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    Arizona Bridges

    This package replaces default bridges with realistic models on 3 Arizona rivers, the Colorado, the Gila, and the Salt. Starting in the Grand Canyon floor with the Black and Silver bridges, for hikers and mules, directly below Grand Canyon Village, the default bridges of the Colorado river south to Yuma have been replaced or improved. The major pipeline bridges at Topock and Blythe are modeled.

    The London Bridge at Lake Havasu City was originally built in 1835 over the Thames River, London. In 1968 the exterior granite was moved to Arizona and the new London Bridge built as a tourist attraction and working bridge.

    The Old Trails Pipeline Bridge at Topock, the Ocean to Ocean Bridge in Yuma and the Mcphaul Bridge on the Gila River east of Yuma are all on the National Register of Historic Places.

    The bridges at Tempe Town Lake on the Salt River are on the approach to KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport runways 25 and 26 and are highly visible particularly at night with decorative lighting on some of the bridges.

    POIs have been placed at most of the bridges which are listed below with the number of bridges at those locations. One of the photos shows the area covered. Typically when there are more than one bridge at a location the bridges were built at different times with different styles or sizes. Night lighting has been applied appropriately.


    Bridges, pipelines and dams modeled are listed below for each river:

    Colorado River:

    Silver Bridge and Black Bridge (Grand Canyon below Grand Canyon Village)

    Davis Dam Bridge

    Laughlin Bridge

    Aztec Rd Bridge

    Mohave Valley Hwy Bridge

    I-40 Topock Bridge

    Topock Rail Bridge

    Old Trails Pipeline Bridge at Topock - National Register of Historic Places.

    Topock Pipeline Bridges (2)

    London Bridge

    Parker Dam

    Parker Rail Bridge

    Parker Bridge

    I-10 Blythe Bridge

    Blythe Pipeline Bridge

    Wilson Rd Bridge

    Cibola Bridge

    Hart Mine Rd Bridge

    WinterHaven Dr Bridge

    I-8 Yuma Bridge

    Ocean to Ocean Bridge – National Register of Historic Places.

    Yuma Beach rail Bridge

    Los Algodones BC2 Bridge


    Gila River

    Mcphaul Bridge – National Register of Historic Places.

    S Tuthill Rd Bridge

    S Cotton Lane Bridge

    Estrella Pkwy Bridge

    S Bullard Ave Bridge

    S Avondale Blvd Bridge


    Salt River

    Tempe Town Lake Dam

    Tempe Pedestrian Bridge

    Tempe Town Lake Rail Bridge

    UP Salt River Rail Bridge

    Tempe Bridge

    N Mill Ave Bridge

    N Scottsdale Rd Bridge

    Roosevelt Lake Bridge

    Apache Trail Bridges (3)


    This product features our simInstaller technology and is available after purchase via our APP only.


    MSFS 2020

    825 MB Hard Drive Space


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    Arizona was already a great place to fly, with its stunning canyons, extensive mountains, and epic rivers. But it just got even better with this package of over 40 bridges, dams, and other objects. Like all of RKBridger's bridge packages, the objects are meticulously crafted, appropriated (and often dramatically) lit, and the often unruly MSFS water tamed. Tempe Town Lake is one of the highlights of the package, with all of the crossings delightfully modeled (car, rail, light rail and pedestrian), with great night lighting. Note these are directly under the eastern the approach to Sky Harbor (KPHX). Roosevelt Lake also looks great with the big steel arch bridge, feeder bridges, and dam. Another highlight of the package is treatment of the Colorado River crossings, which include highway, roadway, rail, and even old pipelines, as well as a couple of dams. It makes an already interesting flight from Las Vegas, NV to Yuma, AZ a delight. Needless to say, I very highly recommend this package, especially since you are getting over 40 detailed and accurate structures for roughly 15 bucks (US). I call that a bargain!


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