplausibles Flugverhalten. Der Preis ist für das Gebotene recht hoch. Der Entwicklungsstand ist inakzeptabel.


    Hi guys! I bought this airplane because I really like the P68, I saw it in much case, very nice and it's italian. I love our italian airplane. But this version proposed from Nemeth Design is very very bad. The texture and 3d model is quite nice but on the cockpit the texture of the gauges need to be correct because there is like milky glass. The flight dynamics are totaly absent and unreal. At the parking stand, with engine on and throttle set to minimum if you remove parking brake the aircraft will start rolling fast (20-25kts!) without any throttle movement, sorry guys but I never seen any piston engine aircraft do that (correct me if I wrong please). The airspeed of this aircraft is weird, you can't land with an airspeed below 100kts, at about 80kts the aircraft will stall in fulldown configuration flaps! Absolutely weird. Pitch and roll are very slow in movements, on the ground the plane behaves like it were in the water, for turns on the ground you have to full pull the rudder and helping with brakes but it's very absurd and the nosewheel not have animation. The engine dynamics does no exists, the propeller levers is animate, on the exterior model the blades will move but not have any influence on the aircraft. The sound are acceptable but have some bugs and needs to be corrected. The weight and balance is totaly wrong! Finally the model haven't the possibility to open the doors and there isn't any tablet for some configuration. 1 star is mandatory! For 20 bucks (22 Euros) this addon are totaly overpriced for what it offers. Of course I'm not saying it should have the quality like A2A, Milviz(Blackbird Sim), Flysimware etc...but I say a product like this can't be marketed at this state! Ok, you want sell this product? Ok, perfect! I want a flyable product and not this. This addon needs to be revised and correct asap, it's not enjoyable and unflyable at this state. If ND will fixit all of this problem probably I make another review and I will advise you to buy this product but for now, please don't waste your money.


    The model looks nice and the cockpit is flyable. Textures definitely need to be revised with regard to the readability of individual instruments, e.g. HSI. The back texture of the panel also causes a slight grittiness for me. The sound is ok, but more is possible here and should be readjusted again. Unfortunately, the flight dynamics did not work, I hope for an update soon, the propeller adjuster has no effect at all at the moment. It is also almost impossible to brake the aircraft with flaps or to keep a speed below 100kt during the approach. Here the model must be revised! I'm really hoping for an update as this plane is a great addition to the MSFS and definitely different from the Twin Otter or other 2 engined planes. Das Model sieht schön aus auch das Cockpit ist fliegbar. Es müssen definitiv Texturen überarbeitet werden bezüglich der Lesbarkeit von einzelnen Instrumenten z.B HSI. Auch die Backtexture vom Panel verursacht bei mir ein leichtes grießeln. Der Sound ist ok aber auch hier geht mehr und sollte nochmal nachjustiert werden. Die Flugdynamik ist leider nicht gelungen ich hoffe um ein baldiges Update, der Propellerversteller hat überhaupt keinerlei Auswirkung aktuell. Auch das Flugzeug mit Klappen ab zu bremsen oder im Anflug eine Geschwindigkeit unter 100kt zu halten ist fast unmöglich. Hier muss unbedingt das Model überarbeitet werden!!! Ich hoffe sehr auf ein Update, den dieses Flugzeug ist eine tolle Ergänzung im MSFS und definitiv anders als Twin Otter oder sonstige 2 motorige Maschinen.


    This airplane looks good inside and out. However, there are things that make it unenjoyable to fly. The props have no effect on performance, and their animation is backwards. The airplane turns on the ground slightly with rudder but has no animation with the nosewheel. The engine idle is set too high. When releasing the parking brake, the airplane will accelerate to the point of taking off by itself. As mentioned by another user, the WT/BAL is far out of limits. Hoping for a fixit update soon. It would be fun to fly when things are repaired.


    I really want to like this plane. It looks great and there are a ton of nice liveries for it. However, it seems to be far from a finished product. Here are some of the issues I noticed just in my first 15 minutes with the plane. The CG is totally off. With just a pilot and copilot the CG slider needs to be forward and out of limits or the tail drops down and it becomes a tail dragger. The controls are very “mushy” and the plane is slow to react to rudder and aileron input. It almost feels like it is on water. Ground handling…well, forget it! The nose wheel does not animate with the rudder input and it does not turn the plane. I could only maneuver with incremental throttle input. The prop condition levers animate in the cockpit and move with the Bravo levers and the prop blades move correctly, but they have no effect when in flight. I can live with the sounds, but they aren’t the best. Spinning prop animation is not very good in my opinion. There is no in cockpit tablet and the doors do not open. If most of these issues can be addressed in an update my review will go to 5 stars and I would fly this plane a lot. As I said, I want to like it, but I can't in it's present state. Here's hoping for an update!






    € 18.25