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    This second achievement of our team, after the Morane D-3801, represents the continuation of our ambition to reconstitute the historical activity of the Swiss military pilot, this time from the 1950s to the 1960s with the first jet of the Air Forces: the De Havilland Vampire DH-100, of which 4 Mk-I and then 75 MK-VI were purchased in England and 100 built under licence and which has covered the Swiss sky for 45 years and trained hundreds of pilots. Originally acquired as a fighter aircraft, it was used until 1970 as a fighter and ground attack aircraft and was then as a training and target aircraft for the Air Defence. The last military flights took place at the end of 1990, many Vampire still fly in various countries.

    Reconstructed with great care, both in terms of appearance and performance, a fully functional cockpit, complete operational armament, as well as a NAFU and GCA operational blind flight system. The extension includes very realistic missions. Two versions are available, from 1960, and 1968 with a long nose.

    It is particularly well suited for the use of VR glasses.

    In addition, the Ulrichen aerodrome (LSMC) in the Upper Valais has been faithfully reconstructed in its 1960 condition and makes the DH-100 Vampire's engagement particularly interesting.

    It can be installed on the most frequent simulators: Microsoft FSX, FSX Steam, and Lockheed Martin P3Dv3 and v4.

    A very complete manual (113 pages) in French, German and English can be downloaded free of charge from our website https://swissmilsim.ch

    Detail of the content:

    • Very realistic sound of all start-up and flight phases, including lowering the level when the canopy is closed
    • Hypoxia in the event of non-engagement of the cabin pressurization or pilot oxygen supply
    • Pressurized cabin
    • Effect of positive and negative "g"s
    • Very realistic rear mirror (in P3DV4 version)
    • Perfect adaptation of TacPack's armament capabilities
    • IFR flight and navigation equipment corresponding to the conditions at the time, including a full radar approach to two airfields.
    • 3 cockpit lighting systems with dimmers
    • Intermittent position lights and two-position landing light
    • 4 very realistic missions, including two geographical flights in the Valais Alps (one with a stopover), a firing mission for the 3 weapons and a flight in formation mission
    • The Payerne and Dübendorf aerodromes in an ad hoc version are necessary to benefit from the possibilities of IFR flight and radar approach (GCA), shooting training places are also available, in particular the one in Bière which is necessary for one of the missions. All these scenes are available for free by downloading from our website.
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    • If you previously purchased SWISSMILSIM - DE HAVILLAND VAMPIRE DH-100 ORIGINAL P3D4 at simMarket, you are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 19.00 only. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! NO REFUNDS GIVEN!


    Switzerland Professional X or P3D is recommended to fully appreciate this aircraft in its natural environment of the time.

    System requirements:

    Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX SP/Accel. Pack / FSX Steam / Lockheed Martin P3Dv3.4 Academic / P3Dv4.5 Academic

    VRS TacPack for various simulators version or higher. (the Vampire can be flown without it)


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    This is a well made and thoroughly simulated aircraft. It really does capture the age from its came. The Vampire Mk6 is a slow first generation jet fighter so don’t expect to get in and fly at top speed or full throttle. It won’t let you. These early jets are plagued with shortcomings but that’s to be expected. They were very new. It climbs slow and can easily overheat or just stall. In some ways that’s some of the fun. You must pay attention to your gauges and be very aware of throttle position all while moving that throttle very carefully. All of these things are accurately remade for the PC pilot who love a challenge and enjoys realism.  Unfortunately they didn’t quite pay as much attention to the quality of textures in the cockpits. They aren’t bad, but they could’ve been much better. Also a better variety of liveries should’ve been included for the price. It’s not worth full price by even standards of 3 years ago. Also the developer is very slow to respond to questions and still hasn’t answered my questions from 3 days before purchase. Now I have to wait who knows how long just to get the required serial number code in order to install some of the so called “free” sceneries. Lurid hen and Payerne were easy but the rest require some strange method of contact and wait for a download/ install activation code. Seems overly complicated for something that is free?  Whatever, I like the plane and all its quirks that the real world Vampire was known for. It gives a very authentic experience that I consider worth having in my virtual hangar.  Oh, and it’s easy on frames. Thumbs up! Mostly.


    Beautiful plane of the time period and plenty missions to fly from nice airfield in the Swiss alps.


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