韩国-首尔-仁川国际机场 RKSI FSX FS2004

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韩国-首尔-仁川国际机场 RKSI FSX FS2004

韩国-首尔-仁川国际机场 RKSI FSX FS2004



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    Overland - Incheon International Airport (RKSI) 

    As the main hub for Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, Incheon is one of the busiest airports in East Asia. From Japan, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have service almost all hours everyday.

    Since its opening in March 29 2001, construction is being continued on several stages, while in 2008, the most expected third parallel 4,000 m runway has been completed. In this package, you will see the third runway which wasn't included in default FS2004 and FSX.

    Newly added airport vehicles and general vehicles in full 3D! 

    Both airport vehicles and ground vehicles are also in 3D. Parking lots full of cars make your flight superior. 

    Satellite photograph  are used around the airport.

    Airport Enhancement Services (AES) is supported in FS2004, FSX will follow with AES2.05!


    System requirements for FSX: 

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2/Acceleration Pack)
    • Windows 7(64bit/32bit), Vista(32bit), XP SP2/SP3(32bit) *
    • Pentium 3 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo recommended)
    • 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
    • 256 MB VRAM (512 MB recommended)
    • Installations-Size: 530 MB

    System requirements for FS2004: 

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (Version 9.1)
    • Windows 7(64bit/32bit), Vista(32bit), XP(32bit), Me, 2000, 98 *
    • 256 MB RAM
    • 32 MB VRAM
    • Installations-Size: 220 MB

    Note: We have tested Windows 7 on our local system, however please refer to Microsoft's official website for compatibility information.






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    Die Scenery ist für das was sie Bietet zu teuer und zu kompliziert bei der Installation. Ist nichts besonderes - keine parkenden Flugzeuge oder herumfahrenden Service Fahrzeuge - einfach sehr steril. Dafür sehr FR freundlich. Auch die Installation ist alles andere als einfach. Bei der ersten Installation war nur der default Airport zu sehen, bis ich durch Zufall auf das FSX Tool im Overland Ordner stolperte wo man die Scenery registrieren kann. Dann funktioniert es - bis auf einen AREA.280 Error in der Scenery Libery seit der Installation bei jeden FSX Start. Also die Installationssoftware könnte viel besser sein, nicht nur eine FS2004 Krücke.... Wie gesagt für diesen Aufwand und das was man dann sieht viel zu teuer! Schade ums Geld!!


    It quality is really good. But it has no T2. And now incheon airport upgrade now. It is add one runway, increase T2. If you can please add new building and runway. Thank you


    WOW this airport scenerys fantastic well done to the overland team on a fantastic scenery love it and the night textures aswell and the runway and taxiways are well lite at night to 5 stars from me this is a defo must have ;) :)


    Great scenery and absolutely as real as it get but only several problem. 1. Ground lines has an effect of running across from L to R as well R to L. 2. None of the terminal Gates operates nor attaches to the aircraft. 3. There are several terminal with 2ea Gates none attaches to the aircraft as well. 4. At nigh the airport's lights are have to much glow Sent email to Tech Support contact aprx. 6 months ago in regards to the deficiencies listed above, still waiting for response...


    Very pleased with this , performance and visual wise


    [FS2004 version] Very nice ground- and grass-textures with seasonal changes. Very detailed and well modelled buildings with nice night textures. The apron lighting could be a bit better but the lighting of taxiways and runways is breathtaking! The airport is located on an island which is completely modelled and thus perfectly blends into the surroundings. The AFCAD is precise and the airport layout still is up to date 2011. On the whole, the installation is smooth, the manual however (if it deserves the name) is relatively slim. There are several scenery layers which can be activated with the included tool. There is no dynamic scenery but very nice ground vehicles so the airport appears lively (ground vehicles only appear when scenery complexity is set to the highest level). No framerate problems. At least one docking position can handle A380-operations (122). Full AES support available. If you compare the price with similar sceneries, it's justified and on top you get the FS2004 and the FSX versions together. A very impressive scenery, I gladly recommend it!


    [FS2004-Version] Sehr schöne Boden- und Grastexturen mit jahreszeitlichen Änderungen. Sehr detailliert modellierte Gebäude mit sehr schöner Nachtbeleuchtung. Die Vorfeldbeleuchtung könnte noch etwas besser sein, die Beleuchtung von Taxiways und Pisten ist aber atemberaubend! Der Flughafen liegt auf einer Insel, die komplett modelliert ist und passt sich so perfekt in die Umgebung ein. Das AFCAD ist exakt und das Flughafenlayout entspricht noch dem aktuellen Stand 2011. Grundsätzlich problemlose Installation, allerdings ist das Manual (wenn man es als solches bezeichnen darf) relativ mager. Dynamische Szenerie gibt es keine, aber sehr schöne Bodenfahrzeuge, so dass der Flughafen etwas Lebhaftigkeit erhält (Die Bodenfahrzeuge funktionieren nur, wenn die Szenerikomplexität auf höchste Stufe gesetzt ist). Keine Leistungsprobleme. Mindestens eine Parkposition ist für den A380-Betrieb ausgelegt (122). Volle AES-Unterstützung möglich. Vergleicht man den Preis mit dem ähnlicher Szenerien, ist er durchaus gerechtfertigt, und man erhält obendrein sowohl die FS2004- als auch die FSX-Version. Eine sehr beeindruckende Szenerie, die ich gerne weiterempfehle!


    The developers over at overland have done it again! this is such a wonderful airport! and a very important one in Asia. very fun to fly from Incheon to airports in Japan, and also China, Hawaii, etc etc. Very nicely detailed terminal and vehicles all over the ramp. it also has the Hotels, Buildings, Heliport, and Business Center area. and of course the new Incheon Bridge! and too top it off aes support. plus a fsx version. definitely look forward towards overlands new projects.


    Very pleasantly surprised by this title. I have flown out of this airfield numerous times in real life and the level of detail is very good. I have a lot of FSX add on and payware airports and this package ranks right up there with some of the better publishers offerings like those from Aerosoft, Orbx, Fly Tampa etc. While there is nothing staggering about the scenery and it does not stun the user with breathtaking visuals it is certainly a solid offering at a fair price. It's AES compatible which makes it even better. I would recommend to a friend and buy again especially If your looking for a hub in Asia. I hope that Overland publishes more titles in the often overlooked Asian Airspace. 4.5 stars

    christiaan frederik

    When I bought this fantastic new airport I also had a problem with the ground texture, I also wrote to overland, and next morning they responded to me with an excuses and everything was directly fixed. Top service When I saw this new airport I wanted to have it directly , and I was completed over whelmed with this fantastic new airport which made my Easter weekend a super weekend. I have downloaded more products of Overland 3-4-5- but this is really the best I have ever seen from their hand. I give it a 10 plus. And my compliments to the team of Overland. Many thanks to Overland and Happy Easter to you in Japan. Christiaan B





    € 17.00