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    Highly detailed model, fully animated

    • Highly detailed 3D cockpit, fully animated and working
    • Frame rate friendly in single and multiplayer
    • 3 models: R1, R3 and PAN (to be delivered soon)


    • Highly detailed, high definition,  PBR
    • Several different liveries


    Almost all real system have been modelled and working as the real thing

    • Flight dynamics modelled close to real aircraft performances tables
    • DDIS (Dynamic Drag Index System)
    • Aircraft configurator for payload and refuelling
    • Weapon system to carry and drop bombs
    • Payload fully congruent in both single and multiplayer mode
    • Payload drop actually changes aircraft weight, balance and drag index (DDIS)

    Other features

    • Model comes with complete documentations (see Docs folder in the model tree)
      •  Normal/weapons procedures checklists
      • A brief tutorial
      •  Real aircraft manual R1 (Italian) and R3 (English)


    • Support is a service that we provide to our users at no cost and on a voluntary basis, for this reason it is possible that there are delays in responses.
    • To request support please write an email to: help-desk@simskunkworks.it
      indicating your ORDER NUMBER and USER ID at SimMarket.de,
    • Mails without above information won't be processed


    OS: Window 10 version 20H2

    CPU: INTEL 5 (suggested INTEL 7 at least 3.5 Ghz)

    RAM: 16 GB

    GPU: NVIDIA (suggested SERIES 1000 or higher), not tested on AMD

    HD: at least 5 Gb free space on MSFS 2020 Community device

    XBox compatibility: not tested


    - Download and run installer (as admin)

    - Installer is able to detect plain MS Store and STEAM installation and proposes the installation folder, user may accept or not, if user does not accept he must point the installer on the his customized Community folder

    - Also he must point the installer to his customized Community folder if the installer cannot  find the default installation


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    jean Francois

    I did not expect much from this Fiat at all .. i love the era .. reminded me the MiGs.. Ho ! I was very well nicely surprised!!!! this plane actually feels right! the FM is nice not wacked on extrem maneuvers, fun to fly it .. cockpit 3D and textures are nice ! a very good aircraft go for it !!


    I have been enthusiastic about this aircraft since childhood and was very happy that the G-91 is available for the MFSF. The design, the details and the presentation of the cockpit inspire me. Unfortunately, I am less enthusiastic about the flight characteristics of the Fiat. At the start I could not keep them on the runway and crashed constantly against airport buildings. SimSkunk advised me, very quickly, to switch to the aircraft model into "Modern". After the changeover I get the Gina at least in the air. There, however, it is extremely unstable, especially around the roll axis. I haven't been able to fly controlled curves so far. The elevator also hardly reacts to the instructions from the cockpit. I also fly the MB-339. It is stable in the air and reacts to rudder movements as I expect. At the moment it is not much fun to fly the G-91. Maybe there will soon be an update that stabilizes the flight behaviour.


    Fantastische Optik, realistische Bedienung und ein ausgewogenes Flugverhalten! Zahllose Lackierungen ergänzen die hervorragende Modellierung dieses schönen Flugzeugs der 50er und 60er Jahre, das sich unter MSFS problemlos "fliegen" läßt. Landungen anspruchvoller, aber unter Nutzung des beigefügten Originalhandbuchs gut beherrschber.


    Die Gina ist absolut Klasse geworden,alles ist stimmig, sie ist flott aber letzt sich trotzdem super steuern. Start aber vor allem Landungen sind relativ schnell zu erlernen. Von mir gibt es die volle Punktzahl.
    Beautifully rendered aircraft both inside and out. However when in flight the roll rate is incredibly high, too high in my opinion. Moreover the aircraft turn radius is extremely limited with tight turns nigh on impossible. At times it feels like a flying bag of washing machines. It's the one thing that spoils an otherwise beautifully recreated vintage fighter jet.


    What a fantastic bird... Best plane so far in my opinion for MFS2020.. The textures are very nice, the cockpit looks really great with the old touch, also you´ll get fantastic liveries.. and it´s so nice to fly. Worth every cent.. definitely 5 stars... maybe some sound is missing for the buttons and raindrops.. but hey.. come on.. And: SimSkunkWorks has an excellent customer service... they will help you fast and friendly... in my case I have bought the plane in MFS Store... here you will getting no weapons and guns, because Microsoft don´t want to support weapons.. - thats praiseworthy.. but for the money you´ll pay you can get a original plane with everything from simmarket. I asked for help and they changed the plane, so I got the download directly from Simskunkworks via SimMarket.. thanks again for this great customer service Fazit: You´ll have to buy, best jet plane in MFS2020
    The G91 looks great on the outside, has the typical 50's era fast-jet handling qualities like wide turn radius, skittish controls and high takeoff and landing speeds and having to use a great deal of trim throughout the speed regime. The sounds could use improvement in that the fan-blade noise is much louder than the actual exhaust noise and the shutdown sounds like a dyson vacuum cleaner being turned off. a strange quirk happens when the HSI passes the 360 degree position and the instrument freezes momentarily before returning to normal. The landing gear footprint suggests that the mainwheels actually sit about a foot further aft than they appear visually, causing them to appear to sink into the runway on takeoff and landing. There is a great amount of ugly pixelization on the right side of the cockpit. The removal of the gunsight was a disappointment as it would have made a good method for visual-alignment for maneuvering and landing as MSFS did away with the waterline markings. It's a realistic and beautiful model that's worth the money but I hope SSW can rectify these issues and provide updates.


    Der Flieger sieht echt klasse aus, coole features wie Waffen oder Zusatztankzuladung, klasse Fluggefühl! das Produkt hat auf jeden Fall eine Kaufempfehlung von mir. Die Gina macht einfach Spass!


    Auf jeden Fall Ist dieser Oldtimer sein Geld wert.


    First of all i don't normally write reviews for anyone but this time i will. I have been flying this aircraft for over a week now and i am so happy with it. The textures used outside the aircraft are fantastic and are highly detailed. Inside the cockpit looks as it should for a used 1950's fighter,spot on complete with wear marks and not looking new. There are some low resolution textures inside, at least it looks like that at 1080p but unless you look for them you will not notice them. How does it fly? Well it flies like a 1950's fighter jet loaded with a sort of old fashioned autopilot called "YOU" :) Yep you have to fly this bird and treat it right because unlike some other aircraft seen in this game,this aircraft turns the game into a sim and so you learn to fly it or crash,simple as and as good as that,or in short,fantastic. The navigation system is a pleasure to use and works well once you learn how to set up a flight and to help you learn how to do this there are some video's out there that will show you how to do this (in game flight planner will not set a flight for this system). This brings a new level of immersion and fun to the sim. The load out system works well and will affect the way the aircraft flies. So now onto the bad bits. There are some minor buttons that don't work but atm the worst thing for me that is not working is the flap lever but i am sure this will get an update at some point. To conclude, Sim Skunk Works has pulled it out the bag on this one and i do believe you will not be sorry with a purchase of this aircraft. Please note If you buy this aircraft from in game marketplace,you will find that the gunsight and the weapons loadout have been removed due to there policy of no weapons in mfs,,,,,,so if you want the weapons and the gunsight,buy it here at simmarket. Now go fly old school style and smile.


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