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    Developed from the ground up, Chapter 2 of A Pilot’s Life from Simbitworld builds on the experience and knowledge we have gathered in the 4 years of developing and maintaining V1.

    The software simulates the career of a commercial airline pilot, by generating your schedules, tracking and scoring your flights, rewarding you weekly according to your contract type and much more. Depending on how good your flight scores are, you will have more chances to progress to higher tier airlines faster, purchase more aircraft licenses, and compete with your friends on the community leaderboards. After all this, you will be able to analyze your finances, flights and XP points through carefully designed reports and unlock all 30 implemented achievements. This will not be an easy challenge.

    You will feel the sense of achievement for completing flights and progressing through the ranks!
    You will enjoy the diversity of the 575 airlines and 280 000 up-to-date routes included!
    You will love the continuity of your adventure!
    You will live A Pilot’s Life!

    IMPORTANT TO NOTE! Please be aware that the career from the original product (APL V1) is not transferrable in APL V2 (Chapter 2). This is not possible due to the different career model and logic. The original career will remain sepparate and you will be able to continue it in V1 if you wish to do so.


    • compatible with all major flight simulators: MSFS / P3D / X-PLANE / FSX
    • 575 airlines and 280 000 real up-to-date routes
    • new career system based on pilot rating and rank
    • new job market logic, impacted by community choices
    • new types of contracts that may impact your salary
    • aircraft license purchase mechanism that drives jobs and schedules
    • new types of schedules to be generated (round trips, random or random continued flights)
    • new flight monitoring mechanism based on stages of flight with complete flight scoring and extensive flight reports
    • detailed landing analysis report
    • weekly events
    • expansions (https://secure.simmarket.com/simbitworld.mhtml)
    • SimBrief dispatcher page and OFP viewer integration
    • improved shop and community pages
    • new reporting platform for more flexibility and eye-candy
    • achievement unlocking side-quest
    • printable schedule, logbook, flight reports
    • notification mechanism
    • ticketing and bug reporting system
    • photo album that can be shared with friends
    • dark/light theme
    • auto-update mechanism to sustain new features
    • live map and stats on website
    • live support on our Discord channels (https://discord.gg/UgwbNvB)
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    SIMULATOR : MSFS / P3D (V1 - V5) / X-PLANE / FSX





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    This is by far the best product in P3D. It has made flight sim way more interesting for me. I really like how you get xp based on how you fly the aircraft and it gives you an assessement after each flight. Really looking forward to increasing my rank and getting a job in a better airline.


    I liked it a lot, however it would be good if they obtained routes and fleets from another additional source, since for example there are domestic airline routes that do not appear, also improve the speed of the application that is very slow.


    An awesome program that adds a lot of fun, and also structure, to airliner operations. Now with the weekly events and the new PA expansion, it is even more enjoyable. It is getting better and better with multiple updates a week.


    Very nicely done for this small price. If you can add option for on boarding custom music that will be great! Not sure why people complain about AI voices, is like pre recorded.


    Very fun, gives motivation to fly. Helped me discover new places that I'd never been to before.


    On the one hand, the program is good, there is an incentive and interest in flying. On the other hand, there are bugs that the developer ignores and does not want to fix! I personally contacted him with a request to fix a bug with spoilers for the A320 in X-Plane 12, a month passed, the developer did not even bother to do anything!


    APLv2 revolutionized my flying - it gave me new inspirations for destinations and aircrafts, and gave me the motivation to fly, day in, day out. With the open world of flight sim, it is simply too hard to choose where I want to fly to, and which aircraft and which airline (livery), so it is fantastic to have the decisions taken care of! The schedule generation removes my indecision on where to fly next, and the job market allows me to focus on one airline at a time. The APL community on Discord is also fantastic - a very welcoming and extraordinarily helpful community!


    I've only spent 700 flight hours with the app so far, so still a beginner but have been loving the experience. As soon as I get bored with one airline I'm able to take a job with another airline across the world. Fits perfectly for those that want a structured airline pilot experience without dealing with the spreadsheets of running a company yourself. All you have to do is worry about flying!


    To the 1 star reviewers... I am sorry you had a bad time with this product and I think you should go back and try it again. It's called a pilots life for a reason, if you expect to be granted a job offer from a 5 star airline as a new player you're an idiot. My first gig was with a crap airline that I stuck with until I was offered a better opportunity, then took it. I've flown in some crappy places, I've had jobs rejected, its a part of the life. My review, the interface is easy to work with and a bit slow at times, that's to be expected from a cloud based program. The life this brings to MSFS is second to none. Grind out your career in the minors until you get a break with a major (about two weeks real time). The developer is actively making improvements to the program, at times, weekly. You can generate your own schedule as many times as you want before you accept it, you earn money to purchase licenses to larger planes, and get better offers and routes. One of the hidden secrets is the Discord Channel. If you have a sense of humor and aren't completely socially awkward, the Discord will keep you entertained the entire flight. Buy it.


    Damn... I really do enjoy this addon BUT I live in the states.. I have flown almost 40hrs now and still cannot land a job in the USA with a 96 pilot rating. I enjoy a grind but again I was just rejected by another US company. The will is fading and im not sure how much longer I will continue on with this. Again I understand a grind but this is taking it to another level. Also this program acts like its programmed in python tkinter or pyqt with minimal threads and locks up the moment you click to navigate anywhere... truth be told this could be easily replicated and easily improved on.. considering.

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