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    Cargo liner 400 is a military transport aircraft, being able to carry heavy loads on long distances.

    General features:

    • 1 model with virtual cockpit and 3D HUD.
    • 1 model with panel-gauges 2D and 3D HUD.
    • Nineteen paint scheme variants included. (textures are updated)
    • Many animations.





    Microsoft FSX with Acceleration Pack, FSX Gold or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V2
    Intel core i5-i7
    8 GB RAM ( more recommended )
    Graphic card 2 GB ( more recommended )


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    First I want to let folks know that it can work with FSX Steam. You will probably need to use the included patch which will also make the HUD no longer functional. You’ll know this if when you start a flight the screen flickers like a spasmodic strobe light of green and white random blocks and triangles as well as what looks like a center screen flashing explosion of lights. If you see that then say good bye to the HUD as the patch cures the horrific light show but deletes the ability to turn the HUD on forever. This is the main reason I am giving 3 stars. Other than the lack of a HUD (in my case) the planes are real cool! The plane is well simulated but not academic level by any means. You cannot control everything as much is automated. The A400C has a clever auto trim function that keeps flight at the perfect AoA at all times including manual flight, there is no manual trim at all. The cockpit is nicely detailed and only take a short familiarization period to know where and how everything is and works. The doors are opens by a pedestal turn knob with 7 positions. Each opening or closing various doors minus the rear main cargo door. The rear cargo door has a two position rocker that controls it. Night lighting is pretty nice inside and outside. The plane is fly by wire so it’s really easy to fly. As easy as a small plane but heavier obviously. All in all it’s a solid package with a nice variety of liveries. I just wish the HUD worked for me. Don’t know why as I have dozens of other planes with working HUDs (except my Wilco Harrier) and no problems. Pretty smooth frame rates except in large add on scenery like Los Angeles but everywhere else no worries. Based on use with FSX Steam Win10 i7 3.3ghz 16GB Ram Intel UHD 630 integrated GPU
    Bonjour Bel avion..Peut on le télécharger sur P3D V.4 Merci


    j'ai la réponse à ma question puis que je l'ai acheté, il fonctionne bien sous fsx steam, pas de problème de comportement, mais l'impression qu'il est beaucoup plus maniable que le A400M de wilco, j'ai presque l'impression d'etre sur un cesna. je ne sais pas si le poids est pris compte dans le modèle de vol. mais je suis content


    bon jour, avec l'arrrivé de FS2020, j'ai rechargé mes vieux addon fsx sur FSX steam, la plupart fonctionne, mis à part concordeX aerosoft (n'est plus supporte) et le A400M wilco (trop vieux), est ce que le A400M de RLABORIE est compatible avec fsx steam, parce que c'est plus pratique que de jouer avec les cd.


    merci monsieur Laborie pour cet add-on avec un manuel en français vous avez penser à tous . le détail est poussé très loin jusqu'à la poussière sur les écrans.chapeau! je donne la note de 5 étoiles cordialement papy 25


    I had been looking at RL´s 400M for some time now, since I do like this sort of plane, C130, twin props etc. As most of us, tierd of spending money on planes that just look good but are full of bugs or just plain "eyecandy", I was in doubt with this one, but I was wrong! Iam on P3D 2.5, and the first thing I would like to say is that this plane is alot of fun to fly! Second, is that it´s not a study aircraft to the point of being "hardcore" with 500 pages of text to learn, actualy the manual is 60 pages long. All this dosen´t mean that it´s simple or boring, none of that! You have all that you need to have fun and keep you busy! Autothrusters, HUD, ILS, LNAV and all the goodies you would expect from a CA. There´s no FMC which might put some of you off, but it dose have a sort of G1000 that will keep you from getting lost! The 3D model is very nice and the office feels very comfortable and a joy to be in! I think it´s worth every penny and beats ALOT of higher priced models out there! If your looking for a easy to set-up fun to fly (and look) aircraft but don´t want a boring flight, have a look at this baby!


    The only thing this bad boy needs is a working MCDU for navigation. other than that its an awesome aircraft.


    I'm not going to go into a lot of detail with this review, but I will keep it simple. I've never heard of this developer before, and as such, I was very cautious, what with the cost etc. I also run P3Dv3, so I wasn't sure whether or not the model would work. But, I took the plunge and bought it anyhow, and I can honestly say that I'm glad that I did. The exterior model is very good indeed. The textures are crisp & clear and there is plenty of detail. The interior model/virtual cockpit is likewise as detailed and as crisp with the texturing. This model won't be for you if you want every switch and button to work (although a lot of them do!). It is, however, just a darn good representation of the A400. It's a joy to fly, and to me, absolutely everything works as it should. It is now one of my new favourite aircraft! Top marks to the developer, and I sincerely hope that they can produce other "not so common aircraft" for sim flyers to enjoy, at a similar standard in the future.


    Got this as the list of aircraft for P3Dv3 are a bit on the short side, the initial install went ok and after I added the patches (which are included with the download) took it for a spin around Scotland at low level, got to say it's worth every penny. The cargo looks good on the ground however I would have liked a few more options than the stock US truck and Hummers that said I didn't buy it to look at the thing sat on the ground. Other reviews have already stated that not all the switches are workable -true- but there is enough to keep me interested and I don't care if I cant set the foot peddles or open the side windows and on that point a nifty little button works all the doors independently so no more trying to get [Shift + E then door number] to work. I have given the product 4 out of 5 for one reason only...The sound files are wrong, although you can live with it they are annoying enough to make you turn the speakers to minimum.


    One of my favourites. Yes the sound of the engines is not fantastic, it doesn't have PMDG quality systems modelling but it also doesn't have a PMDG price tag. I would have happily paid more for what I have, I can't stop flying it! Exterior modelling is superb and although not every button on the VC is modelled, it too is impressive. Support is fast and helpful when required. It will also work perfectly in P3DV3 if you apply the included VC Patch. If you like your military transporters, this is a must.

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