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    Oi4FS24 (Opencockpits interface for Flight Simulators) bridges the gap between your flight simulator and Opencockpits hardware modules, allowing you to take control of your airplane using Opencockpits hardware modules.

    Whether you’re flying an MSFS default airplane or an airplane add-ons, Oi4FS24 provides a more realistic and immersive experience.

    1. Supported airplanes:

    • PMDG 737 (MSFS) and PMDG B737 NGX and NGXu (Prepar3D) ▪ PMDG B747 ▪ PMDG B777
    • All Opencockpits B737 modules are supported.
    • MSFS airplanes with G1000 Avionics.
    •  MS B747 ▪ MS B787 ▪ CJ4 ▪ FlyByWire A32NX ▪ Aerosoft CRJ ▪ Leonardo MD82

    2. Supported Opencockpits Modules

    • MCP, EFIS, CDU, COMs, NAVs, ADF and ATC

    3. Recommended Add-On airplanes to be used with Oi4FS.

    • PMDG 737, PMDG 747 and PMDG 777 (MSFS) o Aerosoft CRJ (MSFS) o Leonardo MD82 (MSFS) o FlyByWire A320 (MSFS) o PMDG 737 NGX and NGXu (P3D) o PMDG 747 (P3D) o PMDG 777 (P3D)
    • More detailed info can be found in the Oi4FS24 documentation.

    Before you run the downloaded Oi4FS24 Setup file you must have SIOC v7 installed on your PC. SIOC v8 will not work with Oi4FS.

    SIOC v7 can be downloaded from https://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/info/information.php?info_id=45&language=en


    If you have any problems or questions regarding the installation of this software , send an email to roarkrsp@gmail.com

    If you have any problems or questions regarding other issues than those related the installation of this software, visit http://www.flightsim4fun.com/Forum/viewforum.php?f=29&sid=f2645cdef7cd0bc10d3f4c843abe136e

    You must register to the Forum before you are given write permission to the Forum.


    Visit http://www.flightsim4fun.com/Forum/ for the community forum for all rksoftware products.

    Send an email to roarkrsp@gmail.com if you have any issues or questions related to this software.


    MSFS 2020

    SIOC v7.03 from www.opencockpits.com


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