美国-沃思堡联盟机场 KAFW MSFS

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美国-沃思堡联盟机场 KAFW MSFS

美国-沃思堡联盟机场 KAFW MSFS



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    Fort Worth Alliance Airport (IATA: AFW, ICAO: KAFW, FAA LID: AFW) is a public airport 14 miles north of the central business district of Fort Worth, Texas, United States. The airport is owned by the City of Fort Worth and managed by Alliance Air Services, a subsidiary of Hillwood Development, and is, in size, the second-largest airport facility in North Texas, behind only Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The airport is mainly focused on cargo operations and serves as a southern regional hub for FedEx Express and a focus city for Amazon Air. It provides no major commercial passenger airline service, though it does provide general aviation services. It formerly served as a maintenance hub for Fort Worth-based American Airlines. Billed as the world's first purely industrial airport, it was developed in a joint venture between the City of Fort Worth, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Hillwood Development Company, a real estate development company owned by Ross Perot Jr. The official groundbreaking ceremonies were held in July 1988, and the airport officially opened on December 14, 1989. 

    **KAFW is also the home base for FSEconomy group ReleaseTh3Krackens and has been the #1 airport in flights for several years running! Congratulations and keep up the great work guys!**


    • Over 40 custom ground markings/textures
    • 30+ Handcrafted Buildings for a total of more than 70 handcrafted, unique scenery objects. 
    • Accurate Taxisigns, Wigwags, Hold short light bars
    • Runway extension of 16 and additional taxiway Alpha to ends of 16L-R 
    • Taxiway Papa, P1, and P2 entrances into Amazon Air Hub (missing from stock)

    Unique models:

    • Amazon Prime Air Hub
    • Hillwood Airways
    • TCC Aviation School / Erma C. Johnson Hadley Northwest Center of Excellence
    • Robinson Aerospace
    • Fort Worth Fire Station #35
    • GDC Technics
    • KAFW Weather, FBO, and Hangars
    • FedExpress headquarters and shipping hub
    • Paramount Aerospace Systems 
    • ATAC - Airborne Tactical Advantage Company 
    • Dickies Wharehouse
    • Custom Beacon
    • KAFW Tower with custom red white and blue lighting 
    • Honor Gaurd Memorial - Freedom Plaza
    • ... and much more!

    Future Updates will include many updated features to existing models as well as surrounding warehouses and area buildings.
    I will add the Gulfstream building and ramp as soon as I have sufficient references to model it correctly! Please check out the road map for this project to see dates and plans for future updates.  




    微软模拟飞行 2020

    CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 或 AMD Ryzen 3 1200 或更好

    内存: 8 GB

    操作系统: Windows 10 64位

    显卡: Radeon RX 570 或 GeForce GTX 770 或更好






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    A good looking scenery with accurate taxiway layout.


    I am updating my review as the developer made a huge effort to fix all the reported bugs and even stopped by the live stream while we looked over version 1.1. There are just a few minor fixes left to do but the airport is now more than flyable and enjoyable for all the cargo pilots out there. Well done Stealthyduck! That is how you handle customer support!


    When I saw this appear on the SimMarket I got excited. This is one of my home airports where I live. I snagged it and used it on my Twitch live stream and unveiled it to my audience at the same time I was experiencing it for the first time. And then the problems began to show quickly. This airport is buggy and unfinished and produces a tiny bit of stuttering even on my monster rig which means there are optimization problems. here is a list of things I found wrong with the scenery. o - Too many taxi edge lights (a common problem with developers). Please hand-place these and stop relying on the SDK's default light system. o - I am not sure this airport uses green center lights (this is another overdone problem of MSFS airports) o - The main Amazon Prime building is missing its glass window fronts and you can see inside the 3D model which I don't think you were meant to as it is empty and you can see the roof from the building. o - Runway 34R and its opposite look like someone dumped buckets of pain across the concrete and the grass on either side. o - Some of the ground textures over by the FedEX main cargo area are floating above the default ground texture. I believe this was meant to be a dirt overlay decal but it is not properly placed. o - Weird autogen INSIDE the airport perimeter. There is literally an autogen shoe store right behind the fire station. o - Missing security fence line around the airport o - Some buildings are nicely modelled with details, others are basic. o - The fuel farm has floating polygon objects. o - Z-Fighting (flickering of textures) are on several buildings. o - Texas Motor Speedway should have been modeled in my opinion. This is an iconic landmark while on approach to this airport. Things I liked about the airport: o - The taxi lines and parking markings are high res, sharp and clean. Its surprising how many developers end up pushing out a product with low res line work on the ground that has artifacts on the edges that make their line work look really tacky. o - Some of the ground textures look fantastic (concrete and asphalt-type textures) and there are proper dirt markings all over the place (see above for a bug in dirt texture placement in one area). o - Night lighting looks good all around (minus the overuse of taxi edge and green lights). o - Airport overall performance is decent but there is a stutter slow down when looking in certain directions. This is usually a sign of VRAM overload from too many texture sheets being used (aka optimization problem). With a bit more time and some bug patches, this airport could become a 4-star rated airport from me. It will be up to the developer to deliver.






    € 10.16