SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
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  • SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
  • SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
  • SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
  • SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
  • SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
  • SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
  • SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
  • SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
  • SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
  • SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
  • SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
  • SKYSOFT - 中国-攀枝花保安营机场 ZUZH FS2004
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China PZI 

Panzhihua Baoanying Airport (IATA: PZI, ICAO: ZUZH) is located in the southeast of Panzhihua city- The Baoanying Town,537km air distance from Chengdu,193 km from Kunming, 173km from Dali, and 155km from Lijiang. Airport project started from 28th June 2000, started service after 4 years (2004). Airport build on the a continuous hillside at an elevation of 1980m (6497ft) above sea level, belong to plateau airport . Airspace class: 4C, runway length: 2800metres, 4 parking stand. The airport can accommodate jumbo jets like Boeing 737 or Airbus 320 to take off and land.

Terrain feature:

The terrain position of airport is located in south-east edge of Tibetan Plateau. The features are: Mountainous, Complex terrain, High elevation and High temperature. Airport builds on the top of the BaoAnying Mountain, linear distance from Panzhihua city only 8.7km. Airport surrounded on three sides by JingSha River. (West, North and East), altitude intercept between airport and river more than 1000metres. Airport elevation is 1980.2 meters, runway direction: north-south, (02-20) main runway operations direction is facing south. (Rwy 20) The approach procedure operation in the east airspace of the airport, runway clearance condition is good.

Operations feature:

Panzhihua airport only install Rwy20 ILS system because of the terrain limit. The guide slope of Rwy20 ILS may appear fluctuate and indication error in the last 4NM final approach by complex terrain and strong turbulence. Airport have Wind-measurement instrument at both of the runway end. However, do not have Doppler radar and Wind-shear detection equipment. The runway has edge light but no Centre-line light; landing in the night could easily cause the collimation error; taxi direction control after landing becomes difficult. Fuel storage capacity is insufficiency, in normal conditions; do not provide the refueling service except the EMB145 aircraft.

Climatic feature:

Airport not only affected by the influence of the Westerlies weather systems, but also affected by tropical and subtropical weather systems. Alpine vertical climate difference is significant. Strong convection and turbulence affect the flight safety greatly. Cause the special terrain, power factor and the influence of thermal condition, in wind season usually establish the 5m/s strong wind after noon and quickly become turbulence ; the wind speed and direction widely different in the runway range, sometimes even opposite wind direction between runway end and runway mid, so that seriously affect the flight safety.

Windows XP/Vista/7
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (9.1)
CPU: Intel Pentium® 4 2.0GHz or multi core processor
RAM: 1024MB
Graphics Card: 256MB Memory Video card with DirectX 7.0 compatibility
Disk Space: 200MB
LATINVFR - 乌拉圭-蒙得维的亚-卡拉斯科国际机场 SUMU FS2004 FSX
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TROPICALSIM - 阿鲁巴-贝娅特丽克丝女王国际机场 TNCA 2017 FS2004
EUR 18.56 含增值税
EUR 16.00 不含增值税
LATINVFR - 百慕大群岛-L. F. 韦德国际机场 TXKF FS2004 FSX
EUR 20.87 含增值税
EUR 17.99 不含增值税
TROPICALSIM - 巴西-圣保罗-瓜鲁柳斯国际机场 SBGR 2017 FS2004
EUR 20.88 含增值税
EUR 18.00 不含增值税
MSK - 巴基斯坦-卡拉奇-真纳国际机场 OPKC 重制版 FSX
EUR 17.40 含增值税
EUR 15.00 不含增值税
MFSG - 日本-神津岛机场 RJAZ 2018 FSX P3D FS2004
EUR 12.76 含增值税
EUR 11.00 不含增值税
Very good stick for a reasonable price. The only negative I can give is that it sometimes slides around my desk when I’m using it. The rubber feet could be better. But again, I cannot fault it’s operation. My landings have actually got better since using it.
FLYSIMWARE - FALCON 50 “猎鹰50” 三发公务机 FSX P3D
Per Emil
Love this aircraft! Th-
is is a high fidelity simulation of the Dassault Falcon 50 of which I am really in love with. Flies great, handles great, truly a joy to fly. This is by far the best business jet for P3D. Really reccommend it!
DIGITAL DESIGN - 法国-里昂-圣埃克絮佩里机场 LFLL P3D
Just a beautiful airport. Digital Design's best to date imo. The modelling, detail, textures, and use of PBR are very good. Now one of my favourite airports to fly to in Europe.
JUSTSIM - 比利时-布鲁塞尔国际机场 EBBR V2.1 P3D5
Very nice work. Whilst Andrei is already on a very high level, he is getting even better from update to update. The overall impression of this scenery is very realistic. Especially the ground texturing of the taxiways and the aprons are outstanding and have a crisp and natural look. Also the reflections of the markings on the concrete look very natural. Andrei is using PBR where it makes sence and give this additional portion of realism. The night ilumination is also very realistic. I´am really looking forward to the V5 updates of LFMN and his other artworks, because the visual quality he delivers combined with the grade of high details and the performance is his trademark and worth every single penny.
STAR_ATLAS - 合肥新桥国际机场 X-PLANE 10/11
星图出品,必属精品! 感谢狗-
个精品机场 狗哥以后的作品一-
定会越做越好 星图加油!
I love the fact that for so many years this package is being kept up-to-date. There are not many countries with all airports having commercial high-quality sceneries and Poland is definitely on of them. Overland did a similar thing with Japanese airports back in FS2004 times and Aerosoft has German Airports (not sure if those packages are available for P3Dv5 though). Kudos to DD for keeping this series alive. I will be glad to support it in the future and I really enjoy the newest changes at the airports. Trains rulez! :)
DRZEWIECKI DESIGN - 美国-纽约机场合辑 V2 X : 肯尼迪KJFK, 拉瓜迪亚KLGA, 泰特波罗KTEB FSX P3D
Using this so often... One of my favorite airport packages to date. Works very well under P3Dv5, I love the new lighting. I hope this package will live long and be updated!
BDOAVIATION - 意大利-拉默齐亚-泰尔默机场 LICA FSX P3D
I corrected with ADE the problem that Jose mentioned and that is: traffic A.I. superimposed on the Canadair, it's a beautiful scenario, for me it was a good expense: I liked it.
SIERRASIM SIMULATION - 哥伦比亚-马尼萨莱斯-拉努比亚国家机场 SKMZ V1.2 FSX
I corrected with ADE the problem that Jorge mentioned and that is: traffic A.I. superimposed on the Canadair, it's a beautiful scenario, for me it was a good expense: I liked it.
TECHNOBRAIN - 模拟飞行插件典藏版:日本那霸机场 ROAH FSX P3D
Product of acceptable quality, however this scenery lacks the new 18R/36L. Techn-
oBrain should push more frequent updates on its product in general. Nice rendering and texture of ROAH airport overall.