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    In 1972, Vought modified the first TF-41-powered A-7E (BuNo 156801) as a tandem, two-seat combat trainer demonstrator. A seat for a second crewman was added in tandem, both crew members sitting underneath a clamshell. The student sat in front, the instructor in the rear.

    In order to accommodate the second crewman, the aircraft had an extra 34-inch plug added to the fuselage forward of the wing. The instructor in the rear seat was raised somewhat higher that that of the pupil in front, giving the aircraft a distinctive hump-backed appearance. Despite the second seat, the aircraft retained full combat capability.

    In 1982, eight TA-7Cs were modified as EA-7L electronic aggressor aircraft. These planes were equipped with the ability to carry jamming pods and missile simulators on underwing pylons to duplicate Soviet weapons and tactics during training. They were issued to VAQ-34, based at NAS Point Mugu, California in 1983.

    In 1979, LTV received a contract to convert an A-7D to two-seat TA-7D configuration. The TA-7D was a two seat advanced trainer with dual tandem seating, both crewmen being housed underneath a single canopy, the seat in the rear being raised so that the aircraft had a distinct humpbacked appearance. It was given a longer front and rear fuselage. The two-seater had full operational capability and could carry the same weapons that the single-seater could. The aircraft was later redesignated A-7K.

    In addition to the prototype, Vought built 30 new A-7K two seaters. Unlike the Navy's TA-7Cs, the USAF's A-7Ks were new builds and were not conversions of earlier single-seaters. Delivery to ANG units began in 1981, and production of the A-7K ended in September of 1984.

    The A-7H (H for Hellenic) was a version of the Corsair II built for the Elliniki Aeroporia (Hellenic Air Force) of Greece. It was essentially similar to the USAF A-7D. The first of 60 A-7H flew for the first time on May 6, 1975. There were also five TA-7H two-seaters built. Since they were built under FMS contracts, they were issued US Navy Bureau Numbers. In the 1990s, 36 A-7Es and TA-7Cs surplus to US Navy requirements were transferred to Greece. TA-7C´s were converted to in-land operations by the removal of the catapult bar from the nose gear, repositioning of the taxi light from the right main gear door to the nose gear strut, while it retained air refuiling capabilities, it was never used, Para-brake system was also retained from original TA-7C.

    The Forca Aerea Portuguesa (Portuguese Air Force) has operated a version of the Corsair II since the early 1980s. The designation A-7P (P for Portugal) was assigned to this version. They were issued to Escuadra 302 and 304 based at Monte Real. A single TA-7C was loaned to the FAP for 3 years. A second batch of A-7Ps was ordered in September of 1982. 24 A7Ps and six TA-7Ps were provided.Deliveries of the A-7Ps began in October of 1984, where they were issued to the newly-established Esq. 303. The TA-7Ps followed in May of 1985. Prior to that, only a single leased TA-7C was available. The TA-7P was a land based convertion from A-7A´s into TA-7C´s standards, but under Portugal requirements.As other"T" versions, it retained full weapons capability.

    The RAZBAM LTV A-7K/TA-7/EA-7L Corsair II Volume 3 package contains:

    A-7K Corsair II

    • 149th TFS, 192 TFG, Virginia ANG, Byrd Field, "Rebel Raider"
    • 174th TFS, 185 TFG, Iowa ANG, Sioux City

    TA-7C Corsair II

    • Naval Test Center
    • VA-122 "Corsair College"
    • VA-174 "Hellrazors"

    TA-7P Corsair II

    • Esquadra 304, Os Magnificos

    TA-7H and TA-7C convertion to H standards

    • 36 Sq, 116th Figther Wing, Araxos, Greece

    EA-7L Corsair II

    • VAQ-34 "Flashbacks"
    • VAQ-34 "Flashbacks" Soviet markings


    • Highly detailed exterior and interior models,
    • Accurate and highly detailed paint schemes.
    • Extensive documentation and Manual in PDF format

    Note: If you have previously purchased RAZBAM A-7 Corsair II Vol. 2, please be advised that the ASCU (the aircraft load manager) is incompatible with the new weight module. We will be issuing a patch for Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 in the next days.

    Interior and Panel

    Very comprehensive representation of cockpit systems which include:

    • AFCS (Autopilot)
    • Tactical Navigation Computer.
    • Detailed and comprehensive navigation instruments.
    • Faithfull representation of the HSI gauge.
    • A/G Radar with up to 6 modes representations within FSX limits(Air to ground ranging, Beacon mode, Ground Mapping, Pencil mode & Terrain Advoidance).
    • Projected Map set, with 4 modes and 4 ranges set.
    • Complete representation of the armament panel, with working armament stations, fuzing, selection, weapon delivery modes , quantity selection in 2 different modes select the amount of ordance to fall per trigger switch, and then again, you can select the amount and make them fall in pairs or single sequences.
    • Detailed representation of the aircraft?s Gunsight.
    • Detailed electrical and hydraulic systems and panels.
    • Detailed fuel panel
    • Simulated Oxigen system.
    • Detailed cockpit and exterior lights.
    • Detailed Armament Station Control Unit (ASCU).
    • Accurate weapon loadouts controlled by the ASCU including ordnance weight.

    Exterior features:

    Highly detailed exterior representation of TA-7C, TA-7H, TA-7P, EA-7L and A-7K which include:

    • Working carrier catapult shuttle (TA-7C, EA-7L).
    • Working Tail hook.
    • Working wingfold action.
    • Accurate external loadouts controled by the ASCU.
    • Dropable "live" ordnance in free flight?s with multiple ordnance release options that fully interacts with the sim enviroment, no guided weapons on this release.
    • Accurate aircraft lights.
    • AI BQM-74 Chukar drone, fully independent with preset flight patterns chosen by the pilot prior to launch (EA-7L Only).


    FSX with SP2 or Acceleration


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    Flying it in P3D V5.2 and it's performing fine. All functions are working such as radar and communications

    øyvind alexander

    it looks great fly's extremely nice and is by my opinium one of the best planes out there, if you are locking for a plane that is " vintage " and dual seater this one is by far the best choice and the price is good. it is worth the mony and by a good company. so go and get it, the biggest choice i got to tack is what sort of load out i want on the plane and the texture. one of the best and money worth plane out there.

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