FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE - NG 2020 南美洲地形网格 P3D4-5

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FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE - NG 2020 南美洲地形网格 P3D4-5

FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE - NG 2020 南美洲地形网格 P3D4-5



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    FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020 SOUTH AMERICA is software, which delivers mesh scenery (= 3D wireframe) for the whole globe. It is the very latest development of a mesh series first available in 1998, and now available via direct download! It comes with many fixes, a bunch of newly sourced and compiled higher resolution areas and overall a completely new dataset from 2020.

    Providing immersion on a level of professional flight simulation, FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020 allows you to experience mountains as they are in reality, with razor-sharp definition and clearly visible, as real as it gets edges. The default, soft and round mesh geometry, as it normally tends to be in flight simulators, is completely upgraded by FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020. About 80 GB of 3D-data is injected which add much more detail  to your Flight Simulator when compared to the default world! Sharp cliffes and ridges are just some of the improvements. Hundreds of hours of manual editing has removed errors and adapted source data to match each other.

    The resolution of the FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020 mesh is up to a staggering 1m, of course where data permits and a much higher resolution makes sense. In a nutshell this means that at the highest resolution level the points of the mesh wireframe are only 1m apart! For technical geeks: the LOD varies from LOD 8 to LOD 15. LOD 8 is used for "flatter” areas such as parts of the Netherlands for instance (you don't need higher LODs there, since flat is flat, whatever LOD you will render it in), and increasing to LOD 14 for mountainous areas (data availability permitting). Some specific mesh areas around mountainous and highly defined regions have been rendered at LOD 15.

    If you want to upgrade your flight simulator experience to a high level of realism, THIS is the product for you! PILOT’S has unique access to the very latest mesh data and every effort has been made to showcase this in breath taking quality through FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020.

    FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020 seamlessly blends into your existing Flight Simulator scenery, and is highly optimized for the very best frame rates and short loading times. FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020 is the perfect standalone mesh add-on to bring your flight simulator experience to a new level of realism!

    This brand new NG 2020 edition has also been designed to support other global products, such as FTX Vector, Global Texture and LC as they are made available. A combination of these products will immerse any virtual pilot in a completely new Flight Simulator World.

    FS Global Ultimate – NG 2020 has been designed to work with Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v4 and v5. For FSX, FSX:Steam Edition, FSW and earlier versions of Prepar3D we recommend "FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE - NEXT GENERATION FTX FSX FSW”.


    • Completely new development, up-to-date data from 2020
    • Intelligent rendering for best frame rates
    • New algorithms for sharp edges and mountain ridges
    • Resolution up to 1 m
    • Source data manually edited for error elimination
    • AFM2 for alignment of airport elevations to a new mesh scenery (available as download; registration at www.pilots.shop required)


    Prepar3D V4 或 V5
    Windows 7 或更高版本
    10 GB 可用硬盘空间






    € 14.95