模拟飞行插件典藏版:东京国际机场 2 (东京羽田 RJTT) FSX P3D

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模拟飞行插件典藏版:东京国际机场 2 (东京羽田 RJTT) FSX P3D

模拟飞行插件典藏版:东京国际机场 2 (东京羽田 RJTT) FSX P3D



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    P3DV5 is now available. If you have already purchased "FS ADD-ON COLLECTION TOKYO INTL AIRPORT 2 FSX P3D" at simMarket, please download the file again to enjoy P3DV5. Please note that the 3D object for "Tokyo International Airport 2" is a representation as of 2014.

    Tokyo International Airport is the leading airport in Japan. Being closer to the capital Tokyo, it is one of the busiest airports in the world in the passenger traffic. The airport has 4 runways (RWY 16 L / 34 R, 16 R / 34 L, 04 / 22, 05 / 23) of 2500m or longer.
    ILS approach to RWY 34 L, 34 R is used mainly in winter, and LDA approach to RWY 22 / 23 in summer. The annual number of arrivals and departures of aircraft is approximately 400,000 transporting as many as 70 million people, one of the largest in Japan. Periodic passenger flights, charter flights and business jets other than airlines are also taken in, and the airport is used by state guests and officials to visit Japan with their own dedicated aircraft.
    Also, where international flights and cargo flights arrive and depart from late night to early hours.

    In this product "Tokyo International Airport 2" Haneda has been elaborately created with careful attention to coverage. Some ingenuity includes a runway RWY 23 / 05 which is not in the default, expansion of the new international terminal / terminal 2, and C runway for enabling the operation of long-distance large international flights.

    FS Add-on collection series is made in JAPAN.

    Product Features

    • Extremely realistic airport
    • Detailed city and major landmarks
    • Animated CTRL+J jetways
    • AFX file representing actual airline parking positions (Some parking lots can park the default aircraft)
    • Excellent night techniques, realistic runway lighting according to official documents of the airport
    • Custom platform and custom vehicles
    • Custom approach data (LDA RWY22/23 approach)
    • Add RWY23/05
    • Pseudo shadows
    • Road traffic
    • Added dynamic lighting to all apron lights. P3Dv4 or later (User option)
    • Functionality verified: Orbx FTX Global BASE Pack ver.1.4.4 *1
    • Version for FSX/FSX SE/P3Dv2/P3Dv3/P3Dv4/P3Dv5 *2
    • Much more.....

    *1: The priority level in the scenery library may need to be changed.
    If you use scenery products other than Orbx FTX Global BASE Pack ver.1.4.4 manufactured by other companies,
    you can avoid conflicts by changing the priority level in the scenery library, or by deleting specific files.
    However please note that, this would be outside the scope of our support.

    *2: When installed to Prepar3D V5, the AI traffic parking positions cannot always be correctly assigned in some OS language environments. When this happens, change "Change system locale..." in the OS into "English (United States)" for proper operation.


    模拟平台:FSX (SP2)/FSX SE/P3Dv2/P3Dv3/P3Dv4/P3Dv5
    操作系统:Windows 7, 8.1, Vista 或 XP(SP2)
    安装占用空间:442 MB






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    It does not allow you to change the ground textures to more realistic ones. The whole thing looks really default and I attempted changing the concrete texture with more smoother one, still uses the old textures. Which is annoying.


    Way to expensive for the quality given. Looks like default scenery with custom logos and markings. Terrible performance, especially in VR ( i9 10900k / rtx 3080 / 32GB RAM ), hardly get 15-16fps...


    Terrible Performance in VR ( P3D v4.5 ). Bought it with a 60% discount, which seems to be okay. Would never pay the regular price of 46€. Worst performance in VR ( i9 10900k / rtx3080 / 32GB RAM ), can barely achieve 16fps on medium settings. Even worse than EGLL Heathrow. Textures look dull, much like standard scenery with some custom paintings/markings. Can not recommend at all...


    I'm using this scenery for P3D V4. The scenery is okay. The modelling of the buildings are great. The ground textures are good. As well, I’ve found performance to be good. However, I’m running a fast computer so your mileage may vary. In regards to the negatives, there are no SODE jetways, only default jetways. As well, there is no addon XML support. It has a “default scenery” feel to it. I have no idea if they used default runway textures, but it looks like they have. In some parts, it feels like this scenery was designed for FS9 in mind. The biggest downside is the price tag. It is not worth €38 (excluding VAT). The higher the price, the more I feel like I need to nit-pick because this scenery isn’t cheap! Overall, it’s not terrible scenery. Seeing the price tag made me frown. I was expecting more features such as moving apron vehicles or static aircraft at this price. For those who gave it five stars and paid full price, please, there is better quality scenery out there at this price tag. If you want to get this scenery, get it when there’s a sale.


    It is a great scenery and before Simmarket had it on sale, you could only get it via Amazone in Japan, for a even higher prize. They have another prize level than Europe. The airport itself is big work, lots of custom buildings and has a good frame rate. The jetways are yet only default. I also had to make an ADE customization to better reflect airline parking, therefore minus 1 star.


    way way way way too expensive. Not sure what this dev is thinking. Early age block style buildings without modeling, just blocks ith textures. Very bad performance, bad textures (look image 10/16 here). There are dozens of better addons for half the price. I dont know....


    The modeling of the buildings are good. The ground textures are where this package comes up short. Not all that good on the detail and not even the same colors of the real airport. The taxiway signs are amateur. This airport is priced on the level of Flightbeam, ORBX and FlyTampa. But, comes nowhere near the level of detail of those other products. I would compare this package to Blueprint Simulation sceneries.


    WOW WOW this scenery and airport are amazing very well detailed and just like the real airport and harbour and docks and the city love the night Texures Aswell plenty of well lite up taxiways and love everything in this package so a very well done to the TECHNOBRAIN TEAM on a fantastic package 10/10 from me :) ;) an amazing job.


    The quality of this product is far from advertised and does not reflect the massive price tag. I don't understand the other reviewers that led me to my purchase. It is as if its a ported FS9 scenery. Flying P3D V4 I've come to expect a great deal more than this...


    This is a great produce. A lot of detail. I am glad I bought it.






    € 39.00