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    Post T Hengelo

    After the great success of Post T Arnhem 1965, Signalsoft now brings out a brand new simulation in the Post T Series of GRS-NX simulations. This time you don’t have to sit all alone on the job! You have the ability to open up a Dispatcher Office with other fellows online via the servers of Signalsoft Rail Consultancy Ltd. or via a direct link to your colleagues!

    The GRS-NX Simulation of Post T Hengelo jumps a huge leap forward from the last version. The Power Signal Box in Hengelo was the longest of its type in the Netherlands and had quite a load of train traffic. The timetable is from the year 1999/2000, just before the panel was decommissioned. The timetable offers next to a fixed hourly pattern a great variation of through freight trains over the border to Germany, local freight and of course all the things that will cause delays. It’s your task to dispatch all things properly and lead your traffic safely through the area.

    What’s included in the GRS-NX Simulation Post T Hengelo:

    • Exact copy of the GRS-NX panel CTC functions
    • VCVL (Vereenvoudigde Centrale Verkeersleiding=simplified CTC) (Mariënberg-Vroomshoop)
    • 5 Stations
    • 6 stopping places on the lines
    • 32 platform tracks
    • 225 km track length
    • 153 signals
    • 162 switches/points/turnouts
    • 381 track sections
    • 67 Level Crossings (Aki’s, Ahob’s, Aob’s)
    • 500+ trains in the timetable
    • 1000+ movement orders
    • 610 routes
    • Stop/Through operations for level crossings
    • Issue Written Orders to drivers for level crossings
    • Delegate issuing of written orders to despatch operators on the platforms
    • Level Crossing defects
    • Overhead Line Equipment operations (substations, distribution stations, connectors)
    • Telerail (trainradio)
    • CPZ-box (telephone)
    • Platform Information Devices (PID’s)
    • PID operation equipment with “Krone” punch card reading system
    • Train Descriptor system (TNV)
    • Dispatcher Screens (VKL)
    • Modern Dispatching Time-Way Diagram with dynamic functions and conflict management
    • Post 21 Track Occupation Diagram with conflict management
    • Local Operations Areas
    • Switch Lock local operation
    • Dispatcher Office (“Multiplayer”) with up to 5 participants on one panel!

    Now we can tell you a lot here, but the best thing is to try out the demo version! The demoversion does all what the full version can do, except:

    • You cannot load and save the simulation session
    • You cannot work more than 20 minutes
    • You cannot start a multiplayer session

    Very important: in the demo version you can follow the in-simulation learning session about how to operate the basics for route setting and the simplified CTC operations (VCVL)

    You also are able to review all timetable data and print it out if you wish.

    Here’s a map of the Hengelo Area:


    The complete overview over tracks, signals and catenary groups:


    The hourly pattern of the timetable is here:


    Here you have the full manual:


    Here is a little task list, about what to do when and why:


    Here is the link where you can download the demoversion of Hengelo:


    System Requirements:

    • Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, 8 or Windows 10 (32 or 64 Bit versions)
    • 32 MB Graphic Card
    • Sound Card
    • 512 MB Memory
    • Pentium 1.7 GHz
    • 200 MB free on hard disk

    Advisable to have:

    • Wide screen monitor (1680 x 1050)
    • Printer


    If you register this product with the registration key at www.signalsimulation.com/registration , you will receive within 48 hours a license key that allows you to use extra features. (user access to the timetable database and free updates) Registration is not required for this product to work, but we do encourage you to register.


    Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, 8 or Windows 10 (32 or 64 Bit versions)

    32 MB Graphic Card

    Sound Card

    512 MB Memory

    Pentium 1.7 GHz

    200 MB free on hard disk


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