PILOT'S - FS GLOBAL 2018 模拟飞行全球地形2018 FTX FSX P3D FSW

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PILOT'S - FS GLOBAL 2018 模拟飞行全球地形2018 FTX FSX P3D FSW

PILOT'S - FS GLOBAL 2018 模拟飞行全球地形2018 FTX FSX P3D FSW



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    FS Global 2018, the smaller brother of FS Global Ultimate – Next Generation, is a software, which delivers mesh scenery (= 3D wireframe) for the whole globe. It is the successor of FS Global 2010 and available as download here for the first time! It comes with many fixes, a bunch of new higher resolution areas and overall a completely new dataset.

    Immerse into professional simulation. Experience mountains as they are in reality, cliffy and sharp-edged. Not soft and round, as they normally tend to be in simulators. About 25 GB of 3D-data get more than 10 times more detail into your Flight Simulator than default world! Hundreds of hours of manual editing have removed errors and adapted source data to match each other.

    The resolution of the FS Global 2018 mesh is up to 9m, where data permits and resolution makes sense. This means, the points of the wire frame are just 9m apart. For technical geeks: THE LOD varies from LOD 8 to LOD 12. LOD 8 for "flat" areas (you don't need higher LODs there, since flat is flat, whatever LOD you will render it in) and more to LOD 11 for mountainous areas (data availability permitting). Some showcases have been rendered in LOD12.

    If you want your sim much more realistic, THAT is the product, which delivers to your hopes! Absolutely newest mesh data in breath taking quality.

    FS Global 2018  seamlessly blends into your existing Flight Simulator scenery, optimized for best frame rates and short loading times.

    This edition was designed to support FS Global Vector as well as Orbx FTX Global Texture, Vector and LC as they are made available. Install all of them and you have a completely new Flight Simulator World.

    FS Global 2018 can at any time be used as a standalone mesh add-on as well.

    FS Global 2018 was designed to work with Microsoft FSX, FSX:Steam Edition, Lockheed Martins Prepar3D V3.x & V4.x as well as with Dovetails Flight Sim World.

    For even better resolution of up to LOD15 check out FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation at the same shop!


    • Completely new development with most recent data 
    • Intelligent rendering for best frame rates
    • New algorithms for sharp edges and mountain ridges
    • Resolution up to 9 m
    • Source data manually edited for error elimination


    模拟平台:FSX, FSX:SE, P3D V3.4 及 4.x, FSW
    操作系统:Windows 7 或更高版本
    硬盘:25 GB 可用空间






    € 51.00