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    330 knots, short runways and a sexy plane. That's the new project of realflying. Discover the TBM 850 on 8 single flights. With the longest video production so far and 3 hours and 40 minutes you will be able to see all details of the plane. Everything was recorded with the aim to get you really close to the plane. There is not one detail which was not recorded. In this video you will get to know all things about flying, operating and training in the Socata TBM 850. Start the video, lean back and enjoy as we are blasting along the clouds on the way to Courchevel in the french alps with 537m/1788ft runway length, 17% runway uphill slope and the approach facing a mountain and no possibility to go around!

    • Video length: 220 minutes

    • Best 1080 Full AVCHD quality

    • 6 different airports: Augsburg, Courchevel, Kassel, Hildesheim, Niederrhein, Lille

    • Approach, Landing and Take Off in Courchevel. You will love this airport: 537m/1788ft runway, 17% uphill slope – Located at 6600ft

    • Hard IFR conditions flying down to minimums

    • Clear sound in all ways

    • Full checklist recording

    • Courchevel ground movements: Helicopter + Piper Meridian

    • Autopilot, frequency, engines, etc. changes

    • Garmin GNS 530 exclusive long views

    • Landing and very close exclusive outside views

    • Commercial and private flights

    • Stormscope, weather radar and much more details

    • Fuel, charts, radar, altimeter views

    • Start up, shut down, departure, checks, etc. explanations

    • Parking, flight and routing scenes from the pilots

    • Outside, cabin, cockpit inspection including ALL details of the TBM 850

    • Filming of all cockpit switches and screens

    • Clear views on the IPAD charts

    • Long views on all changes in the cockpit to get exactly to know what the pilots do

    • IFR and VFR flights

    • ILS editings with all steps, autopilot flying and also handflying

    • Hundreds of different views

    • All specifications about the plane


    Video scenes:

    1. Outside Inspection

    2. Cabin Inspection

    3. Cockpit Inspection

    4. Outside Start up

    5. Outside Landing

    6. Courchevel helicopter start + start up piper meridian

    7. Overviews on the checklist

    8. The full flight from Augsburg to Hildsheim

    9. The full flight from Hildesheim to Augsburg

    10. The full flight from Augsburg – Mont Blanc - to Augsburg

    11. The full flight from Augsburg to Courchevel + Departure

    12. The full flight from Augsburg to Lille (France)

    13. The full flight from Lille to Niederrhein

    14. The full flight from Niederrhein to Kassel

    15. The full flight from Kassel to Augsburg



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