SWISSMILSIM - 德哈维兰 DH-100 MK6 '吸血鬼' 战斗机 P3D5

德哈维兰 DH-100 MK6 '吸血鬼' 战斗机 P3D5

EUR 44.00
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This second achievement of our team, after the Morane D-3801, represents the continuation of our ambition to reconstitute the historical activity of the Swiss military pilot, this time from the 1950s to the 1960s with the first jet of the Air Forces: the De Havilland Vampire DH-100, of which 4 Mk-I and then 75 MK-VI were purchased in England and 100 built under licence and which has covered the Swiss sky for 45 years and trained hundreds of pilots. Originally acquired as a fighter aircraft, it was used until 1970 as a fighter and ground attack aircraft and was then as a training and target aircraft for the Air Defence. The last military flights took place at the end of 1990, many Vampire still fly in various countries.

Reconstructed with great care, both in terms of appearance and performance, a fully functional cockpit, complete operational armament, as well as a NAFU and GCA operational blind flight system. The extension includes very realistic missions. Two versions are available, from 1960, and 1968 with a long nose.

It is particularly well suited for the use of VR system.

In addition, the Ulrichen airfield (LSMC) in the Upper Valais has been faithfully reconstructed in its 1960 condition and makes the DH-100 Vampire's engagement particularly interesting. Download from : Sceneries downloads – SwissMilSim.

A very complete manual (113 pages) in French, German and English (depending on the language chosen at the time of installation) is included in the SMS-PMS 02/Docs folder or can be downloaded free of charge from our website : Manual downloads – SwissMilSim

Detail of the content:

  • Very realistic sound of all start-up and flight phases, including lowering the level when the canopy is closed
  • Hypoxia in the event of non-engagement of the cabin pressurization or pilot oxygen supply
  • Pressurized cabin
  • Effect of positive and negative "g"s
  • Very realistic rear mirror (in P3DV4 version)
  • Perfect adaptation of TacPack's armament capabilities
  • IFR flight and navigation equipment corresponding to the conditions at the time, including a full radar approach to two airfields.
  • 3 cockpit lighting systems with dimmers
  • Intermittent position lights and two-position landing light
  • 4 very realistic missions, including two geographical flights in the Valais Alps (one with a stopover), a firing mission for the 3 weapons and a flight in formation mission


Switzerland Professional X or P3D is recommended to fully appreciate this aircraft in its natural environment of the time.

The Payerne and Dübendorf airfields in an ad hoc version are necessary to benefit from the possibilities of IFR flight and radar approach (GCA), shooting training places are also available, in particular the one in Bière which is necessary for one of the missions. All these scenes are available for free by downloading from our website.


P3Dv5.3 Academic

VRS TacPack v1.6.0.2 (本产品无需此插件也可单独运行)

A really nice work, with many lovely details, like hangars doors open which allow to see aircrafts inside. Those who know La Blécherette, will recognize the very old typical hangar, with its metallic armature. The restaurant in wing form, is also modelized, including the transparent glasses. There is also some other landmarks around the airport, like the new football stadium. The agricultural farm, in the border of the runway, which was transformed in some very horrible buildings by MSFS, are now fully modelized in details, including a tractor and the farmer! You can choose between 3 helipad, near the REGA building, if you are helicopter pilot. Final-
ly, you have a lot of nice night illumination.
Visited EFIV last nite. Much better than the MS/Asobo generic airport, but… - the airport ground texture seems to be taken from a winter shot, because they are very bright (snowy?) - which does not really fit for summer. Also, I found the resolution to be rather low. - the runway signs at the threshold have runway numbers inverted. This should be corrected asap, because it so wrong
SOUTH OAK CO - FS飞鸟 - 加拿大东部地区 MSFS
Yes, yes , yes. Keep the regions coming. It was the very first animals of any kind that I saw in the sim. I cannot fly without FS Birds. I cannot wait to go look for the Penguins in Antarctica or the Condors in South America. FANFRIKKINTASTI-
C addon. Thanks for your hard work. Please keep the regions coming.
VIRTUALCOL - 空中客车 A220 系列合辑 FSX/P3D
Following review is based on my usage in Prepar3D v4. This add-on has an amazing interior and exterior model, including the panels and displays. The sounds are great, both inside and outside. Tho I would wish myself that the engine sounds would get a smoother loop to eliminate the popping. And a cabin would be very nice. You can click 90% of the system switches or knobs. I think that the price is justified considering the amount of systems working (and they are a bunch). The aircraft offers overall a really good feeling of flying. Unfortunate-
ly I encountered following system inconsistencies-
: - the GPS is glitched on some pages, e.g. making it impossible to activate an approach from the PROC page. - the Flight Change mode is going crazy, I had to manually select climb or descend rate. - the autothrottle reaction seems a bit slow, It does decelerate and accelerate very slowly, although this could be caused by a slow sim rate on my side. - the bank also seems too sluggish at some point (without spoilers), making it difficult to align for the runway. Do I recommend this aircraft? Yes, I totally do recommend it! Despite having some issues it is still flyable and for me it makes lots of fun flying with it. Also the A220 is so cute! UwU Huge thanks to VirtualCol!
FLIGHT REPLICAS - 梅塞施密特 262 罕见型号合辑
Another very nice package of rare types! Unfortunately the guns don’t fire in this one. Would’ve loved to seen and heard that 50 fire. Still cool to have these. I like that there’s a confiscated one with a USA ID. They all fly about the same so not much to say here beyond my other review of the special Ed. Runs perfectly with FSX Steam on win 10 3.3ghz i7 16GB ram, Intel UHD 630 integrated GPU.
Very nice! This is the best light aircraft! Any plan to make it for MSFS 2020?
FLIGHT REPLICAS - 梅塞施密特 BF-109G-6 战斗机 FSX P3D V3
Another excellent WW2 replica simulated as well as can be expected. The overwhelming majority of us simmers have never even sat in the cockpits of these legendary machines much less flown one, so I temper my use of words like “authentic or accurate” to having only read extensively about such planes. That said this iconic fighter delivers on every note that I can research or have learned about. I expected a very difficult take off experience, but wow this is super difficult to get off the runway safely. It’s a real chore just trying to get in the air. Even in perfect weather it’s very challenging and a little frustrating. I still can’t take off without bouncing around or fighting a stall but at least not crashing anymore. As I understand it the real pilots had a pretty hard time learning how to take off injuring or killing a number of trainees. Once in the air it’s a great flying machine. Nimble, fast and not terribly easy, unlike say a P51 or Spitfire. The liveries are similar but very nice. My reason for 4 stars is I wish they could’ve maybe dumbed down the difficulty of the take off experience. As is it’s pretty frustrating. Maybe even too realistic? But it’s still a well priced and excellent product.
Excellent addon. Really adds in some life to the sim skies. And for the price its even better.
Brilliant Plane! And worth every penny. And i cannot wait for future updates.
FLIGHT REPLICAS - 梅塞施密特 262飞燕 特别版 FSX
Great value for such a detailed and important technological jump that thankfully came too late to make a difference. The historical relevance is undoubtedly considerable. Sure you only get three but they are remarkably well represented in both detail and expected flight characteristics-
. A must have for any WW2 collector and surprisingly fun to fly. Just don’t throw the throttle around like you might on an F16 or you’ll stall both engines. The 262 gas powered engines were not quite ready and terribly unreliable not to mention easy to fail. My only complaint is that the oxygen tank meter is always set to empty for some reason, but the breather glows bright and dull indicating it’s functioning. I wish there were a loadable weapon configs but only the guns have ammo. Fun to fire though. Best handful of dollars I’ve spent in a while. Works great with FSX Steam Win 10 3.3ghz i7 16GB ram Intel 630UHD integrated GPU. Very easy on frames!
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