SIMDESIGNSCO - 哥伦比亚-里奥阿查-帕迪拉海军上将国际机场 SKRH FSX
SIMDESIGNSCO - 哥伦比亚-里奥阿查-帕迪拉海军上将国际机场 SKRH FSX
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  • SIMDESIGNSCO - 哥伦比亚-里奥阿查-帕迪拉海军上将国际机场 SKRH FSX
  • SIMDESIGNSCO - 哥伦比亚-里奥阿查-帕迪拉海军上将国际机场 SKRH FSX
  • SIMDESIGNSCO - 哥伦比亚-里奥阿查-帕迪拉海军上将国际机场 SKRH FSX
  • SIMDESIGNSCO - 哥伦比亚-里奥阿查-帕迪拉海军上将国际机场 SKRH FSX
  • SIMDESIGNSCO - 哥伦比亚-里奥阿查-帕迪拉海军上将国际机场 SKRH FSX
  • SIMDESIGNSCO - 哥伦比亚-里奥阿查-帕迪拉海军上将国际机场 SKRH FSX
  • SIMDESIGNSCO - 哥伦比亚-里奥阿查-帕迪拉海军上将国际机场 SKRH FSX

Almirante Padilla International Airport (IATA: RCH, ICAO: SKRH) Colombian air terminal that serves the city of Riohacha, department of La Guajira. The Almirante Padilla International Airport is located about 10 minutes from the city center. It operates domestic flights from Bogotá and Barranquilla, and international from Aruba. It includes the commercial operation of the Aruba Airlines airline, Avianca.


* Photo real texture whith Autogen
* Compatibility with: Orbx, GSX, Vector, Open LC South America, FreemeshX
* Taxi 3D ligths
* New Grass 3D
* New Airport Objects
* Optimised for good performance
* Compatible with Orbx, Vector, Freemesh
* High resolution custom textures.
* New Air Terminal updated to 2020
* Update According to Aerocivil Letter
* Excellent Setting and real photo contour to the Airport
* Customized floor textures with excellent details.
* Scenary tested and highly optimized in frames


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FSXCENERY - 美国-圣彼得堡-清水国际机场 KPIE MSFS
Better than the default scenery but I think some more can be done here. The taxiways could use some work. Plus the default push back wouldn't recognize the airline parking spots.
ROSIG2 - 环游日本 PART 1 + PART 2 - MSFS
I was allowed to take off as a test pilot - thank you for that ... because I was able to fly two handmade trips where the focus is on flying and not Wikipedia. You can feel the love and commitment with which they were designed every moment. The atmosphere in Tour I can only be described as WOW due to the timesetting, and in Tour II I was simply thrilled by the route guidance through pictures alone - something really new and a VFR according to new standards. The "trimmed to old" style of the pictures creates an exciting atmosphere. It was great fun to find the right route - another WOW! ... and finally fly over Fukushima without being contaminated ;-) I would especially like to mention the extensive possibilities for adjustments to the trips, all of which are excellently explained in the illustrated instructions provided, making this a useful "manual" for ALL bush trips. By the way, the links to suitable freeware add-ons for the Japan II Trip given in the instructions are a MUST in my opinion!
ASIAN AIRPORTS - 韩国-首尔-金浦国际机场 RKSS P3DV5
Scenery itself is okay, not too detailed but it performs very well. Conclu-
ding, this scenery is for everyone who wants an airport that is rather bland and not anywhere near Flytampa niveau but way better than any other payware RKSS.
Overall impression after purchase? 1. I didn't review the VC but I was very disappointed. The quality is absolutely shocking compared to the basic one for the A320 !!! I tried to replace it with a team for the A320, but I didn't succeed. So far, I haven't done a single flight with this aircraft, because it's a completely confusing cockpit and I've lost my taste. In the beautiful real world of MSFS, a graphically crafted cast with such a cockpit, graphically a few years back, is a great disgrace !!! Update pls :-( 2.The beautiful workmanship of the model itself, in terms of the view from the outside, has no flaws !! Good work! 3.I will get to the properties during the flight a little later, until it is possible to modify the VC in any way, because this is not really possible yet. Graphically about xy year back.
FSXCENERY - 美国-奥兰多-桑福德国际机场 KSFB MSFS
Not bad but the ramp is sloppy. The markings around the jetways need a lot of work.
AEROSOFT - 斯洛伐克-布拉迪斯拉发机场 LZIB P3D4-5
This is the third Aerosoft scenery P3DV4.5+ scenery from a talented developer Pavel Moroz and I must say is one of the best provided with the complexity and details. I also own LZKZ Kosice and LZTT Poprad Tatry which are very good quality too. Stefanik LZIB airport is modeled with all the details and corresponding to reality. A big surprise was for me how is the city of Bratislava modeled with many of detailed buildings and it reflects the big development boom, so this very big plus. Some big texture will need optimization in some complex buildings but I am sure the author will do that in the next update. I am pretty sure that we will see this complex scenery in MSFS2020 too and expecting new airports in the surrounding area.
AEROSOFT - 斯洛伐克-布拉迪斯拉发机场 LZIB P3D4-5
gret scenery worth every penny and you get the city as well we need somethin in ukraine now
Very cool Kremlin! By the way, I found Russian cars on the territory of the Kremlin and a tank!
AVIAJAM PRODUCTION - 俄罗斯-伏尔加格勒+萨拉托夫 地标 MSFS
Loved the statue and the stadium! This is a great city! A city of military glory!
AVIAJAM PRODUCTION - 哈萨克斯坦-努尔苏丹 (阿斯塔纳) 地标 MSFS
Many different buildings and great night lighting!